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ECHCU August 2014



The first day of Spring has passed in a blur.  But before we get to that, we need to account to you for August.

Grahamstown Clinic was relatively sane, in that not ALL the Carties attended, but those that did were reharnessed, rebitted, hooves trimmed, dewormed, orders for our new bridles taken, and various wounds attended to and some Passports issued.  All done at a trot rather than the normal flat out gallop!  Followed by our Ciskei calls where Mvuyo was very happy to receive his new harnesses to replace the ones we brought back to PE, and Mrs Manga was delighted with her body brushes too!

One of the staff at 9th Avenue Vet Clinic who knows what we do and is very helpful, Songi, got Suzie to phone to say that he had seen a dead donkey in Kwadwesi on his way to work and could we go and help.  Yes, so along with Ayanda, we found, with lots of help from others, the carcass that we loaded and removed.  We also identified the owner and sent him a message that his donkey was no more.

Our Walmer Cartie who has been so sick in hospital made his reappearance in that after work on a weekend, he brought his donkeys and cart in after work and left them at the Unit.  He then collects them again when he has to work.  That’s what we call responsible ownership!

A Complaint received of 2 horses on the verge alongside the N2 highway outside Humansdorp was referred to Desmond of Humansdorp SPCA.  Thank you, Desmond, for getting them to safety.

A Recheck visit on three of our donkeys to straighten out perceived problems found our three fellows in good nick and well cared for.

After many visits by various folk bringing gifts to Stanley in the hospital with the ‘sword of Damocles’ hanging over his head about his diagnosis, we were very happy to be summoned to collect him for a ‘weekend off’. It appears that his presumed cancer was a major infection that has been smacked with serious antibiotics and now Stanley is back in the saddle and we are just so happy to have him back at work. It has been a very trying time without him, but we have coped. Just. The issue was also his extreme irritation and his wanting to return to work. Stanley and the Unit would like to say a sincere thank you to you all for your supportive prayers and positive thoughts. We believe it made a difference to him and the outcome!

Another Recheck revealed 2 Thoroughbreds that had looked shocking in January had been brought back to much better shape over the months. Well done to all concerned!

We eventually got the official test results of the erroneously presumed African Horse Sickness in a donkey. Thank you, Sue, for pursuing it and solving the problem. Negative for AHS! In black and white!

Uitenhage SPCA Inspector Deon asked for assistance with two stray horses near Van Stadens. Caught with a bit of a struggle, loaded and admitted to the Unit, dewormed and fed. LuckIly the owner caught up with us about 2½ weeks later, paid her dues and the horses taken to their new home.

Only to be followed by a call from the NMMM Cowboys to say that they had found three preggie jennies in Bethelsdorp and could be collect them. Done! Nobody to this time has made their claim.

Our boykie, Prince, having been adopted out was returned to us after 2 years of care. Luckily for him and Bhuti, they have now been fostered out with two of our other donks to a real Donkey Appreciator! Must have been quite a shock to his system to find himself back with us!

After chasing around after wandering donkeys from Walmer, we managed to catch and load, Sequin and her daughter, Cupcake. The owner given a rocket and now kept safely inside with us.

Our singing Natal taken to his new home. He was surrendered by the township owner. And, still singing and chuntering and whiffling away.

Establishing ownership of the two remaining donkeys from the Mission Road accident was a tad more difficult, but handled expertly by Stanley with assistance from Carla. Well done!

And then, MUCH excitement! Jan Beyers arrived with his truck and a ‘dozer and took away that ghastly tree stump that has ‘parked off’ in our parking area for the past few months. Thank you, Jan! It’s great to know you are always ready to assist with the ‘heavy’ stuff.

Samual, our Nobuhle owner, was quick, as usual, to phone for assistance for his donkey, Rocklands, who had sustained a gash to his forearm.

One of Stanley’s Transkei owners phoned in a fury – his horse had been stabbed. Dr Karl was asked to attend, but the news was not good at all. Stab into the abdomen. Dr Karl recommended and carried out the necessary euthanasia. Not much you can do when the organs have been pierced. Thank you, Dr Karl. The owner set up a Reward and in due course has found the culprit and we are assisting him with opening a Case.

The extensive boundary security fence erected by our landlords, AWS, is finally complete and ON! YES!

And then the Scouting weekend arrived bringing Graeme, Stephen, Christopher, Morgan, Daniel and Roxy to the Unit to assist Graeme with his task for his Springbok Scouting badge. Luckily, Arnold (papa) and Cheryl (mama) came along too. Over the two days and 10 hours, the lads, assisted by Arnold (a knowledgeable wood man), sorted out fencing in our Crush Camp and also the grotty fencing at the main Entrance. Thank you so much, fellows, for your hard work and sorry about you getting shocked on the ‘live’ fence too!

Stanley on his weekend on duty, was summoned by Friend Carol to collect two stray donkeys in Theescombe. She had done the right thing by bringing them onto her property and off the road. Just like any good neighbour. Thanks to the local facebook site, the message got to the owners who claimed their animals. They were really confused by being ‘rehomed’ to the Unit and clearly were used to human interaction.

Our Audit for 2013 is now complete and again, Clean!

A serious problem down the coast of a horse putting its hoof through a hidden by grass septic tank was dealt with over the phone.  Although all the right things were in place, the girly sadly had to be euthanased.

Friend Hazel decided that our Coco needed some donkey company, and so arrangements were made to deliver.  Cici and Milo now with Coco and Marley the dog who thinks he is a donkey(!) ensconsed with their new ‘family’.  Thank you Hazel and Randy!

Another highpoint this month was that Ayanda has finally got his Birth Certificate.  Now he can aim for his ID book!  We are so chuffed for him after all the problems he has had just getting his Certificate!

And then, down came the rain and snow!  But that did not stop Stanley from heading north to his Transkei owners who have missed him greatly over the past 2 ½ months.

The ‘funny peculiar’ aspect of the Complaints that we receive and have to respond to, is the very varied behavior of the people involved.  Luckily for us, most of our ‘complaints’ are happy that you have visited.  But as always, you sometimes get not such a good reaction.  Some people are seriously aggressive and some just mildly irritated.  And there have been a few of the latter this past month!  It’s all about ‘not shooting the messenger’!

And so we come to September.  And with apologies for not getting to this on the lst but Unit activities did not allow for it!  (Although personally I could have done without the root canal treatment, the bruised or cracked rib and lekker lammie on the arm from a horse with extreme Azoturia.)


TACK DONATIONS:  Enid, Amy and Jenny.

FODDER DONATIONS: Fabian, Joshua, A N Other  x 2.

VARIOUS:  Tamsin and Maryna - dewormer nips (the unused muti you don’t need and just so useful for deworming donkeys).  Somebody donated boxes of HQ magaines, hoofpics, browbands, Epsons Salts and Elastoplast. Dorrie and Lara – Epson Salts, and Tracy, a 5kg bucket of Iceman.


VOLUNTEER GROOMERS: Alex and Daniella and John.


Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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