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January 2016



January 2016 has shot past like a bullet!  Can’t believe Christmas and New Year are a distant memory already.  We trust your January has begun as you wanted it to.

Stanley was on duty on the 1st, but he got phonecalls from grooms going to work at 5am past AWS that ‘the donkeys are out’ – in the premises.  So he had a very early start.  Turns out Rich, a Walmer township working donkey and our poster boy, had been let in by the Night Security Guard so he was not on the road,  and when he found the camp gate locked, pushed over the entire fence thereby letting all the boys out.  Between Stanley and Alfred, who Stanley collected much earlier than normal, they managed to round them up and get them back inside a next door camp.   Over the period of January, Stanley and the grooms have made a concerted and now complete job of ‘fixing the fences’.  It certainly looks better!

Our GANICUS left to be fostered as a companion animal and appears to have settled both his companion and himself quickly.  We have also received two new off the track thoroughbreds that are now Available for Adoption.

A Friend of the Unit asked for an official letter to her friend thanking her for a donation made to the Unit in lieu of a birthday gift.   A nice idea and most welcome too!

Stan, Carla and Tom headed west to bring in two donkeys from a coastal town.  The problem was that both had slipper feet!  They had been ‘found’ and one officially bought from the owner and he will in due course leave for his new Gauteng home.  But we could not leave the other one, so he was brought back as well.  Having nailed Tom on the leg when he arrived and then had a good go at taking off Stanley’s head who was approaching to ‘do’ his hooves with a double barrel head shot we deemed him to not be a good adoption possibility so he was laid to rest.  Safest place for him. The other donk, Zoggy, has now been gelded while he awaits his transport and all costs have been met by the owner.

A stray horse on a Theescombe verge was taken in by a concerned landowner and we were requested to ‘spread the word’.  We did, the owner did and now all sorted.  NOTHING like a good neighbour!

While most people seem to complaining about the flies, our Walmer Cartie, MOSES, asked for ‘some dip please, as the tickies are VERY bad, medem!’  Done!

Two straying horses and a pony were found on a busy road, but by the time we got there, they had disappeared, as usual!  But then they appeared again a day later when they were found tucking into raw bread dough wrapped in plastic bags, apparently dumped on a side road by a bakery!  By this time, we had managed to ‘find’ the owners and were able to advise them to collect their three naughties.

A late night call about a stabbed donkey in Uitenhage’s Nobuhle was attended to early the next morning, only to find that it was dead.  Clearly, even if it had received immediate night time attention, the stab was deep enough to cause internal damage and he would have been unsaveable.

Two visitors from Saudi Arabia visited the Unit and on leaving left a sizable donation to the Unit with intentions for monthly receipts to the Bank Account!  Gobsmacked!  Thank you, Angela and Mike, for your generous support!

While Freddie joyfully received his repaired donkey post colic, Vuyo surrendered his donkey to the Unit.  Being a jenny she found herself the object of all the jacks fighting for attention on a regular ‘season’ basis, so he said please could we take her in.  Now available for adoption is this sweet little girl.  Another Langa owner surrendered his aged male donk, BIEFMAN, as too old to work – also a gentle soul looking for a comfortable retirement.  Well done, Elias!

We received a panicking phone call from a knowledgeable person about one of our township expatriates that appeared to be ‘choking’.  Poor Mutty and Mutty’s custodian!  A little while later a confirmatory phonecall was again received, this time indicating that our suggestion had worked.  AND, no more hard  feed!  Whew!  The two donkeys regularly update us via email on their new life and their doings!  How many donkeys do YOU know that have their own email machine??

A pregnant township jenny brought in at the request of the owner for foaling down was just in time.  The next morning, we were greeted by a gorgeous little jack.  After a Facebook competition, it was decided that he did indeed look like a BRUNO.

A number of Complaints registered and responded to in January, one with an explanation that the thin horses had only recently been ‘rescued’ and therefore it would be a while before they were in better shape and that all that needed to be done, had been.  Monitoring will continue.

An excited call by one of our Kruisfontein, Humansdorp, horse owners had us bringing in their pony, Becky, with an exceedingly swollen head.  Although we had been told she had been kicked, when we presented Becky to our 9th Avenue Vets, they very quickly picked up fang marks under her jaw.  Whew!  We were thinking all sorts of ‘norrible’ things!  Supportive therapy, as in feeding and pain relief instituted on admitting to the Unit and such was her healing and reduction of swelling, she was returned to her delighted owner, Monty, within a week, all better!  We love it when we win!  Our resident snake fundi reckons it was a Night Adder!  It had certainly been a very hot day on the day it occurred.

