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Well, one month down already in 2015 and a number of times during the month we have been blown away by the responsibility taken by township donkey owners as to the future of their equines. Accepting of Vet instructions to euthanase, surrendering for ‘pension, ma’am’, requests for R and R or to foal down. It has been very rewarding indeed to see them taking these decisions and responsibilities themselves.

The stray (NEVER claimed) Fellabella and one of the Bethelsdorp jennies were taken to their new home and loving new parents. We know that they will be loved and cared for.

A Township Cartie phoned in a panic on a Sunday saying that his Tshova had been stabbed in the hip area and was bleeding like a ‘stuck pig’, literally. He was not joking! We really battled to staunch the bleeding and on a visit to the Vet, it was believed he had a blood disorder that meant there was no blood coagulation! Was a bit of a problem but he is now safely through it and will go home soon. His owner was very understanding of our problem when he visited his donkey in the ‘ibedlele’ (hospital). We also discussed his preggy jenny and yearling, and having thought about it, obviously, for a while, he decided to surrender them to the Unit as ‘they don’t want to live in the township ma’am’. You could have knocked me over with a feather! And then the jenny foaled down. All three, mommy and foal and yearling Available for Adoption. (Sorry. All wrong! Owner died today, 30 1 15!)

Friend Carol popped around and took some photographs for uploading to the website – thank you, Carol – and we have not stopped since! Lots of folk visiting to meet the ‘kids’ and with lots of Adoptions of both horses and donkeys!

An afterhours assistance with a violent choke that was reduced and removed by our Vet after we yelled for him – very loudly! It was that bad! But he sorted it quickly. Thank you, Dr Johan!

A shocked and furious Cartie was alerted to the fact that some children had taken his donkeys and cart and were out ‘working’. Between Stanley and Patrick the matter was handled quickly although it took a little while to find them. Well done, Stanley and Patrick! (I bet they won’t do that in a hurry again anytime soon!)

With the advent of the Exercise Arena and Longeing Ring Project, I took Stanley out to buy a big Weedeater to facilitate cutting back grass when we are cleaning and sorting out the weeds etc. When the grooms get the chance they use it and when MegM arrives with her Saturday ‘work party’ it does make quite a difference. We are already using the longeing ring to ‘bring on’ our Available for Adoptions and it is working very well. We look forward to adding a jump or two in the not too distant future, and we are even looking at cross country jumps! All gentle stuff. Well done, MegM, on your organizational skills, and Thank You!

Our Nobuhle owner phoned saying that his two jennies had a bad diarrhea and it WAS bad! Both collected and admitted and treated with Vet instructed antibiotics and probiotic until their tummies settled. Only to have the one jenny produce a foal a couple of days later – she hid her ‘condition’ well so it was all very unexpected. Perhaps due to her illness, the foal did not survive. On returning the two jennies home, the owner took a day or two and then phoned in to say ‘it is a sin to keep an animal like this’ and elected for euthanasia. The other jenny had blood in her urine, and I believe had had the ‘stuffing’ knocked out of her with her drastic diarrhoea and his request was acceded to pronto. But HE made the decision and the request. Mr Responsibility!

Stanley phoned with a problem on his way to Transkei about a donkey that had been stolen and badly treated leaving him with a bruised stifle/gaskin back in PE. Admitted to the Unit and a couple of days of rest and Iceman sorted him out!

A Nobuhle owner phoned in about his donkey that had been hit by a vehicle and was unable to get up. We went and found him with help from the owners’ family and friends who assisted us to get him into the box and then returned him to his owner to see him. He agreed with the assessment that there was only one way for the jack and this was done.

A Lusaka neighbor saw that a donkey next door had a wound in the girth area and arranged through his employers to contact us and to be collected in his workhours to show us where the donkey was. What ensued was pretty scarey! A major panga fight between the neighbours, and Groom Tom in the middle of it trying to protect the donk and I. While everybody else was ‘busy’, Tom and I loaded the donk quickly, shut the ramp with a resounding bang and headed home post haste! Donkey back home.

