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ECHCU December 2015




2.  Let’s get the figurework out the way at the start.  I know that there are folk out there who want to know some of what we do on a daily basis.  I can assure you that we are kept on our toes!

Initial Complaints and Inspections:  58 for 217 horses and 31 donks.

Recheck Inspections:  232 for 616 horses and 217 donks.

Township visits and inspections:  72 for 21 horses and 101 donks.

Euthanased Humanely or died at Unit:  14 horses and 26 donks

Spot Checks and complaints from road users:  81 for 7x 198d

Country Trips including Transkei Missions: 29 for 1999 t&x 15d 3m (Thbs & cross breeds) and donks & 3 mules

Collection of dead equines:  4 donkeys

Medical admittance to Unit: 47d  7h

ADOPTED OUT:   Horses 23 Donkeys 12

New Files opened this year 100, total 864 over 9 years. (No wonder the data transferer from old to new  cellphone was gobsmacked when he transferred over 1800 work numbers!!)

3. A HUGE THANK YOU to our regular monthly donors who, without reminding, continue to put their money in the Unit Bank Account. Like: Peter F, ClairM, Kathy N, TishS, the TBA, the RA, TersiaE, JillT, JuliaM, RhodaF, IsabellaC, the National Horse Trust, the bidders and winners on the ECHCU Auction Room fb page, the Tack Recycle Shop donors and buyers – Blessings to you all!

In December, at the request of the Langa, Uitenhage, owner, his donkey was collected and admitted to the Unit, where Stanley found a shard of glass deeply embedded in the sole! Removed and as his hooves were ‘short’ we have kept him till his hooves have grown a bit – also for a bit of R and R.

I love this time of the year with school Nativity Plays and work functions ‘cos we are asked to collect the post activity fodder bales. Thank you, Jeanine and Smarty Kids Play School.

9th Avenue Vet clinic phoned to ask if we had phoned them one day early in the month. We confirmed that we had not and what was the problem. We were advised that a man had phoned saying his horse could not urinate and he needed help. It had us all scratching our heads in puzzlement because normally people phone us direct. It all became clear when he phoned again and on being asked where he was, he replied Lesotho!!! OMW! We gave Highveld Horse Care Unit’s phone number as they are active in that country – it is a little outside our very stretched area!

A very concerned donkey adoptor phoned about his poor donk.  Although given Veterinary attention, no apparent problems were found and the recommendation was euthanasia, but he did not even get to that point!  Sorry, Prince, that you have left us.  Adoptor severely affected but paid for the Vet consult.

Two horses about which a complaint was received, having been monitored and given donated COOLSTANCE to assist with their ‘rounding off’, improved very well indeed.

Stanley and I were able to ‘rescue’ NMMM Animal Inspector with a donkey cart problem late one afternoon.   Very difficult for all, but we did the best we could under the circumstances.  We all assisted with loading the poles onto the bakkie and taking them back to his shack.  In an ideal world, which we most definitely are NOT, everybody would have a perfect cart and education, never mind splinky cars and homes.

And then we received an uninvited night time visitors, but thanks to the ADT fitted alarm in the stables, they got away with ‘only’ two saddles having dropped one on the stable apron in their haste to escape.   Case opened at Walmer SAPS.  ADT arrived posthaste – Thank You!  Unfortunately we are going to have something done to the gate which was bent in order to gain access to the stables.

A generous thought from Beth of the Chelsea sports Bar in Greenbushes (Old hotel) meant the Unit receiving a donation through the offices of the ECGBB as part of the Bar’s social commitment.  Thank you!

A Complaint received from a proper knowledgeable person meant a nice drive into the country to assess two donkeys.  In the main good, but as so often happens, hooves needing to be seen to.  Recommended to owner.

Stanley and Carla spent a productive morning in Lusaka replacing all the harnessing and bits where necessary.  In the main, all the donkeys look fine and those that did not, got a dose of dewormer.  And the donkey owners are always happy to see the Unit in their ‘neck of the woods’.  (Just to mention, harnessing is made for the Unit, using our materials, by SamS and is done on a swop basis – you give me yours and I will give you mine.  No argy bargy!  And therefore no problems down the line.

Donovan, Equine Dentition, on a PE visit, popped in and filed one of our Available for Adoption horses, no charge!! Thank you.

A motorist on 10th Avenue, Victoria Drive, found what she thought was a problem cow, stuck between the wall and concrete pipes.  NMMM Inspector Hein volunteered to go and investigate as a) we don’t do cows, and b) we were already out with an Euthanasia.  Very quickly, Hein was yelling for help.  The cow was a bull that somebody had tried to castrate with a rekkie that had been incorrectly applied and had led to mammoth swelling of the scrotum, grossly infected.  Of course we assisted in getting the bull to our 9th Avenue Vets for assessment and on their recommendation, transported him to his final resting place.   An OB number obtained should the owner identify himself and open himself to a Case of Cruelty.

The previous owner of two horses surrendered to the Unit due to inability to look after them himself visited.  A lovely time was had chatting about the two horses and where and how they are doing ensued.   He’s happy with the outcome and so are we!  He left leaving a handsome donation behind!  Thank you.

