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November 2016



Well, who would have thought it! Not one donkey available for adoption at the moment!! We still have 5 Thoroughbreds available though.

One of our little donkeys, Gina, developed a bit of a problem and we were approached for help by her owner. (Gina was not adopted out by us, but the new owner persuaded Moses to let her buy the little cutie.) She had developed a most peculiar gait in the hindquarter. Much puzzling and discussing with the Vet and then trying out various methods to relieve what appeared to be slipping stifles on both hind legs. A regime was instituted with a Veterinary Opinion and which was a bit of a bother for Elaine, but she kept at it, and we were very delighted to receive a video of the now ‘fixed’ Gina galloping around like a mad thing. Unfortunately, we are unable to load it to the newsletter or the facebook page, but every now and again, we sneak a peek at it and get a smile all over our faces. Well done, Elaine, and, Gina, you are such a card!!

Our next major problem was sorting out three donkeys that had been cared for until the Carer died. Their hooves became unkempt making walking difficult, and generally nobody cared until they were spied by a motorist who called in help. Then the donkeys went missing! But a little while later, somebody took them in and phoned to ask for help with their hooves. A morning was set aside because as the donkeys had gone feral, they resisted human contact altogether. Stan, Carla, Tom and Koko got prepared for a wrestling match and headed west, return time unknown. But they won through and managed to gather all three and do the trimming that was much required. The new ‘owner’ has asked for guidance from a donkey veteran and hopefully all is now sorted, except for a gelding that still needs to be done.

One of the common problems that we face is stray horses. A phone call Complaint about stray horses in the Greenbushes area had Carla and I driving around in never ending circles for hours, tracking the horses by ‘cutting for spoor’ and following the pooh trail. Thanks to a pedestrian we were able to unravel the whole story and, as we were unable to get in touch with the owner, sent some Whatsapps and messages in the hope that a response would be received. It took a few days, and the owner never got back to us, but we hear they are now kept safe inside some secure fences. We hope that this remains the case. Municipal Bye Laws state that you MUST keep your animals in and this means keeping your fences in good repair!! Not a Bye Law you want to ignore as horses and cars don’t generally get on well in the middle of the night and it is only when you have had a horse bleed to death at your feet having had his foreleg taken off at the shoulder that you or anybody can understand the horror that holds fast to this day. Never mind the cost to the horse owner for the medical expenses that you will have to pay!!

We also have concerned motorists who phone to report ‘sick’ looking horses. Which was the case one morning, but with our extensive reach, we were able to phone somebody and found out the correct story. Yes, the horse was VERY sick, but was under Veterinary Treatment at the time. So, we stand down as the owner is being compliant with the Animals Protection Act – i.e. getting veterinary treatment for their equine.

Unlike the owner who did not realize just how sick his animal was and had not been doing tick control. We were alerted to the sick animal lying on the verge of the road and left as soon as we could to load and bring it to the Vet, which was the correct thing to do. Rampant Biliary was the cause. The Consulting Veterinary Surgeon gave the horse everything possible and she was admitted to the Unit, onto a soft grass bed under shelter. However, overnight she left permanently. Go well, PALACE, ex Thb racehorse given away and even though you were extremely difficult to work with, we know now that you are in a safe place, forever!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Just for a change, we loaded MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR and took her to her first show. Her rider for the day, Celine, was also new at this game. As the Blueberry Hill Fun Show was all about first timers and novices, we were wondering just how this was all going to go. MMT put her faith in her rider and did all that was asked including some scary, very low, jumps with good ground lines and filling. Carla was urged to go and give a ‘lead’ to our newbies and she did a remarkable job of jumping the jumps with MMT following quite happily. Was a joy to watch. We finished the day with a third in the Obstacle Race, lots of photographs, and an immediate adoption to a good family and a few days later were presented with mounds of carrots! Well done the two Lauren’s, Michelle and Ivana.

We also got involved with a wild goose chase on the N2. A call from AACL about three donkeys on the Baywest off ramp had Stan, Tom and Koko going round in circles on the ramps but the donkeys never to be found although the complaint was that the donkeys were tied up.

We received a tearful phone call from a desperate goat owner – her entire herd except for the number 1 goat with ginormous horns (Toggenbergs), had been annihilated by two hunting dogs overnight. She had been put onto us by some of our other donkey owners and was desperate for a couple of ‘donkey defenders’. We were able to adopt out to her two of our boys to do duty for the new goats and chickens that were on their way in. We wish our Willeman and Rooibos every success in protecting their new charges.

Much as we would not like to, we are sometimes obligated to our Adopted Out horses to bring them back in. It is part of the Adoption Contract and protects the horse from harm. We try our best for our horses and donkeys, but sometimes we are forced into this position.

We were invited back to Fairview Racetrack to receive a further donation from BETTING WORLD (raised by the knowledgeable betting done by Nadine and Grant – Thank You!) at a previous race day. I got caught up with the International jockey’s Race and met the one and only Frankie Dettori, world famous race rider and I believe, also showjumper!

The very same weekend, Traci Vink had organized a Dog Walk at the PE Polocrosse Club with the Unit as one of the beneficiaries. A few days later, Traci delivered the loot – cash and bags of carrots. Well done and thank you, Traci, for the work you put in for all animals.

Stanley also did his Transkei Mission being invited to spend time at the Races and tended to 77 horses followed up with a very lengthy trip to far northern Transkei, just inside the KwazuluNatal border, to assist a very concerned owner with a horse with a massive saddle sore. He was able to clean and treat it and it is now on the mend.

He returned just in time to help with AHS vaccination repeats in Humansdorp. Some tack handed over to William who was delighted, and we were very happy to see that his Beauty’s deep wound had healed magnificently allowing her to get her first AHS shot.

The next day, Stan was called to a horse caught in a wire fence!! All sorted thanks to his horse skills. Our beautiful, kind, sensitive MARY JEAN found and left for her new home as well. As her rider and ‘proud parent’ has the same attributes, they should make a good pair.


Barbera - home made fly repellant that works

Anne - jods.

Lindsay – tack.

Heine –trailer loads of cut clean grass from Transnet railways lines.

Bridget – grassmix bales

9TH Ave Vet Clinic – a bottle of Horse Liniment

Lakato – buckets of Equistress/Equitens – pure gold

Savva – bales of grass – via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic

Anne – via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic – bread

Tana – 1 bale lucerne from her pocket money.

Charlo Athletics Club – 10 bales from their year- end do

Tanya – ORGANIC FOOTPRINTS - carrots.

Rhoda’s friend, Mrs Van Zyl – a potplant, now freed from its pot and planted at the lungeing arena

VOLUNTEERS – Skye, Tana, Nishka, Monique, Maritha, Rika, Louise, Whilmien, Celine and Chrystal.

Tallyho till 2017! We wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year!

M and the A Team

Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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