We also are exceedingly happy that the price of fuel has gone down! It makes a massive different to our Diesel and Petrol Account at the end of the month! And without fuel, we can’t do much!

MegM wrote on the fb page: A beautiful day meant that the Saturday Work Force could work efficiently and alot of fun was had by all!! A special thank you to Carla Hazel, Sam S, Michael Lee Ching and Aymie, Colin Marc Edward Muir, Tracy Schoeman, Brenda Lee Brown, Barbara Giddy, Raegan and Chad, Tess Kotze, Dee Kotze, Brigette Zeelie and Tom Flynn, Jess Schoeman, Charles Cary and Granny. Sjoe! Have I forgotten anybody??? If so please forgive me!!! You guys are amazing and thank you for helping today, feeding the donks and horses and sharing the love!!! I do believe we will be back for phase 2!!! Plants and trees still available for sponsorship. 

A grateful Cartie phoned to find out if we had given his number for work to do to anybody, and when we said yes, he said a very happy ‘Thank You’.

A date to diarise is the 1st of March 2015 at 7.45am for a 8.30am start. Traci and Karin have arranged a Paws for a Cause dog walk at Fairview Racecourse, off Old Cape Road and to which you are invited to participate. Humans R20 each and canines R10each. 

A Grahamstown Cartie phoned to ask for his donkey to be collected, with a suspected broken leg after being hit by a vehicle. We collected him and checked in with the Vet for an X Ray, but although no bones were broken, his tendons and ligaments near the fetlock had been broken and there was only one solution to the problem. It was amazing to see how the Cartie had fashioned a splint with a piece of hard bark from a tree to support the fetlock and neatly bandaged on. Well done, Eric!

The Unit staff were treated (my treat) to a bacon and egg roll at the PE Riding Club Summer Show for an hour so that we could watch our Ayanda doing his first showjumping show on Treloar’s Aristocrat. He has had a rough time recently with personal problems, so I felt he needed a little support from his ‘team mates’.

An sms at 5.30am on a Sunday morning meant sending Stanley and Carla off to see what could be done, but we all know a dropped sole is a difficult, lengthy, costly fix, and the decision was made by the owners to euthanase. Farewell, Ounooi! 

On the last January Saturday, while MegM and her husband were working on the Arena Project making benches for you to sponsor and sit on for some peace and quiet and selling plants to beautify the area, Carla, SamS and I headed west to Kruisfontein and did a blanket vaccination and deworming of 26 horses. Two donkeys were also dewormed. We were helped by Oubaas Malgas, Zane, Martiniel and Jose and we thank them for helping with some very difficult horses. 


Tack: Tetcha (?), JudyG, Jenna, AlisonH, Treloar, CarolN

Fodder: CarolN - teff ; AlisonH – teff and sweepings; Nola – lucerne leavings; SamS - cubes and chaff; Feed and Seed – bags of Equifeed; Emmy - bales of lucerne via Feed and Seed and delivered by them; and Mr Feed - bales of grassmix.

Extra Donations: Friend Rhoda threw in a bread slicer and a box of plaster strips – to cut donated carrots! We will admit to a chuckle! TRELOAR – donate sunshield for bakkie.

A veritable Army of VOLUNTEERS – feeding, grooming, work riding, lungeing, walking, carroting and working on the new Arena Project: Siobhan and Gemma on the first day of the year to assist with afternoon feed up; Jonel, Jemma, MegM, Kelsey, Jamie, Amy, Josh and Regan, Celine, Megan, and lastly, but never least, SallyB who assisted with detangling 2 horse tails and the defuzzing of Peanut’s tummy before he leaves for his new home. Your help makes the horses and donkeys very happy and healthy! Thank you so very much!

Banking Details:Bank: Standard Bank Universal Branch Code: 051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline: 041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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