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APRIL 2017



We started off the weird month of April with Moses’s two donkeys walking themselves in for breakfast. They are so funny as they come all the way from the furthest point in Walmer township.

Followed up by the delivery of SHOCKING RED to her new parent. Happy dance!

ROYAL REGATTA was brought in having been surrendered to the Unit for Adoption. Beautiful girly, but not with us for long as she was adopted out. DIXIELAND ROCK is still Available for Adoption.

The stray Greenbushes horse was eventually claimed and taken home by some nameless person after FOUR days!!

One of our old patients in Grahamstown on finding his donkey with a broken hind leg but no agency able to assist. He begged for assistance, so Stan and Koko left early in the morning which was just as well because of the Stop/Go into and out of Grahamstown, never mind the serious westerly gale that was blowing. A long day for all but the donkey in a safe place now.

And then somebody popped in to visit JOSEPHINE and went home absolutely smitten with the orphan. Adopted out to a good home with lots of friends! And a generous donation towards the transport of the donkey from Uitenhage. Thank You!

This is as good a time as any to remind you to make you booking for the FUNd raising supper at The Grass Roof at 6pm on Friday 5th May. Cost R100 for the meal and a cash bar. Book at The Grass Roof.

Then we received a Complaint about a Pitbull dog under a car? Transferred to AWS.

The culmination of the Rietbron problem was that an offer to the owner to purchase the stallion and the orphan foal from the owner by the ‘arresting’ SAPS man who had taken them under his wing. Done! And we did not have to travel there to organise it either!

Then we started the rigmarole of another Court Case! Already two days down the tubes.

Then the newly gelded QUAGGA went to be a companion animal to a Zebra. Hopefully the two will gel with their matching stripes.

We did our normal yearly social duty and took RICH to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church for their Easter Celebration.

Then Bebe and his mama, Lady came to visit. For Bebe to be gelded at his parents cost. Done.

Then Stanley left for the Easter Weekend Transkei Mission where over a period of 5 days, 6 villages and towns, 1 Traditional Race, 4 Primary Health Care ‘dates’, a number of horses dewormed, donated tack handed out to ecstatic equine owners (numhners and horse blankets}, and hoof work including a horse that had been shod with a too small shoe making corns and the horse lame, Stanley returned home for a day’s rest.

A further dog Complaint referred to AWS followed by an anxious Ambulance Driver who had found a bull running amok in Standford Road. Err….. No I don’t think so! Transferred to the NMMM Cowboys.

Only to arrive at work to feed up supper and find a Jack Russel inside the gate and a white towel outside the gate. So you do what you gotta and pick the dog up, advise AWS and put it away for the night. But what was that all about??

Then trying to deal with a coughing horse owner in Transkei where Vets are not strictly thick on the ground nor chemists. However, Dr Charles was able to assist the owner and chemist long distance. Thank you!

And then the magnificent RESTRAINT left us for her new home. Go well, girlie!

And then Carla sped off to Uitenhage to collect a donkey ‘caught in wire’ only to find when she got there that the wire was a snare around both back legs, slicing through the tendons during the donkey’s attempts to free itself. No question about it, Go to God!

We then had the laborious process of opening a Case, getting a Search and Seize Court Order for a young horse in trouble. Ongoing.

Late in the month, Carla got a very early morning call from a neighbor who had found her horse dead overnight. Panic stations! A Sample and pictures taken of what appeared to be an AHS dead horse. Thankfully we heard the next week, having put out an alert on Facebook about the possibility of suspected AHS deaths, that the tests had come back negative for AHS and EEV. Whew!

Towards the end of the month, our staff was joined by Sally, an energetic, eager to learn the process of becoming an Inspector.

And then a lady breezed in wanting to adopt two donkeys. Well, having met PEDRO, recently surrendered to the Unit, and DONKEYOTE (go on say it out loud!!), it was agreed that they move to their new home! Yaaaaay! Not one donkey available for adoption at the moment!

Month end special – a tormented horse reported in Lusikisiki. Stanley, because he knows it takes between 10 and 12 hours just to get there never mind the return trip, asked Marlene from Hole In The Wall to assess and do what is necessary as she is much, much closer. Thank you, Marlene!


FEED N SEED – donated bags of horsefeed

Samantha – donated carrots

Abby - donated a milktart for the staff - delicious

Dani – donated tack

Anne – bread for the boy donks

Siobhan – donated tack


Mariaan – Donation of fodder leavings

SAM – Two grass rolls donated

VOLUNTEERS – Janine, Kelly and Ray grooming, Jan, Erin and Nicky – exercising

Well, that’s it for April 2017. Almost six months down of the ‘new year’!


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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