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ECHCU December 2013


ECHCU December 2013

Welcome to 2014!   According to the Chinese, the Year of the Horse.

Before we start our accounting to you for the month of December (late because we started off the day with the collection of a donkey from Kwanobuhle with a broken in 3 places leg and that was taken for euthanasia), we need to pay tribute to those generous donors for the entire year, in no particular order:

Jabulani, TersiaE, RhodaF, IsabellaC, MaureenP, TraceyM,  Ingrid,  DaniT, TishS, VivienneR, Donors in lieu of Birthday Gifts, Stanley Street Festival, Heavenly Stables Spring Ride, Sardinia Bay Horse Riders Association Vet Check fail fee, Jeff n Judy from South Australia, Sponsors of  Races or bidders and buyers on the Race Day Auction, donors of Auction Items for the October Race Day, Trail runners in the SOS Trail Runs, contributors to the Street Collection Tins, jinglers of tins at the Street Collection, Donors in Memory of Deceased,  Donors to the Tack Recycle Shop, buyers  from the Tack Recycle Shop, bidders on the Unit Facebook Auction Room page,  contributors to the Mandela 67 Minutes in July,  Astrid from Australia,  the Port Elizabeth Riding Club hosting the Nissan World Cup Qualifiers,  Adoptors of horses and donkeys,  Blood donors,  the Students of Harvest Christian School, Golfers in the Unit Golf Day, Smudge, Wolsak and Ntombi, Phumelela Racing and The Racing Association, the Wednesday & Friday Walkers, Lions Charity Race Day, the ABC group, the Addo Women’s Institute, DeeG, Walker Drive Shopping Centre, Valley Animal Friends, Outsurance (for our Out Bonus!), Cassie, Friends of Bayworld, Peter and Mary, Dorrie Sham and New Turf Carriers, Dave Skinner Optomotrists, Holiday Puzzles Port Alfred, 9th Avenue Vet Clinic, Xposure Marketing, Villa Felice Stud, Doculam and a few others who deposited without leaving their names, but you know who you are.

Through you we have been able to fund the following year figures meaning that we have been able to attend/treat/inspect/inject/deworm/vaccinate/hoofwork the following:

Over 439 Visits, 350 Thoroughbreds, 2272 Crossbreeds, 826 donkeys and 5 mules that have benefitted from these visits. 10 Thoroughbreds, 7 donkeys and 4 Crossbreeds have been adopted or fostered out, 40 donkeys and 5 crossbreeds have received Medical attention at the Unit, and sadly, 16 crossbreeds, 1 mule, 3 Thoroughbreds and 17 donkeys humanely euthanased.

You have certainly kept our wheels turning, literally.  Thank you so very much!

Every month we have accounted for donors of fodder, feed and used tack for which we are also very thankful.   Bless you all!

Finally, a personal Thank You to Michael, Dave, Terry, Charles, Hilda, Johan, Sue, Peter, SamS, Jana, Treloar, Isabella.  Without your considerable help, Stanley and I just could not ‘just do it’.  Blessings.

Now, onto December 2013:

We started off on a positive note by sending Lopoor the donkey on a companion animal assignment, followed shortly thereafter by Tullamore to her new home with human and equine companions and later in December, three Thoroughbreds found their new homes.

...and then we sent home a township donkey with her foal for one owner and then another for another owner.

And then one of the jennies threw a Mastitis episode but with Alfred milking her and muti from our Veterinarians, all was sorted quite quickly.

A calf on the wrong side of his camp fence was reported to his owner who attended to the matter immediately.

We had a little giggle when one of the Walmer Carties came to fetch his donkey and offered to lend a hand with the afternoon medical rounds.  He was gobsmacked when he saw the damage to the two Grahamstown donkeys that we were working on. Funny how we all think our problems are bigger than other folks’ and then you get a look at the bigger picture!

On a harness delivery to Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage, Stanley visited another one of our horse owners in Jacksonville where he was asked for halters for his horses and Stanley obliged.  Only to be given a bale of lucerne as a thank you!

