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ECHCU November 2014



Well here you go, the final newsletter for you to plough through as the next one will only be in January 2016.  PS you have 25 days to do your Christmas Shopping!  Roll on the New Year for us!

Our Jacksonville owner, Kapie, owner of three fat and feisty Crossbreeds, had his final AHS vaccination done by Stanley as well as a penicillin shot as the one horse had a spontaneous abortion.  You know, just to keep things clean.

A generous donation of grassmix from Anne was collected from Antoinette – Quite blew us away!

Not bad for two hours ‘work’, we banked over R300 received in return for carrot coins for Whitey and Moonshine’s visit to the PE PetExpo. We had all the children, adult and smallies, anxious to feed the donks and they behaved so well too.  Thank you so much, ladies, for the invitation to ‘pitch and play’.

Followed shortly thereafter by our two collection Tins from Grass Roof (Restaurant and Farm Stall), New Seaview Road, with generous donations from well fed patrons amounting to well over R600!   Whoever has put change in the tins, Thank You All!

A complaint was received about a preggy donk being used to pull a cart, only problem is is that it is waaaaay  down the coast.   With another Animal Charity in a relatively nearby town, the matter was handled, although we are looking at a joint ‘mission’ to the area by both charities in the new year.  We try our best to work with everyone involved in animal issues.

The owner of the 5 donkeys way down the coast with slipper foot finally managed to find our phone number and gave us a call to attend to his donks which Stanley did shortly after receiving his wail for assistance.  The donks are doing well condition wise and now, so are the hoofies.

A kind offer of a foster home for two donkeys was received and this led to Snap and her foal, recently surrendered back to the Unit, being delivered to a home where there are 3 other of our adopted donkeys, and while there one of the donkeys hand sheared by Carla and the resident donks tooties were clipped and filed.

A Complaint of stray horses on the Kragga Kamma Road meant Carla phoning around to find out who the owner was.  We believe these horses belong to the same person who previously had a stray horse on this busy road.   BUT now we have her name and number!!  Should be useful in the future.

Line of Fire and Pep Talk left for their new adoptive home and we wish them all the best for their future.

Two Complaints received in quick succession about tethered donkeys in Walmer suburb.  With all the ‘noise’ on facebook and the local media, after the second call we went along and loaded them up and admitted them to the boys camp.   It is important for everybody to understand the issues here:    There is limited and highly contested grazing in the townships for donkeys to munch.  The municipal By law says you must be responsible and not let your animals stray on the roads – applies to EVERYBODY.  SO, then you get a responsible owner who tethers his donkeys where there is a lot of grass.  Only problem is that he cannot leave a bucket of water for them ‘cos the bucket is going to get stolen by somebody!!   Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, as the saying goes.  Damned if he tethers and damned if he doesn’t!   Of course, there would always be the chance that somebody would get the animals uplifted by the NMMM Cowboys and taken away to Uitenhage!!  Where they would not find them!  So, best result is to collect them and bring them in.  And after all this, Moses requested a trim for two of his donkey’s hooves and this Stanley did pronto.

Leigh very generously donated 30 fodder bales via Treloar to assist with feeding hungry mouths – Thank you so much, Leigh!

A Motherwell donkey owner phoned about his young foal that had been in a vehicle accident and then got entangled in a fence.   When collected the assessment was not a good one, and in due course the youngster was euthanased.  Owner was read the Riot Act by Carla and Ayanda, assistant for the Saturday collection.

Another animal welfare organisation alerted the Unit to the potential hazard of donkeys being bought or stolen from township dwellers, the end use being for human consumption overseas.  Stan went into the township to alert the owners to keep their donkeys well under their care.

The Unit was very happy to be asked to deliver the newly adopted Blackmalkin and Lente to their new knowledgeable home.   Especially as Lente was on the list to Go to God!

After a short visit to Johannesburg for family stuff, the first job to be done was to go and collect Karman, a Humansdorp donkey that had sustained a dropped hip from a vehicle bashing, making his gait uneven.  The owner, Papa Jack, was also unhappy that when out grazing, he was being tormented by township children and dogs, and therefore made the decision to surrender the jack to the Unit for euthanasia.  Sad journey but now Karman is out of discomfort and at peace.  Thank You Papa Jack for taking the difficult decision and enlisting our assistance with your boy.

Later the same day, Stanley went and collected a ‘sick’ donkey from Uitenhage’s Langa.  I say ‘sick’, which is an understatement – it was Tetanus!  Seems to be a problem in the Uitenhage area.   There is very little that can be done for this condition, and when he went down overnight showing all the classic symptoms, he was euthanased.  Sorry, boy.  Who would deny any animal a rapid humane ending?

And a Very Happy Ending to close off this last Newsletter for the year (the next Newsletter is due on the first day of January 2016!!).  We took out time to deliver our special boy, Stefaan, to his new home.   Stefaan’s story is that he is a township donkey that a donkey admirer negotiated to buy from his owner to join her merry band.   He is an old man, and we think he suffers from Cushings.  But after shearing him of his hair to keep him comfy in the heat of Summer, we know that he is now in the best place possible.    Way to go, Stefaan!  We are going to miss you but wish you well.


Andre via Owen -  tack

FEED N SEED - donated a bag of shandy cubes

Anne  – donated 30 grassmix from Antoinette

9TH AVENUE Vet Clinic – donated Equi Vite treats/spoilings

Dorrie – 2 teff rolls and old Reins, for the Transkei

Samantha – clctd 8 bales damp grassmix from Jean Collier

Leigh very generously donated 30 fodder bales via Treloar

CALTEX LORRAINE – donation of bread and fruit and veg via Edward AWS

Lisa – Tack

Cindy – grass cuttings

Nola – donated bags of Lucerne leavings

Who Knows x 2?: Blanket and foal halter donated, left at stables

RHODA – Delivered and assembled a donated PC table to unit and four bags of carrots.

FEED AND SEED – donated bags of Grassmix leavings

Michelle – donated two huge bags of tack, numnahs, boots etc.

Samantha  – delivered items for the Auctions fb page – last Auction for the year!!

VOLUNTEERS - Enzo and Nicole groomed horses, Celine rode, Marie Claire groomer,  Staci (Rythmic Equine Muscle Therapy),  Ayanda exercising horses, Isabella Tack Shop,  Philippa exercising,  Eben general assistance.

Finally, well done to Carla, Stanley, Alfred, Tom and Bully for keeping a steady hand on the tiller while I was away.


Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)  Account Number: 080733875         Landline:  041 366 1594    Cellph: 072 357 2505

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website:  www.echcu.co.za     Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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