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May 2010

And, now we are 4!   So, forward into our 5th year of operation and we are starting off well with this newsletter actually going out on the 1st of the new month of the new year!

May 2010 Figures
Inspections/Investigations – 3
Equines inspected – 5 horses and 3 donkeys
Recheck Inspections – 5
Equines inspected – 12 horses and 3 donkeys
Township inspections & visits – 14
Equines inspected – 6 horses & 54 donkeys
Euthanased – 1 horse
Other events – 1
Spot checks/transfers/Complaints – 14
Equines inspected – 36 donkeys
Country trips – 3
Equines inspected – 14 horses and 7 donkeys

Year Figures (from beginning June 2009 to end May 2010)
Inspections/Investigations - 22
Equines inspected – 51 horses and 20 donkeys
Recheck Inspections – 37
Equines inspected – 94 horses & 14 donkeys
Township Inspections – 109
Equines inspected – 19 horses and 310 donkeys
Euthanased – 3 horses & 5 donkeys
Other events – 2
Equines inspected – 50 donkeys
Spot checks/transfers/Complaints – 50
Equines inspected – 110 donkeys and 3 horses
Country trips – 16
Equines inspected 35 horses and 93 donkeys

TOTAL EQUINES SEEN:  212 horses and 415 donkeys

From time to time the Unit is requested to do Inspections by horse owners themselves.  This is a pleasure to do as there is very little agro involved! 

A referral by a Vet, led to a donkey mare being brought in recumbent but we were able to get her up and keep her that way – for a day anyway – until she died.

The Washezi that we ‘won’ thanks to Denise Kerr has been working hard at washing harnessing and halters – and it was so easy to do with everyone giving a couple of turns every time they entered or left the stable block.  Thank you so much, Denise!

A number of enquiries have been received this past month.  For contact numbers for fodder and feed merchants, mange control and stabling for horses from out of town but also assistance requested to make decisions about an animal’s future.

Treloar, who has proved that she is quite a public speaker, not only donated but also planted a number of Clivia plants at the stables.  I love Clivias and can’t wait for them to come into flower.  Thank you, Treloar.

A bit of a hiccough this past month has been a problem with the bakkie gearbox and propshaft, but with the loan of a larney 4 x 4, work carried on as usual but included getting a Carter to remove the manure to the ‘fertilizer factory’ next door.

There seems to have been a bit of a donkey derby in the streets of Walmer this month which has led to many Complaints being received.  The only problem is that so often, even if we are ‘just around the corner’, when we reach the area to which we have been directed, the donkeys are already gone.  But at the same time, when we do find them, the now normal getting them through traffic and into the township has become a doddle, mostly!

The Animal Welfare Society invited the Unit to address the Club 100 at the Walmer Old Age Home.  We were on the way there when two complaints were received about donkeys in Walmer, but having sorted them out pronto, we then addressed the ladies and gentleman.  We had also arranged for Carter Patrick to pay a visit with his new cart and everybody was so excited about being able to touch and pet the donkeys that when we offered them a ‘ride’, 4 ladies jumped at the chance and hopped on board for a short trip down Villiers Road much to the smiles of the men drivers, and scowls of the lady drivers!  But a great time was had by all – and we have a picture to prove it!

One of the spin offs of the AWAD/New Turf Carriers Derby weekend was the donation of 2 services to Stallions standing at Klawervlei Stud.   The REBEL KING service has already been bought, but the service to ALBERT HALL – by Danehill out of Al Theraab (USA) by Roberto (USA), is still available.  Naturally we thank Mr John Koster for his donation towards ECHCU funds.

One of our Walmer Carters got himself into difficulty this past month.  First his shack was burned to the ground, meaning that he lost everything including his ID book.  Then he was attacked and landed up in hospital.  He, however, discharged himself early in order to get his cart and two donkeys to the Unit for safekeeping while he recovers from his injuries with his brother, also a Carter, but in another area. 

Now and again, we get presented with animals other than equines that require help.  A cow with a suspected broken leg was referred to the Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Services and a dog that was killing his owner’s chickens was brought to Animal Welfare, where he has been treated for mange and possible adoption.  A phonecall received from a Uitenhage owner about a ‘sick dog’ was referred to the Uitenhage SPCA for collection and treatment.  At the same time, a request from another SPCA about a swayback horse was attended to.  A man with a pony in trouble was referred to the Unit by the AACL, and although we acted as rapidly as possible with the colic, the Vet recommended euthanasia because the pony had a twisted gut.   As you can see, it is all about the animals.

A really rotten morning was had by us when we were called to a day old foal had been attacked by dogs and killed. 
That pathetic little body, half eaten, was taken away by us.  Heartbreaking.

Then a Nobuhle horse owner phoned that his horse was ‘sick’.  We hurried the distressed animal to the Vet but it certainly did not look good despite the treatment.  Much relief all around, including the horse himself I’m sure, when the next morning it was found that a foot long, 1kg ‘sausage’ made up of plastic bags mixed with manure had been evacuated!   Followed by much more ‘normal’ stuff!    He has been returned to his owner.  Picture available on request.

Other than normal donations, the Unit does talks to groups of Interested people, two of which have been conducted this month with a whole lot more to come.  Which all leads to the collection tin being filled to the brim.

Finally, I am blown away, always, when on a foal being born, all the other mares gather around and bray a welcome, I think.  Or is it a warning of things to come.  And then again, the donkeys also give a mass bray when another donkey meets his Maker.  I wonder, hmmmm…..



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