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April 2009


Well, with a month gone by that has settled down into a working trot, but we have heard a Carter has been severely beaten up by a motorist!  Every effort is made by us to ensure that Carters observe the rules of the road and so this is a sad indictment that ire is taken out on one of the most non-aggressive Carters we have in Walmer.


Following on the above, the Easter Weekend was busy, but at night, not during the day.   Various phonecalls were received after 6pm and in most cases we were unable to find the Carts although some considerable time was taken trying to find the offender, and in one case the Walmer Police Station Duty Commander and the NMMM Traffic Ops Room alerted and asked to assist.

On the one occasion, on finding the Carter, he was so relieved when I got out of the car, saying Thank you, Madam, I was so worried out this time of night with the traffic and a puncture – which I obviously found very gratifying.  What was also gratifying was the fact that the driver and passenger were both walking and not sitting on the cart adding to the weight of the cart, when found. He was followed home in the dark with the hazard lights flashing and the red flag out of the window.  


Again, following on this above story, twice during the month we have been the recipients of Assistance Rendered.  The Unit gets many Complaints, many without substance, or very little anyway, and we then go out looking for the problem and attempt to sort it out.   Day or Night.  So when the above night Complaint was received, it was great to know that the complainant actually got ‘involved’ with the search for the Cart by driving around the area and actively looking for the Cart.  Of course, on his way home, he then found 3 cows at Kings Court Robots – but that complaint I alerted the NMMM Cowboys to sort out.    Thank you Baxter!

Then we had the young lady lawyer who is very caring of the donkeys and who came to visit on one of those many public holidays this month.  On her way home she met a Carter in the dusk, and instead of calling us undertook to follow the Carter home herself observing the necessary with hazard lights, until he was safely out of the way!  Wow – are we lucky or what!   She has also arranged for us to collect a donation of some second hand tyres from a Scrap Yard to assist the carters with their puncture problems as she has now seen the problems that fact the carters at first hand.  Thank you Karien.


As has been said before, donations come in all shapes and sizes.   This month a donation of clothing no longer required by a horse rider was received.   Added to some of our own unwanted clothing, each carter in Walmer has received the chance at a Lucky Dip from the back of the bakkie.  Much happiness on all sides – uncluttered cupboards on one side, and joy on the other!

Then there was a cash donation from a conservation friend who came to collect a bag or two of donkey pooh to kick-start the compost heap. And it all came about after giving a Talk to a businessmens group.   Thank you, Marj


It is a funny thing to think about or say, but when a Carter has had enough and wants to get out of the trade, rather than sell the donkeys to others in the same environment, we are approached to ‘get my donkeys out of the township’.  Well, we have had a number of enquiries from the hard pressed sheep farmers, who in turn have been happy to come and take control of their new ‘sheepdonks’.  This last month we have rehomed a number of donkeys to sheep farms.

So our population at the Unit has dropped quite considerably and we still have another 6 going soon – all with an Adoption Fee that assists us when banked with helping other donkeys.


Our Prince that had us up and feeding at all hours of the night (and day) decided in the first two weeks of the new month that, actually, I don’t want your milk, I am a big boy now and will stick to the Lucerne and a little bit of hard food stolen from the bigger donks!

Biscuit has made a great recovery after his dog bites, but at the moment is a good ‘friend’ and babysitter to Prince, and there is a general scramble to the pen at night, with much pig rooting and bucking across the camp.


In February you might remember we had two donkeys in with massive pressure sores on their hindquarters caused by a car chassis being leaned on them.   Well the one donkey healed up quite quickly as he was the shorter donkey and therefore did not have quite as much weight on his croup as the other donkey.   The other donkey’s serious injury is only now coming to an end but it has taken three months to get this far – which goes to show how much damage occurred and the major difference that the sponsored Dermovet made to the wound.  


Soon there should be a TV commercial for a company that must remain nameless at this moment in time.   We were requested to sell them two harnesses for donkeys for their commercial and I sent Craig along with the crew as a donkey wrangler as this was clearly not their forte!    After a hectic day, the required film was taken and Craig had a good time and we did well on the finance side too!


Unfortunately one donkey that was brought in subsequently died of Tetanus.  Having never seen the symptoms in ‘real life’, it was really an eye opener.    To ensure that, because of where we work, none of us goes through the same physical pain and distortion not to mention biting through his tongue, all three of us had a Tetanus Vaccination and a few days of discomfort.  Is your Tetanus Vaccination up to date?


We have had a run on our Second Hand Tack with sales to a number of folk.   We need to thank those who have contributed their old/unused/unwanted tack that someone else might find is just the thing they have been wanting and helps to bolster our finance.




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