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ECHCU July 2016



Sjoe! WHAT a month! Crowded with complaints and problems, inspections, investigations (in excess of 35! More than one a day!).

Stanley kicked off his month by vaccinating Kapie’s two loved nonworking horses and dosing with that special Tapeworm dewormer. All’s well.

A Complaint about stray horses in Uitenhage received. Bit of a problem though, not easy to find and by the time we get there – it takes at least ¾ of an hour! - horses gone! It took a couple of days of more of the same complaints before Carla was able to identify the owner and have a chat, but as he was already engaged in erecting a fence to keep them in, the matter was handled amicably. We find that generally stray horses and donkeys don’t necessarily hang about in the same spot just waiting for somebody to come along and find them!! They ‘move on’.

A young stallion visited for his ‘chop’, but when the rain finally let up, on sedating for the gelding it was found that he was a cryptorchid!! (One nut up, one down.) A more invasive operation required and a very delicate one at that. With our by now well trained staff and good Veterinarians on site, the op was done and in a few days, collected by his owner. Account paid in full! (Had to have a giggle though: the staff’s reaction when I told them this also happens to some humans!)

On the same day, two Complaints received about the same horse with a serious skin condition. Owner visited and identified and efforts to clear it up ongoing and when I saw him last week, he is looking a lot better. It’s that valuable thing called ‘TIME’. Rome was not built in a day, but there again, I was NOT the foreman!!

So often we find ourselves the beneficiaries of a dead or euthanased equine tack. We are sorry for the circumstances but we are thankful that we benefit. Our condolences to those recently bereaved.

Much joy and jubilation when three of our ex racehorses were adopted out and delivered all on the same day to their new knowledgeable parent. Go well, Run to Me, Treetop Flyer and Red Blondy!

A knotty problem with two Thoroughbreds in a bad way. After some pushing and shoving from Carla and I, the horses moved to a better grazing and environment WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A COURT ORDER TO CONFISCATE and the inevitable Court Case!! Already improved in condition on proper grazing.

One of two donkeys surrendered to the Unit voluntarily due to their bad condition adopted out as a companion animal to a recently ‘orphaned’ pony who was stressing because of the loss of his friend. Happy for you, Peter (aka Milo).

A complaint investigated involved a lame horse but it was found that Veterinary Treatment had been sought and was being acted upon (the right thing to do!). So no cause for the complaint to us!

On going into town, I found two donkeys stray on Victoria Drive. Drove back and collected Alfred with the intention that he walk them back to the Unit. As so often happens, communication was misunderstood and the donks moved back into the township! Grrrr. Only to be found at home time back where they were that morning!! Clearly trying to find their way to us, dear boys. This meant that all the grooms had a late afternoon walk bringing them in. They knew what they wanted and what I wanted, and eventually they were admitted for supper! Rather with us than playing in the traffic with you!

Stan’s TRANSKEI MISSION had him attending to 56 owners and 94 horses over three days in addition to collecting a Surrendered pony with a severe dropped hip. Poor child, RIP.

Way after 5.30 on a Saturday evening with the dark closing in fast, a frantic call from a suburban homeowner who wanted help. While remonstrating with some underage wannabe Carties about their handling of the donkeys, they had abandoned the cart and donkeys and the lady did not know what to do now! Can I help? Um…yes. Give me a little time to collect a groom from Walmer township, grab a bakkie and horsebox and we will be with you. Job done, donkeys loaded with help from Schalk and Adele and Janine, admitted to Unit, fed and watered. Next day, Sunday, Ayanda assisted me with towing the cart in and ‘hiding’ it. In due course, the very ill owner came to visit and ‘discuss’ their return. Um… No, I don’t think so! The kids had lied about going to collect wood and had gone and done some fundraising for themselves instead!! Cart and donkeys will only be returned to the owner on presentation of a proper Doctor Certificate indicating that he is well and able to work. Such a pity, ‘cos he is one of our best and caring owners!!

THEN we had the Pinelodge ‘complaint’. Caused by a groom not doing his job properly or as he was taught, making a Facebook outburst of note. We are confident that the Lodge owners are caring of the animals that were due for euthanasia when they were adopted out to them, having no problem in phoning when there is something they do not understand.

Lucky for some owner the Complaint phoned in about donkeys not being fed and no grazing, Carla had passed that property on her way to work that morning when fodder was being doled out! And, the donkeys condition acceptable!

A Stray Cow in the Road Complaint referred to the correct authorities – the NMMM Cowboys 0794900540.

