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December 2011



Figures  for 2011 January to December:
In total, 116 horses and 20 donkeys have been Investigated, either as a self request or due to 46 Complaints received which leads to almost 500 Case Files opened since June 2006.   Rechecks on these Cases from January to December 2011 amount to 169 visits covering 403 horses and 77 donkeys.  Township visits for food deliveries, replacing of harnessing, collecting or delivering back donkeys, removal of carcasses (electrocution or fatal stabbings), have totaled 140 visits, 47 horses and 375 donkeys, in the Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Despatch Metro. 
131 Spotchecks on donkey carts in the Metro have meant that 286 donkeys and 2 horses have been stopped and checked, and where necessary, remedial work carried out on the spot or a visit arranged at their homes. 

34 country trips have been undertaken, mainly our regular visits to Humansdorp and Grahamstown, but did not include the month of August when we experienced all the rain and the visits were rescheduled.  During these trips 263 horses and 234 donkeys have benefited from Unit visits – deworming, vaccinating, re equipping of various riding items, girths, bridles, numnah’s, generously donated by riders. 

Adoptions have meant that 10 horses and 14 donkeys have found new homes, and 13 donkeys and 1 horse fostered out.  Equines returned to their owners having been pulled through medical various problems are 3 horses and 76 donkeys.

For four months of 2011 Trainee Inspector Stanley were spent at Highveld Horse Care Unit and was therefore unable to assist but the skills he is learning are already being used back here at home!

As far as the Database is concerned, each person affected has his own data file with corresponding picture file.  And many of them have more than one equine, often up to 10 or more.  The data file holds all information, including phonecalls and sms’s received. 

Now to December’s monthly report back to you so that you are apprised of our activities that you so generously help.

Finding a ‘window of opportunity’ I spent the first four days of the month in Durban, revisiting my childhood holidays with my sister-in-law and having a break.  Thank you, Lesley!   Poor Stanley on the other hand, had a weekend from hell!  But he managed to sort out all the problems, including bringing in two donkeys found by the SAPS while perps were doing bad stuff and were arrested, without too much stress.   Well done, Stanley!

An Auction was organized by Leigh Parry of Leigh Parry Estates that led to a generous deposit direct to the Unit Bank Account.  Well done and thank you, Leigh!

In addition, the proceeds from the PE Riding Club Music Trivia Evening also made their way into the account.    Thank you to all participants, both donors and attendees, and specially to the Chairman and his wife who organized the event.

The collection of a horse from down the coast that was perpetually lame despite farrier attention for veterinary attention (X Rays), also meant bringing back a surrendered young pony filly.   The pony filly is currently at the Unit but the horse was found to have advanced Pedal Osteitis and was euthanased for humane purposes.
Our Carter Patrick was assisted to the Stanley Street Festival by Johan and the Unit, and he went home a happy man having given more than one child the pleasure of riding in his cart.

Old Koos Jooste from Sewende Laan, Humansdorp, was left grinning from ear to ear with his new donkey cart harnessing.   His shack had burned down with everything in it and he had lost his old harnessing.  He was ever so grateful.
Our Ntombi foaled down and Crayon (the paralysis donkey foal from earlier in the year) will now have young company.

During the week running up to Christmas I found yet another ‘window of opportunity’ – this time to take Stanley and groom Alfred and volunteer Micaela out for Lunch for a few hours just to say thank you for their unstinting support and hard work and. sometimes, very long hours.  I certainly enjoyed it!

On Christmas Eve, Maryna asked if she could come and do something for the donkeys for Christmas.  She had great fun catching all the donkeys to tie red or green ribbons with small crosses around their necks.  Amazingly enough the ribbons were mostly still intact for Christmas and even Boxing Day!  And they made for such pretty pictures.  Thank you, Maryna, for your idea in line with this time of the year.

A horse that was surrendered on Christmas Eve was very quickly snapped up and was taken to his new adoptive home before New Year.  I know that he will be loved and cared for.

We were able to return Surprise (in for stab wound to the shoulder) along with his son Easter Surprise, to their owner.  Easter Surprise’s nose had healed beautifully following his dog bites, and it was quite comical to see the teensy weensy sliver of skin that had been left behind post bite, growing and joining up with the surrounding skin, and then, actually sprouting hair!  Too cute!  The ‘hook’ on his ear that was a potential problem had been removed by the Vet, and I am told, Isaac was so excited to have them both back at home along with rope to keep them safely tethered.

Our Kleintjie and Laurel were rehomed to a new adoptive parent who was just so excited to have them come live with her and her husband.  I am sure that Laurel will produce her own foal in time, but in the meantime, she can practice her parenting skills on Kleintjie.

The week running up to Christmas Day had many folk coming in to buy our second hand tack.

During December, two riding schools, Heavenly Stables and Wild Olive Stables brought their ‘happy pony campers’ for an afternoon of learning and grooming and feeding and treating our donkeys.   The donkeys are so funny, because the minute they see one donkey getting brushed, they immediately line up and start chuntering about who is next in the queue.  And, as donkeys are not quite as big as horses, they are especially easy for even the littlest rider to get their hands busy.   Thank you all for coming!

Volunteers Tamryn and Melissa popped in to groom and then washed all the brushes.  Thank You!  And Thank You too for the generous donations of fodder and cut grass during December and that we have come home to find.
Well, off with the old and on with the new. 
We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year with our thanks for making such a difference to Crayon, Georgie, Easter Surprise, Luna and many others over the past 12 months.

Banking Details:
Bank:  Standard Bank
Account: Racing Association, National Horse Trust (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080563473
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
Website:  www.echcu.co.za
Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit.
We respect your right to stop unsolicited email.  If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, please let us know via email/sms/verbal, and we will remove you from our newsletter circulation list.


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