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ECHCU October 2015



And so, time continues to gallop ahead.  I have no idea where the year has gone, but it has!

Coolstance, muscle therapy, lungeing, riding, walking, dentistry, AHS vaccinations, grooming, eating food and fodder, footwork and deworming have all taken place over the past month of October to the three confiscated horses.  A steady improvement has been found with their condition and mental attitudes because of all our and that of our Volunteers’ regular work.   Considering the slander that went on on Facebook, we have received only a few donations, so we thank Tracy Coolstance, Jenny Feed and Seed, Bridget, Ann, Michelle, Staci Therapist, Carina, and Dorrie for their cash and kind and ongoing support.  Bank details at the end of this letter should you wish to contribute towards their rehabilitation.

It was a privilege to assist a gentleman over the phone who was having a couple of his donks gelded, explaining just what the Vet was going to do to get the job done.  A relieved phonecall a day or so later was received to thank the Unit as everything had gone the way we said it should.

William from Kwanobuhle phoned in a panic about his preggy jenny that had received two stab wounds to the belly.  Collected, injected on instructions from the vet, cleaned up and as they were actually quite superficial, the jenny was returned to him not too long after much to his delight. But, well done, William!

Two tick laden horses dumped on a Unit Friend in the early evening were collected by us the next morning having been surrendered to us by them.  First stop – sort the ticks out, second stop, Stanley teaching Ayanda to cut and trim the one extremely long slipper foot hoof wall so that the one could walk in a not so lopsided and obviously painful way.  Who on earth would let one hoof grow so long??  Shame on you!  Walking much better now and the grey Arab already adopted out to a good home and settled in well.  A check with our SAPS Friends to check on whether they were Stock Theft items proved to be negative!  Whew!  Thank you, Captain!

ALWAYS a high point of our year – ANOTHER CLEAN AUDIT for 2014!!  Thank you, PwC! And HH Accounting for doing the ‘books’.

The stray pony, now gelded, was snapped up and is currently learning all the basics and loving it!

Ex AWS Chairman, Albert, who had given the go ahead for the Arena Project, visited to see our new lungeing ring and exercise area (for the horses) and gave it his seal of approval especially as some of the horses were using it at the time!  Our intention is not to produce International Grade Showjumping or Dressage horses, but merely to keep them exercised and mentally happy and to iron out any problems they might have.

Some months ago, SallyB donated her wooden shelter to the Unit and with a bit of spare time on hand, Stanley and the grooms re-erected it in the Donkey Boys camp.  Thank you, SallyB and well done Stanley, Alfred and Tom!

William from Humansdorp’s Kruisfontein mare Princess, foaled down but as sometimes happens as any breeder will tell you, the mare does not allow the foal to suckle, and this can cause all sorts of drama.   With a bit of verbal assistance over the phone, William and Princess made it through the tough times and the foal eventually was able to get sustenance.  Well done, William!

The Unit assisted the Cookie Monster to be gelded at a welfare rate and last we heard had started settling.

Staci Weitz visited and volunteered her assistance with Equine Muscle Therapy for any of our equines that might need it.   Two horses later and Ayanda, Marie Claire and Tracy are smiling with the results.  Thank you, Staci!

Jackson from Federation walked his donkey across to the Unit asking for help for his donk that had had a run-in with Patrick’s donkey, Rusty.  Cleaned and injected and now back at work.  Well done, Jackson!

Eric from Langa, northern Uitenhage township, phoned and asked for assistance for his donkey that had not eaten for three days.  We collected the boykie and took him to 9th Avenue Vets who proceeded to drain a phenomenal minimum of 3 litres of liquid from his stomach.  Despite painkillers and other supportive therapy, he unfortunately succumbed without a struggle overnight in relative comfort.

Two horses that had been the subject of a complaint some months ago and that had improved over that time, were offered some Coolstance and in the matter of two weeks had improved even further.  Well done, Martin!

Friend Rhoda had her birthday in the last week of the month and as usual, brought lunch for all the Unit Staff and some Volunteers.  Lekker!   Happy Birthday, Rhoda!

Any horse or donkey owner will tell you, if you asked, that ‘farm’ work is NEVER done!  We also, while not being farmers, do have occasion to ‘move the furniture’ from time to time.  This takes preparation!   Finally, we have managed to get a water bath up in the back camp to take care of the drinking requirements of the equines.   Thank you most sincerely to The Animal Welfare Society for doing the ‘hard yards’ of getting it in and connected.  All the Unit had to do was buy a bath plug!  And thank you to MegM for the donation of the bath some months ago.

The penultimate day of the month saw four of us leaving the Unit at 5.10am to go and retrieve two of our horses that had been abandoned on a farm.  It has been a very difficult time to try and sort the matter out amicably, but this was not to be.  However, having covered all our bases we left and in due course retrieved our equines who, once their hooves had been trimmed as they really needed it, they have settled in well with their equine companions.  Both available for adoption.

A Complaint received about working preggy donkeys in Willowmore received via Hein of the NMMM Animal Control Unit, was discussed with the Animal Care Team in Oudtshoorn, which is a hang of a lot closer to the problem that we are!!   Matters in hand.  Thank you, Michelle!

On the final Saturday in October, Carla and I took our Whitey and her foal at foot, Moonshine to the PE PetExpo at DF Malherbe High School.   While initially being a handful, Moonshine settled down nicely, Whitey behaved like the professional working donkey she is, and all the children – both young and old – had a wonderful time feeding the carrot coins from our stash once a small donation was made into the collection tin.   Thank you, Liza, for the invitation!

Finally, further to rumours abounding, between the three of us, we have ‘horsey’ knowledge of about 70 years (Megan 35, Carla 20, Stanley 20).  The point being we know a fair amount (without bragging) and if presented with a problem we do not understand or can handle, we are blessed to be surrounded by a whole bunch of professionals who are always ready to assist.  Thank you ALL.


The Donkey Sanctuary SA – A donation of tack brought to us by Theanette.

Amy – donated tack.

Feed and Seed – horsefood

Tracy - Coolstance

Riaan – donated bags horse feed, and dog and cat food to AWS on the occasion of his birthday.

DorrieS – teff rolls, bags of teff leavings, carrots

Kiara – donated tack

Anne  – bread

Michelle – a load of readymix fodder via Treloar

Yvonne – donation of saddle and a bag of tack.

Staci – donated blanket.

Madeleine  – donated tack

Robyn – donated cucumbers.

Birthday Gifts from the Birthday Girl directly deposited to the Unit Bank Account – Happy Birthday, B!

Menno – donated poles for the Arena project via Celine

Tracy – donated bag of cotton tape (for harnessing)

Janice- donated large amount of tack.



Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)  Account Number: 080733875         Landline:  041 366 1594    Cellph: 072 357 2505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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