A number of Euthanasia Assists done this month. All so painful for all concerned. RIP All.

Carla, on her way in from somewhere, found 3 stray donkeys outside the fence staring longingly at the donkeys inside our camps. She hopped out and showed them by pointing her finger to the gate how to get inside. They are SO funny these boys!

Edward and Mr Sys were very happy to get their donkeys returned to them in Langa, Uitenhage, post medicare at the Unit.

After a lot of wrestling, three horses confiscated and brought under the Unit’s custody and control. There had to be a problem with the horses as three out of a herd of 13 were just going down. Veterinary Opinion sought, gained and being acted upon! Now to wait for the Court Case. Hence the request for Surrender. Currently munching their heads off and shocking staff with their water demands!

As far as Confiscations go, I think it should be borne in mind that there is a process. SO, while you are anxious that an animal be removed forcibly from an owner, time to prepare is required to write up Statements, applications to Magistrates for Court Orders, and arrangements that require setting in place for a peaceful removal, prior to the matter being sent to the Public Prosecutor for putting on the Court Roll for decisions and discussions and cross questioning about the Case. It is all pretty straightforward BUT requires time and fuel. And, it also helps if you have a database with a ‘thread’ of previous history, rather than invoking Regulation 468 for animals requiring immediate confiscation. SO, it is far better to Surrender the animal/s. Thank you to those who have offered grazing on their properties for the three, but the Law states that they must be under Unit custody and control. If however, you have some spare bales lying around, we would just love to have them!

Our Unit herd all vaccinated for AHS.

A blanket AHS vaccination drive done for our Humansdorp horses. 35 horses protected against the dread disease as per Government instructions. One horse dewormed and one treated for wounds sustained – but not vaccinated due to the open wounds. Thank you to Adam and friends who assisted us in the round up.

In addition a Pre Home Check done and a short visit to the Polocrosse fields for the International. Long day but done!

On Mandela Day, we were treated by Karin and Phumelela to a continental breakfast for all the staff, plus two huuuuuge bags of carrots for the donks and horses. Compared to previous year, a quieter day although the SA Navy was one of the groups that came to ‘do’ their 67 Mandela Minutes.

A Complaint about two donkeys towing TWO carts received by Stanley who headed off only to find one cart abandoned in Main Road, Walmer. Loaded with difficulty onto the bakkie by Stan, Tom and Koko, now safely in our hands. Guess who won’t be getting their cart back any time soon?

Our thanks to Lesters for fitting the new light connection to the horsebox NO CHARGE!

8.30 on a cold Sunday night, found me looking for a stray donk on the island in 3rd Avenue Walmer. Just needed a helping hand to miss the traffic and get back to his friends. Can’t help but wonder what motorists think when they see a white ancient lady walking down the street that time of night. Certainly, nobody asks any questions!!

In conjunction with Animal Anti Cruelty League’s inspector, we are trying to sort out a problem with the owner, NOT the donkeys. The donkeys are the least of our problems!! It is good to have support from other animal charities.

A request for assistance with a recumbent mare that could not stand on her hindlegs and that also had a foal at foot. Luckily for the mare, Veterinary assistance had been requested and after a good chinwag discussing the way forward led to the mare ‘finding her feet’. But it was touch and go there for a while.

Unit thanks to Supaquick, 6th Avenue, Walmer. Puncture repair x 2 NO CHARGE!

Our thanks to the NMMM for sending a water bowzer to fill up our tank. The mainline water supply had become dysfunctional, leaving us high and dry.

Finally, a Happy Birthday to all Thoroughbreds today, 1st August.


Animal Welfare delivered fruit and veg

Treloar – blankets and a numnah

William – 2 grass rolls

Anne – donated R250 in place of cubes for the big black ones

Ayesha – horseblanket.

Sharon – tack

Heather – ½ teff roll.

AWS – bread

Mandy - carrots.

Jann – delivered meds and tack via SamS

Rose – on behalf of Yvette horseblanket

Who? Haynets, crops and whips.

Enid – lucerne and tack

Nadia – a pumpkin

Dorrie - bag of leavings for the whities/greys

SamS – bag of sweet potatoes that had ALL the equines licking their lips on Mandela Day!

VOLUNTEERS – Celine, Janie, Tanasha, Nadia, Vanessa, Isabella, Riley and Griffin

I was hoping that this newsletter would be shorter and sweeter, but clearly, I WAS WRONG!


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875

Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit 130154373723168



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