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ECHCU March 2017


MARCH 2017

SO, onto March 2017. Lately we have all been hearing a lot about FAKE NEWS. This newsletter is definitely not. Just the everyday happenings of the Unit!

Now that we appear to have remedied the ‘donkey problems’ in Walmer, we seem to be having a lot of stray horses in the Greenbushes area! Some people are actually looking for their equines and finding them, kept safe on somebody’s property, but only sometimes.

Stanley spent a morning giving a Refresher Course to the Pinelodge Donkey Grooms with regard to harnessing, grooming and general care and feeding as well as doing a trim on our three lads.

Unlike other Charities, the Unit does not have a lot of Collection Tins ‘out there’. But Grass Roof on New Seaview Road does have two Tins. We thank the Management and their patrons and consumers who pop their change into the Tins.

FLAMING ACE was delivered to his new address and is doing just fine, thank you very much!

A Saturday morning spent selling boerie and burger rolls and books in Glen Hurd brought in a surprising amount of money to our coffers – thank you, SallyS for popping in!

An aged, very underweight horse with an eye wound was brought in for assessment by our Vets and the prognosis was not good at all. RIP

Jackson from Nobuhle requested that we collect his jenny, Missies with foal at foot, as she was lame, he thought hit by a vehicle. Stanley brought her and her foal in and then the assessment started. The Vet with X Rays was unable to find a break, but she was so very, very sore. Poulticing helped a bit, painkillers did a little better, but still no sound diagnosis. But she did start walking better about three weeks later and returned to owner. A conundrum!

A Complaint about three horses on the Humansdorp approach road was referred to SPCA as they are obviously much closer than we are!

And shortly thereafter, 2 ponies and a donkey were collected at the request of SPCA Humansdorp. Seriously aged, not in good nick, in fact one pony with slipperfoot that had been shod by a farrier without removing the slipper! So the horse could barely walk!! Gone to God.

Seems to have been one of THOSE months. Because then another stray horse in Uitenhage, bumbled into somebody else’s property, and the owner did not want him back. Not surprised!! The new ‘owner’ wanted to keep him, but one look at this scraggy horse, also underweight and never ever in a month of Sundays, going to revert to a 2 year old, and very compromised. Surrendered. RIP too, you poor soul.

Our SPARROW found a dinky little riding pal and is now in his Happy Place. Probably the most uncomplicated Shetland you would ever meet.

The paperwork sorted for BEZANT. Adoptive Parent VERY happy! ….and we are happy for him too! Out NATAL now renamed GEORGE settled in his new home with three new donkey friends. Generous donation received and acknowledged!

One of our Transkei Interested and Affected Parties was horrified to receive an sms about being alert for Donkey Slaughterers in his area. Agreed. He was asked to keep his ears and eyes to the ground and report anything suspicious.

A Trail Ride company down the coast was reported to have horses with ‘bad hooves’. Stanley and Carla visited and found things not quite as bad as was made out, but Stanley gave his Opinion and offered his assistance to remedy the few that were problems. Will continue to monitor.

As many people are finding the drought tough, especially when it comes to grazing for equines, we had two donkey jacks surrendered to the unit. Currently awaiting rehoming.

Along with all the other horsey stuff we need to do is calling the dentist. A Complaint received that had already had Veterinary intervention but there was a distinct possibility that it was the Dentist who was needed! Well done!

Janine organized some more tyres for our reclamation project on our Knobwoods. Jan had delivered sand. Almost there. Thank you, Janine! But Jan did come one morning out of the blue, as usual, with his ‘dozer and terraformed the burned bushline at the exercise arena. Absolutely stunning, Jan! Thank you! You had Carla bouncing off the walls with joy!

And then, THAT seriously hot day, had us all trying hard to maintain our composure and the horses and donkeys lining up at their water troughs and staying there. And Summer is not over yet!!

Our local Cartie, Jackson asked for his jack to be gelded. Brought him in as instructed and collected him when he was ready. Only to be found later that afternoon, walking down Victoria Drive with a donkey on a rope and a foal in his arms! Seriously concerned friends brought it to our attention so Stanley went to visit the next morning and found the foal INSIDE the RDP house, dry and safe and sound with a happy owner. On the final weekend of the month, a Problem was phoned in – a donkey jenny with a broken leg, pregnant and with a foal at foot. Due to various messages and phonecalls, a trip was undertaken with Tom to collect both from Addo. A long night but job done with sincere thanks to Tracy and Keegan and the tribe of Sotho’s who assisted with the foal catch. A donation from Jeanette towards costs involved received for which we thank you, hugely!

An abortive trip to Rietbron, middle of nowhere, halted at the Kareedouw turnoff as the owner decided not to surrender his horses. There are two ways to do the right thing by an equine – 1 is to surrender it and give up your rights to the horse/donkey, and the other is a Confiscation Order from a Magistrate. This brings with it a Court Case. And so, you MUST have some kind of ‘thread’ before trying to take it away. This is serious business as at the end of a Court Case the equine owner may well have a criminal record.

Onto a slightly more social and happy matter. The ECHCU auction Room fb page does a huge amount of good for the Unit, all funds being put toward mainly fodder for our animals. Any unsold items are returned to the Second Hand Shop at the office to be available for somebody who is not on Facebook for the Auction and who might just be waiting for it. It happens!!


Antoinette - 60 teff donated

BOCADILLOS – AWS brought in donation of 9 bales lucerne on our behalf

Flo - tack donation

Anne – cold hard cash

Rosalind – donated watermelons, apples, butternut, and a SPONSOR A DONK donation

Amy - donation teff, lots!

Nadia - bales of lucerne

Anne - 3 bales lucerne

Carolin - lucerne, a bag cubes

Marian – tack

CIPLA – box of Fiprotec

Cindy – tack

Lesley – tack

Mary – lucerne, bag cubes

Tony – donation for manure

Tarr – bread at 9th.

Jono – donated tack, lots of saddles.

Cathy – donated dewormer

VOLUNTEERS – Erin, Courtney and Nicky and Jan, Eugene ,Rosalind, Janine, SamWright , SallyS, Caitlyn, Lana, Marietha, Char, Nicky, Courtney, SamW – grooming, Chantel, Danel, Johan, Robert and Jessica collected some bags of manure for their garden and gave a splendid donation.

Well that’s it for this month. See you at the end of April – Have a good April!


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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