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JUNE 2015



Altogether now, 1, 2, 3:  Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday ECHCU, Happy Birthday to you!!!   Yup, you guessed right – it is our Birthday today, the 9th year of operations and activities and, goodness, what a ‘ride’ it has been.

Having got rid of that formality, and aside from the 25 Complaints and requests for help received during the month – for Thoroughbreds, non Thoroughbreds and donkeys -  this is some of what we did in May 2015.

May commenced with a Public Holiday - but we work those!  All the normal ‘medical rounds’ in the morning, followed by donkeys on 10th Avenue!!   A phonecall from somebody unable to load a donkey onto a trailer taken and dealt with during the followng week.  We met the horse owner that a Complaint had been received about and that was attended to, while doing my shopping and was told the horse is much improved and now tamed.   The worst part of the day was being told that our Ting Ting (the black and white cat that adopted us from AWS in late 2006 and who was a good snake and rat dispatcher, kneading all visitors, and Stanley sarmy stealer), had been dispatched herself by an errant dog.  We all felt sick!  We ended the day guiding 2 dozing donkeys off Heugh with huge assistance from Jenny Feed and Seed who was not about to leave us to our own devices in the dark and traffic.  Thank you most sincerely, Jenny!   And that was just the first day!

Collection of a jenny with a broken hip at the request of the Kwanobuhle owner, done and euthanased.  At the same time, Carla took another phonecall on the work phone about another donkey with broken leg in a nearby area.  I was glad that I went to check first before doing another round trip to collect it, only to find that the donkey was a dog!!!  With both front legs broken.  We don’t ‘do’ other animals but an exception was made in this case as it would have been immoral to leave it to somebody else to do, so we took it to Animal Anti Cruelty in Clearly Park for euthanasia.   Sorry, doggy.

For the past two months, the Unit staff have had a regular morning appointment with a horse that came in at the request of the owner with an offer to pay for nursing at the Unit.  He had done a huge amount of damage to his face and leg that required our intense attention every single morning, starting with 2 hours worth of work at a time!  We were regularly helped by our wonderful, caring Volunteers MegM and SamS with the cleaning, bandaging, anointing (even on Public Holidays), followed by daily walks and eventually a gentle lunge.  I simply HAVE to pay tribute to the Staff and Volunteers for their commitment to this particular, sometimes gory, story.  A learning curve for all, especially as the horse has repaired magnificently.  Thank you, too, to the consulting Veterinarians.   Go well, my boy!

During the month, our Symbolist, Pemba and Cool Panther, Falcor, Winning Post and Nesquik have found their matches.  As we used to say, ‘Snap’!  We just want all our children to find their forever companion humans and be happy.

The Slipper Foot Master, Stanley, took care of Popeye, a donkey with this problem, much to the relief of the donkey, I am quite sure! There have also been a couple of lame donkeys that Stanley gave his attention to.

A horse found dead in the camp with no apparent AHS symptoms, was tested ‘in case’.  This entailed us collecting the Veterinarian and taking him to the by now, vrot carcass.  Tissue samples from the lungs and spleen were collected and despatched to Onderstepoort for AHS testing, and we were horrified to be notified by the State that the results were positive!  PE is really having a tough time of it this year.  But if you suspect that your horse might be ill, it is the Law that blood samples are taken for testing by either your Vet or the State Technicians, and if the animal has died, I am reliably informed that tissue samples from as tiny as an eartip can give the OP people something to work with to get a result.

One of our adopted horses was readmitted to the Naughty Corner for five days, paid for by the human companion, until we could iron out his ‘wrinkles’.   Done!

A Facebook complaint about 3 donkeys on 3rd Avenue, Walmer, was stumbled on by sheer fluke.  As we were already out, Stanley and I went and found them – all tied to trees in a grassy area to prevent them straying onto the road.  And as it should be.  We were told on visiting the owner that there were in fact 6!!  As I have said before, responsible ownership.

When time allows, we do Rechecks on complaints that have been received or on our adopted out animals.  This sometimes leads to the owners getting ‘upset’ with us.  We are sorry about this, but we do what we gotta! It’s not personal, peeps!

A jenny with potential guttural pouch infection was admitted for observation at the request of the worried Lusaka owner, but it looks like she has possibly eaten something caustic because her mouth shows signs of ‘burning’, but she is reacting positively to treatment instructed by our Vets and has stopped slobbering all over the place now.

Whispering Winds Equestrian very kindly arranged a FUNdraising evening at the Keg and Swan in aide of the Unit.  I treated the staff and some Volunteers to a very pleasant evening’s entertainment and good supper as a Thank You for their work and that we all thoroughly enjoyed.   Well done to all those who bought tickets and especially to Alison and David for the wonderful, relaxing evening.

And then, there’s my BFF, Jan Beyers with his ‘toys’.  Always willing and very able to assist the Unit with our problems.  He arrived at 8.30am and left at 1.30pm having bulldozed the piles of clay in the Girls Camp and cut the grass in the new Arena.  It is one thing having the ‘toys’ but another to have a man with a brain that can identify what is needed where and how to go about getting to the final point.  Heartfelt thanks, Jan!  U b my hero!!   But the donks are missing their ‘scrambler’ track!

Stanley has over the months since November 2012 been working in Transkei with all equines – donkeys, crossbreed ‘salt fetchers’, mules and our wonderful Thoroughbreds.  It all culminated in a Traditional Horse Race at Fairview Racecourse, facilitated by Phumelela.  The horse owners were beside themselves with excitement but with a steady hand, Stanley helped them through to the end.  There were no problems, or if they were, they were small ones.

In trying to get the owner of the donkey brought in last month that had been sideswiped by a vehicle that ripped his skin and muscle, leaving a bloody mess, we found a donkey foal with a broken leg that the owner said he had lost our number which is why he had not phoned.  We did the inevitable.

A kind hearted soul, Tessa, on her way up from Cape Town went to the trouble of collecting donated tack from all sorts of people on the way up the Coast.  The bounty was literally crammed into the car and we have no idea how everybody fitted in!  Thank you, Tessa and your donors!  Stanley had a wonderful time sorting the pile for distribution on his next Transkei Mission.

At our regular Grahamstown Donkey Clinic, aside from wholesale tack replacement, dewormings and hoof trimmings, we landed up having a very interesting discussion with a Cartie about donkey foal downs, gestation and general breeding.  A breath of fresh air.

All the above as well as two Transkei Missions by Stanley.  Shew, it has been seriously seriaaas.  Here endeth the 108th Newsletter that we hope keeps you in touch with our ongoing activities and thank you for your support, whether financial or emotional or tack!  Now, onto the ‘new’ year.


Ann – bread

Riaan – Grassmix bales from his child’s Wild West Birthday Party

Claire – donated pony halter and fly masks.

Michelle – donated Snugs jodhpurs.

A n Other gave a pile of towels.

Phillip – brewing dregs that the donkeys particularly enjoyed

Marie – cash donation

Anne – halters and leads and flymasks.

Tracy–  ½ broken bucket Iceman.

Celine and Siya and Steven – ongoing donations of time to exercise the horses

Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit




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