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June 2017



In amongst a whole herd of COMPLAINTS (18), including one concerning somebody trying to sell horses for biltong making, we have been on the run this past month especially with the horrendous fires we have experienced from Knysna to PE.

We started the month doing our first AHS shots. All good and the second shot too. Still all good.



Our grooms were fantastic as were Carla, Stanley and Sally. All involved one way or another with checking with people in the fire line, collecting equines from their fire threatened properties and including getting a pony to our Vets that had been attacked by a dog, mortally wounded, vet instructed and humanely euthanased.

Sometimes we arrived to assist but with the overwhelming support of the PE riding folk, all horses evacuated and we were superfluous to requirements sometimes. Well done everyone who did their best to assist with fodder, transport and leading horses away from danger and back again. Thank you to Tom and Koko, Carla, Sally and Stanley for being happy to work on your weekend off when realizing the severity of the problem.

Our STANLEY - the donkey! - and OUTCAST were delivered to their new adoptive home and seem to have settled well in a well-tended property.

A township resident trying to get his farm owners donkeys back to them completely fudged the whole issue until SPCA’S Gail unfudged it and the donkey were returned safely to their ecstatic owners!

Followed by a lengthy trip to the Karoo where a town had been plagued with stray horses for some time. The concerned residents were upset by horses having to be euthanased because of broken legs and damage to vehicles. Instead of the normal ‘take it away’ attitude, the citizens had done the whole caboodle legally and so Stan and I left early one morning and brought in a mare and what appears to be a yearling, not hers. The mare had absolutely no intention of getting into the Black Hole of a horsebox but with Stan in charge and the helpers doing what he asked, she gave up and got in. Not a twitch or a stick in sight. A calm ride home ensued and they are in the process of learning ‘our’ ways of being ridden and handled. Petrol costs met by the concerned citizens and so far, no more stray horses I am told. Thank you, Lize and David!

Our Jackson from Kwanobuhle, ALWAYS phones when one of his equines (he has both horses and donkeys) has a problem, this time a kapmes injury on the croup, deep and painful. A visit to the Vet was done and already she is healing well and her foal at foot doing well too.

SPCA Uitenhage phoned to report a wounded donkey they had found in Rosedale so Carla went to go and fetch it and bring it to the Vet, if necessary, after assessing the wound. She was not happy with what she saw and took it to 9th Avenue Vets who are used to getting ‘unusual’ Cases from us. It did not take long for Dr Hilda to give the instruction to euthanase. The jenny had a foal at foot (Fifi) and she was brought in, the very preggy mummy having been stabbed deeply in her abdomen compromising the unborn foal inside. And Fifi has already been adopted out with Meisie to a very loving home.

A pleasant morning was spent at Wesley Gardens Retirement Home giving a talk about what we do and how we do it. The residents seemed to enjoy it all with lots of questions and then followed by the tea and cakes. Many shocked at our collection of confiscated and replaced bits.


Then to poor Jackson again with an unhappy donkey. Admitted for observation and already doing better.

On her weekend on duty, Carla received a couple of phone calls about a horse involved in a Vehicle Accident bright and early on a freezing Sunday morning. She was quick to arrive, but found that the near hind hock and lower leg were very compromised, so arranged, with the shattered owner’s permission, for the humane euthanasia to be done. As so often happens it is other people who cause the problem. Somebody had left the gate open!!

In the process of getting control of the horse that was understandably panicked and in pain, the work phone landed up being shattered. We had a standby phone at the office so a quick swop was done and the work phone taken in the next morning to the repair shop, who wanted to charge R2280 to repair it. They were not prepared to get any data off the phone, so the repair cost was declined. The Data Guru’s at Cellular City, Walmer Park, saved our bacon in the end, downloading Carla’s pictures for us at no cost. Thanks, Guys, you are amazing!!

Of course, Carla was equally shattered by her bad start to the morning, but has come through it well.

That night, Stanley very kindly undertook to go and collect a stray horse in northern PE, as requested by Animal Anti Cruelty League. Has been admitted to the Unit, dewormed and handled and ridden. Sweet girl. No claimants yet, so will become available for adoption soon.

APPEAL: It has become apparent that we cannot continue without your generous donations to our Bank Account. Although we have kept in the main to our original 2006 Budget of R5000 for Fuel, R5000 for Fodder and R5000 for Vet Expenses, we are not winning (as is everybody else) with the fodder story!

We would like to thank all those who already so regularly directly deposit to our Account. We thank you most sincerely, you have been a great help!

Just thinking: If every single one of our 2100 Facebook ‘likes’ donates a R50 or R!00 for just ONE month, we would have sufficient funds to continue our activities for months to come, without stressing about ‘filthy lucre’ without which we cannot survive, and will be able to meet the needs of so many horses and donkeys.

ALL animal charities have this perennial problem and now it is our turn, as Government and now Lotto are no longer contributing to animal welfare organisations at all.

Please give it some thought.

Bank Details:

Standard Bank Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit 080733875 branch code 051001


Karen – donated carrots and walked the donks

Dominique - auction goods donated

Deborah – donated lucerne

Dorrie – bags of sweepings

Anne – 9th Bread

SallyS donated coffee mugs

Megan donated Vacuum Cleaner

SPCA UHAGE – donated bales of lucerne

Mary – do donated fodder.

Cassie – her usual kind donation of funds.

Charne – donated teff roll

AMAZING RACE – donated R50

COMPUTER BITS AND PIECES – sort out filing problem on the external hard drive!

VTECH – donated Horse Treats

Wentzel – Beer Dregs donated

FEED N SEED – donated bales grassmix.

Natasha and Ruaan - donated bag of cubes

SallyB – donated tack

Treloar – donated tack

VOLUNTEERS– Sam – exercising horses, Eugene and Madison, Janine – Ride and walked horses, Janine, Danny and Sharon, MegM, Mari Claire carroting, Dani and Megan - grooming. Rika, Chereen

Tally ho till the end of July!


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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