On our Humansdorp regular monthly visit, we took Sam along to help as well as Ayanda to do any hoofwork.  At the end of the morning, 7 horses had had their hooves trimmed, 3 donkey harnesses given out, 2 dips supplied, one bridle supplied, and 4 horses dewormed.  A real ‘all over the place’ morning!

Then there was a panic!  3 donkeys from Lovemore Park had ‘disappeared’, only to be seen some 7 kms outside the nearby township.  We were able, with great difficulty able to round up the donkeys using the bakkie and horsebox, halter them and then hard labour loading ensued.  The girls were exhausted the next day according to their ‘parents’ and it was clear, after more attempts to remove them from the property, that the ‘external forces’ had been thwarted!

The Unit, along with Highveld Horse Care Unit, was able to assist with an eye eneucleation of a horse in Transkei.  Thank you, Doctor Karl.

Cartie Patrick had no difficulty in bringing in two of his working donkeys because they were lame.  Rich recovered quickly after poulticing, but Arthur took ‘forever’ to get his itoomba (abscess) to burst.  Now back at work.

Stanley’s Transkei work, enabled financially by Phumelela, is paying off big dividends for the equines.  ‘Track’ checking has continued and improvements made in between Stanley’s visits and on his recommendations, and this means safety for both horses and riders.  Ongoing telephonic advice is being sought from Stanley who has very acceptable communication with ‘his’ owners.  On his arrival at wherever he has been requested to visit, he is overwhelmed with equines but with his easy and respectful manner to equines and owners alike, the ‘job’ gets done.

We returned the two Grahamstown donkeys, Nuts and Neck (Neck had a wound on his neck that needed Veterinary intervention and Nuts had got caught up in barbed wire and tried to do a self geld).   On arrival, we were met and dealt with the following in the very hot morning:  10 harness replacements, 6 dewormings, two Vet instructed Penicillin injections for wounds, and four hoof trims.  At the end of the morning, Sheriff Annerie asked if we would take a donkey that had been surrendered to her by her Joza owner, to his new home.  It was no joke getting into where the donkey was in the township and even worse trying to get out!  When we left to return to PE, he was last seen in a shady grass camp making friends with a jenny and her foal, but as he has been gelded, there should not be any problems on that side!  Thank you to Tim for your help in the extrication!

Having received the yearly magnificent donation of AHS vaccines from our sponsors the Thoroughbred Breeders Trust, our first port of call was to Humansdorp where 29 horses were all lined up and ready to rumble.  Done!  Koosie, the sheep, and horse guarder kept a close eye on his charges while we worked on the horses.

Rhoda, always looking to do something for the staff, arrived with Christmas gifts for all as well as cake and juice, and of course, carrots for the equines.  Thank you, Rhoda!  We presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation for her ongoing support.

Being the day before Christmas and with Stanley heading north a few hours later, I treated the staff and Ayanda to a Wimpy brunch.  It has been a long, hard year for all of us since before Christmas 2012, so I really felt they needed to feel appreciated.

A Motherwell donkey was admitted at the behest of his owner, being very lame.  Admitted and poulticing initiated.

A visit to the Circus meant meeting not only the equine performers, who were in good nick, but also meeting our first miniature donkey – the cutest thing to meet.

Donations received during December:

Tack: PE Saddlery – halter, Anke – a pair children’s boots, Milkwood Stud, Cathy, Jemina.

Feed: Feed and Seed -  bag of shandy cubes, Kapie, Stan Mc  – dried grass, Cindy  – fresh cut grass , Carina - lucerne,  Anne – regular delivery of bread and carrots, and Sally B – 5kg Health Supplement.

Western Shop – A Christmas Box of horsey goodies from customers – Thank you to Felicity, Tarryn, Hananja, Marelize, Heidi, Kate & Juliet, Jeanette, Katlyn, Michelle and Pauline for your generosity and getting into the spirit of giving!

Well, that’s 2013 done and dusted.  Let’s hope that this morning’s problem is not an omen for the New Year!


Banking Details:
Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875

Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
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Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit

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