Our Saaiman from Kwanobuhle had his owner bouncing off the walls!  Saaiman had colic and Milton was beside himself with anxiety.  Dr Hilda had her first trip to Kwanobuhle to treat the horse, but next morning things were still not ‘right’, so Saaiman was collected and admitted and given daily Veterinary treatment to try and move the ‘blockage’ over a period of 5 days, painfree just blocked up  - post mortem revealed a plastic pooh filled mass, weighing an extraordinary 3kg!  I am afraid it is a hazard for all township animals that break open plastic refuse bags looking for tidbits and ingest said plastic that mounts up inside their stomachs becoming more and more entangled and heavy and hard to a non-return point.  You are safe now, boykie!  Having rescued you so many times over the past 9 years, this time it was impossible.  Sad and Sorry!

I managed, with some difficulty as I do every year, to take the staff out for a Christmas brunch just to say thank you for their support and hard work over the course of a year.  This time we went to GRASS ROOF and it was a good decision too.  (My cost.)

Two Kwanobuhle donkeys belonging to Samuel were collected at the request of their owner due to their burn wounds, inflicted by idiots in the township.   After treatment and a couple of days rest, they were returned to their happy owner.

Stanley left on a split Transkei Mission and having attended a big Race near Qumbu and a number of villages on the way there and back again, handled and treated and dewormed and trimmed  536 Thoroughbreds and Crossbreeds and 3 mules, that is, aside from the Pre Race Track Check and the Pre Race Runner Check.

I attended the ECHCU Charity Race Day held at Turffontein Raceday on the 12th, arranged and organised by Mr and Mrs Mark Sham, again at my cost.   The venue was superb, the food sublime and the Auction even better!   So much so that we do not have to worry about money for another year.   To the individual Race Sponsors, Phumelela, Mark and Dorrie a sincere thank you for supporting us in this sometimes extreme work.   All made easier by your commitment to the ECHCU!

The horsey folk of Theescombe regularly arrange a Christmas Ride through the area just before Christmas Day.  Participants ‘pay’ a cap fee of small animal goodies for AWS and their charges and include ECHCU in the cap fee, inviting donations of whatever for the Unit.  An astounding amount of R1100 was received for the Unit as well as bags of carrots duly delivered the next morning by Saskia and family (who had great fun carroting horses and donkeys!) and AWS did well on the small animal food side.   Thank you all so much for your generosity and we trust you had a great time on your ride.  Well done all!

It would not be a proper year without ending with one of ‘those’ complaints – somebody without the necessary knowledge driving past a donkey and then ‘giving instructions’ to the owner to have the ringworm treated.   A waste of time and diesel as Carla could find no such thing!!  I really think that this type of call should be charged for petrol!

Moses on the other hand, phoned early in the morning to ask that we collect his donkey as he was lame having been kicked by another donkey!  Done and thank you for being responsible, Moses!

Not to be outdone, Stanley was asked to assist a horse with a sore hoof because the normal farrier was on holiday.  Done and instructions given as to treatment.

And to end off a complaint about horses standing in the sun.  We realise that passersby are hot themselves, and goodness what temperatures we are experiencing!!, but our own horses stand in the sun and are also known to lie down and suntan in this heat.   Far better than having a blankie on!


SMARTIE KIDS PLAY SCHOOL – donated 3 bales grassmix.

Kate PESKENS – R1000 dirdep to bank for whatever – thanked her when I saw her at PE Saddlery.

ERASMUS, Amy and Amy Beauster (carrot sand apples) – brushed donks)

MegM – Colin delivered one pair books for Masib ulele.  No charge!! Donation!

MCLELLAN, Anne – donated 1 bag cubes for Friesians.

RUDMAN, Alistair – donated fresh cut grass donated.

Sally – dnated horse blanket.

SCHWARTZ – wants us to collect 20 bales grassmix from Herbert Hurd Primary School  as donation from Nativity Play.   C and A

HARRIS – donated bales of lucerne, and donated fly masks etc.

MILFORD – Donated tack.

AWS – donated blik of Hoof Powder

LUNDY’S WARRIOR MARX – A Christmas gift to the Unit for  the horses – 1  bag cubes.

VOLUNTEERS – Marie Claire and Philippa.

RITCHIE, Jann – donated tack.

AMY – carrots donated.

ANTOINETTE – clct dntd fodder C A B.

Raymond – money donation.

CLOETE, aNTON – brought back all the leads he had repaired.  Pic.


SKINNER – donated 2 rolls grass.

ROBYN AND RAE – donated 4 bales grassmix and carrots.

Celine – WITH Carla – collect more poles from Menno in Triton.

RHODA – donated spekoom slips and waterbath donated and Christmas gifts for all the staff.

Dr Hilda gave in donated saddle that was g

Beth of the Chelsea sports Bar in Greenbushes

VOLUNTEERS – Celine, Janie, Marie Claire, Philippa. Volunteers, Janie, Philippa and Celine (tyres)

That’s it, folks! Our accounting to you for December and for the whole year. We hope you have enjoyed the adventures with us on a monthly basis. No intention to offend, but it is the last day of 2015, it’s ridiculously hot, no rain in sight, and I have run out of ‘the happies’.

Happy 2016 and see you on the flip side.


Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)  Account Number: 080733875         Landline:  041 366 1594    Cellph: 072 357 2505


Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website:  www.echcu.co.za     Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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