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|August 2017



Welcome to the first day of Spring! So, onto August 2017.

A visit by Carla and Stanley to two of our surrendered horses currently in the custody of someone with horsey knowledge for their AHS vaccination and a hoof trim. Very happy with what they found!

Via AWS, we were donated 100m popycop piping to enable us to extend the ‘old’ (installed 40 years ago- old and brittle and breaking with constant cars driving over the bits that were placed on rock!). AWS staff then connected it all up after our staff had dug the trench. Thank you SO much, Terry and Pieter and Hannes. Great not to be faced with a pool of water when coming to work in the morning.

And, then, a donkey adoptor travelling in far northern Transkei phoned in a panic. He had come across and stopped to see a horse that had been hit by a vehicle breaking both back legs and was asking for help. He had been told it had been on the side of the road for three days!! We phoned SPCA Mthatha who were able to find an armed Traffic Officer to go and put the animal out of his misery. Well done, Andrew, on doing your best and prevailing. You did the right thing.

A long, long time ago, the Animal Welfare Society used to ‘do’ donkeys in Walmer township, but since 2006, this has been our ‘job’. One of the AWS participants was a lady called Trudi Whitehead, whose daughter popped in at the Unit to give a donation in memory of her mother and to ask for a plaque to be put up on the wall, next to B & E’s plaque – they built the stables in 1990 with the late Bazil Bartlett. We are sure Trudi is smiling!

An exceptionally welcome donation of 150 bales of lucerne by Dr J and collected by Friend, Jan. Luvly Jubbly! Brought in after working hours but willingly packed away by Stanley and Koko. Thank you, Dr J and Jan.

We said farewell to REINETTE, TULLAMORE, WHITE LIGHT WARRIOR and SOUL PILGRIM during the month….

…. as well as returning the four fire refugees to their home, now that the grass has had a chance to grow back after the fire storm. Sad in a way as the four have been adopted from us since 2010 and included our Ponky who did so well at the Jail and Bail in raising funds for the Unit.

A Complaint from Highveld Horse Care Unit about a horse in Kokstad with both eyes removed was handled by Stanley who arranged for its euthanasia pronto. No horse without eyes has any chance of any kind of good life! But one wonders what exactly happened.

Carla, Sally and Stanley took off for a ‘routine’ visit to the Uitenhage townships to do some harnessing and bit replacement and a deworming of those present all thanks to the Donkey Sanctuary UK funding for ‘donkey work’.

A very concerned Caretaker at a northern PE cemetery phoned and advised that there was a horse and pony in the cemetery, and the little pony seemed to be bleeding from his genitals. Carla, Stanley, Sally and Koko went immediately with the horsebox, and with all staff members running and jumping over the graves, they managed to catch them. The ‘rule of thumb’ in these cases, is catch, assess, load, get a SAPS Ob number and take directly to the Vets at 9th who will give instructions as to what is to happen. Well, to cut a long story short, Dr Charles did not take long to make his decision – the penis and entire scrotum had been bitten off by dogs. How do we know this? We could clearly see the teeth marks. Poor pony! It was so cold and the shock and pain must have been immense. Euthanased!

Unfortunately, hungry dogs regress to a feral state when they know (before we do!) it is going to rain and again straight after rain and it brings out their hunting instinct. They know that the buck will be out stocking up with food before they go and hide for the duration of the rain. They also know that the buck will be out stocking up after the rain.

Stanley spent the next morning trying to identify the owner of the pony and the horse, with little luck. We have to wait by Law for 7 days before putting the mare up for Adoption, but she is very sweet.

And then we had the unexpected and most unwelcome attention of late night visitors who cut through the stable entrance gate to gain access. Shame, they were disturbed by the motion sensors in the offices that set off the alarm that had AWS Manager Hannes and the night watchman, ADT and the SAPS showing interest in what was going on, and only managed to grab a weedeater and damaged the locked cabinet and a very old laptop. Pity they did not look on the desk because there was actually tack sale money lying in plain sight.

We, Sally and I, were rescued by Dr Parker when Sally on collecting a large donation of cubes got a flat tyre. Thank you, Dr Parker, for assisting with the tyre problem.

Currently ‘on the loose’, two horses in a huge area – from Elands River to Van Stadens Gorge and maybe even Thornhill! If you happen to see them, please let us know.

3 donkeys bought from SPCA by a new owner who asked us to collect and deliver them to their new phone, for a price of course! Safe now in the Elands River Valley.

…and so we go!


FEED N SEED – 6 huge bags of Readymix donation delivered.

Mary – 2 grass rolls.

Dr J - 150 lucerne.

AWS – donated cat food for Biscuit and Liqorice

Janine - tack

Amy – lucerne

Fiona - tack

SallyB – Stan andCarla clct 3 boxes Hunters Gold for auction.

Michelle - cubes.

Melany – lucerne

Mike – cubes

Chantal – cubes

VOLUNTEERS – Lizette and Lisa, Eugene, Gert, Kelly, Erin and Sophie, Amy and Jared carroting, Deate and Marnu.

Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit




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