A Transkei visitor to the Unit had a welcome conversation with Stanley about all sorts of things equine and how can he assist in Transkei.  This is somebody we can work with, easily!   Thank you, Shado!

It would not be normal for a Complaint to not go viral on Facebook, but very early in the day before the posting, Carla was dispatched to the ‘offending party’.  Various discussions and reasons for perceived problems were discussed, a Notice issued and recommendations made, all of which have been taken to heart.  It is just such a pity that those that do not know enough, shoot their mouths off on a public forum.  Monitoring will continue and already a visit has been made to the Unit to progress further.

I think it is possibly the right time to mention and say Thank You to contributors of feed for the Friesians:   Ann, Raymond, Tracy, Jenny, Michelle, Staci, Carina, Dorrie, Leigh and Sue.  They are looking great!

On two occasions during January the Unit has been asked to do a Euthanasia Assist.  Always a very difficult decision to make by owners, but we assist wherever we can and when we are asked.  Both horses collected with minimum fuss and humanely euthanased.   Now at Peace.

A late night call about stray cattle on Victoria Drive was transferred to the NMMM Cowboys.

And then, A grade showjumper Dominey Alexander, visited Port Elizabeth.  He felt driven to bring to everybody’s attention the plight of equines in Drought hit areas of the country.  He had got rolling a fodder/feed distribution from Gauteng to various drought stricken areas in the Free State, and wondered if we would do likewise for the drought stricken Karoo.  As at the end of the month, no tangible donations have been received at the Stables, but generous donations have enabled us to purchase R4,750 worth of fodder, transport is being arranged to SPCA Queenstown who have kindly offered to distribute it in that area.  Should you wish to be involved, see our Bank Details at the end of this newsletter.  SO proud of the donors!  Reference on deposit:  DROUGHT RELIEF and your name.

Thanks to our own Fund Raiser, we are able to purchase our own fodder for our horses and donkeys, and we are lucky to receive sweepings from her too, so fodder for the Drought Relief project will find its way to those who need it most.

Poor Daaiman, probably in the middle of a donkey fight, got a kick to his canonbone that swelled up like a golf ball.  We assumed it was an abscess, but it did not ‘develop’.  On taking him to our 9th Avenue Vet, Dr Hilda, she aspirated the ‘bump’ and was astounded to find only blood.  Clearly a vein had burst under the skin and now that he has received the appropriate treatment, hopefully he will be going home soon.

Carla was given permission by me to take one or two of our staff early in the morning to corral a lame calf near AWS.   She duly did this and managed with ECHCU staff and a Volunteer Rider to bring the reluctant calf in with his herder, whereupon Dr Dave, AWS Vetrinarian, was able, now that the calf was lying down on the back of the bakkie, to cut the offending piece of wire and withdraw it, clean it and give it the necessary Antibiotics.   It is good to see how two different animal organizations can and do ‘work’ together, and that is how it should be, yes?  A joint effort!

Well, what can I say/write?  I know that if I did not have the Daily Diary in word format, I would not be able to send a newsletter and know what we have been and gone and done.  No day ever the same, and definitely NO boredom factor!



Raymond – cubes for the Friesians.

Treloar – 2 body protectors , one for Carla and Unit and the other for Sams.

STANFORD SQUARE – Sally delivered 3  bales grass from their Christmas ‘do’.

Nicky – 2 leftover bags Speedybeet

GRASS CUTTINGS – from Daizy’s 0746356006.

Anne – bag Cubes for the Friesians.

Sam – bales of straw

Dorrie – a woolbale sweepings and small bags of sweepings.

Lauren –  new riding hat for auction.

Des – Mielie stalks (sans cobs)

Morrigan – saddle bag.

Simon  – a camera.


VOLUNTEERS – Cleine and Steven. Marie Claire and Ockert.



Banking Details:  Standard Bank Current Account  Account Number: 080733875

Universal Branch Code:  051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)  Landline:  041 366 1594    Cellph: 072 357 2505


Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it         Website:  www.echcu.co.za     Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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