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June 2012


After a frantic few days with service delivery protests affecting everybody including the equines, we started the new month by bringing in, eventually, a Racehorse for adoption that had been prevented from arriving earlier in the week due to the fracas!   Our thanks to Ian and Nina Robertson for taking him under their wings for the ‘duration’.

Three bakkie loads of manure had to be removed to the compost maker next door – it made for a great picture for Sarah!

And then, TA DA, the Audi-donkie came home!   Rory made the billboards and front page news in Die Burger with his ‘rescue’ off Unit premises due to uninvited visitors during the protests, and had been relocated to a farm in Lovemore Park.  As he went, so he returned – in the back of the Audi early on Sunday morning with Stanley’s help – and bellowing big hellos to the Mums and Aunties on arrival.  Thank you to Bonita, Sally, Ross and Ian for having Rory to stay!

A Complaint received late afternoon from Sandy about an overloaded cart was attended to, and it was found that although bulky and badly loaded, it was not over heavy.  Time taken to show what not to do and how better to load so that traffic can see what is ahead of them.

The Unit was summoned to Walmer Gqebera Township to attend a meeting of Carters who had been having problems keeping their animals from being removed and used by others whose cart and donkeys are currently impounded at the Unit.   Thanks to Warrant Officer Nyanga of Walmer Police Station who deftly translated between all the parties including me, all the problems and potential solutions were thoroughly discussed and ended off with a written report to the NMMM Traffic Department Head, Mr H Totoyi, who is handling the matter.

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Walmer Police Station for the exemplary assistance rendered by Warrant Officers Nel and Hancocks during the protests and who helped keep the donkeys fed, twice a day, every day, and on one day ensuring that the uninvited visitors vacated the premises pronto!    Absolute stars!

Always a heartbreaking task for a horse or donkey owner is to decide when enough is enough, but the Unit does its best to ensure that the right thing is done by the animal, although painful for the owners.  A few of these have occurred this month, including one from Humansdorp.  I know that I don’t have to worry about Cidas anymore, she will never be manhandled ever again.

3 horses surrendered from their racing careers now ended, have been adopted out this last month, some only staying for a day or two before being snaffled.   Ha’Penny is waiting for her Adoptor.

Heavy rain days in the middle of the month put paid to the Grahamstown Monthly Clinic as well as a visit to a nearby Village but the visit took place a few days later, and so now September’s donkey’s have new harnessing, bits and had a bit of hoofwork done by Stanley.

The Equine Dentition, Donovan, popped in to assist with a horse’s teeth that we found to be very sharp and after a good hour and a half’s work, we hope that this will make the difference the owner and we are looking for.   It was good to know that we had made the right recommendation for the horse in getting his teeth ‘done’.

One of our township horses that was lucky enough to be bought by Liza and who has had a complete change of personality under her care, went down with colic.   Attended to by Veterinarians and with some hand-holding by the Unit, Britman has made a recovery – as has Liza, who had been very stressed by the problem as we were, having been ‘involved’ with the boykie since 2006.   But it is nice to know that he was given every attention to solve the problems potentially caused by township life.

Stanley spent an entire morning driving around all our township stomping grounds looking for a runaway horse from Fairview Racetrack, but came back empty handed.   This was after two weeks on the ‘run’ and both the SAPS and the Unit were very concerned as to where the horse could have landed up.  Luckily the search continued by the Trainer concerned and eventually the horse was found and brought home.

I was very happy to rely on the SAPS I Patrollers who found a donkey in 6th Avenue at 10 at night, when they offered to walk him home to the township.   SO well done, Bernadette and Mark!  You will have to be careful though, I might have to find you a riding instructor soon!

One of the two donkeys involved in the most recent ‘incident’ at Walmer Park and that had a large wound on the offside hindquarter from overwhipping over an extended period by nincompoops who should be near any animal, has finally healed – after 2 ½ MONTHS of daily treatment!  

Rich, Patrick’s donkey that we have been treating for proud flesh to his foreleg for a few months, is finally healing shut, thanks to a generous donation of Miracle Foam from Natalie.   Thank You!

The Charity Race Day at Fairview Racecourse was enjoyed by Dawn, Jessica, Stanley and I thanks to a booking by Dorrie Sham.   Nazareth House came out tops with the horse that they drew.  Thank you to The Lions and Karin le Roux for organising the afternoon and congratulations to the winning charity.

The collection of a colicky donkey from Malabar undertaken by Stanley became a bit of a nightmare trip when a problem developed with the tow hitch on the bakkie.  Stanley, ever resourceful, unhitched the box, drove the bakkie back to the office to collect the other bakkie to go back and upload the horsebox again, and then to collect the donkey!   The donkey made a rapid recovery and has since been returned home.    Our thanks to Speedy Quip, 6th Avenue, for doing the repair work the following day at no charge to the Unit.   We really do appreciate your kind donation!

The Seizure of 3 horses was accomplished with the sterling assistance of the NMMM Animal Control Department staff and the SAPS Dog Unit.  Thanks, guys!

A Man from Kwanobuhle who had had his cart and donkeys stolen from him and used to commit crime in December 2011 and that were impounded by the SAPS was informed that he could now reclaim his donkeys.  The mare had been fostered out but the male was still with us and he was delivered back to his owner forthwith.   The Foster parent has indicated that Donkey, the jenny, has made a place in her heart and stable and so an offer to the owner was made, accepted, and sorted!

An overloaded cart on the steep uphill of Target Kloof was spotted and reported to the Unit.  When we got there, we found that despite all concerned doing their best to push and pull the cart up the hill, it was just never going to happen.   Traffic Officer Eric Tiso came to our rescue, again, and with much finger pointing and instruction given to the carter concerned, the donkeys were unhitched and walked to a level piece of ground and the Unit towed the cart off the pavement and up the rest of the hill and once rehitched, everybody was ‘invited’ to walk home alongside the donkeys with us following to ensure that all ended well enough.  Eric, you are a star!

On the way into Humansdorp for the monthly clinic, I came across a donkey cart on a back road and was horrified to find that one had a length of chain for a bit in his mouth.   A bit of work with a pair of scissors and with the help of the drivers, all was resolved by replacing the bits with ‘proper’ donkey bits.  My mouth certainly felt better.  We will sort the harnessing out on our next visit.

An early morning call from Grahamstown to tell us about a donkey having been hit on Mission Road was followed by a number of other alerting calls and sms’s.  Unfortunately, the donkey was dead having been hit by a truck but luckily he did not feel a thing, death being instantaneous. 

Treloar came along with special muti to fix the barn gate late one afternoon.   Just to make sure that the gate is firmly affixed to the wall to prevent mischeviousness!

Employment being the problem it is, one of our Donkey owners asked that we bring in his 2 donkey mares, 1 with foal at foot, because he had managed to get a job and being concerned about their welfare in his absence during the day asked for our help and that is what we did.

On the final day of June 2012, I popped along to Bushpig Adventures on the Lake Farm Road to watch the second SOS Trail Run event organised by Sharon Jessop of Extremebootcamp to bolster our finance department.  What an amazing morning!   At least 150 competitors eagerly waiting on a knee chilling morning, the start of a testing Course set up by Marcus Oshry, but perfect weather for the event there being little wind.  What glorious scenery too.  Including the Rhino family group trying to catch a late lie-in and being disturbed by the Trail Runners who added a bit of speed to move past the group.  Marcus could not have arranged it better if he tried and Michael KKGP laughed like a drain!  There is still time to enter the final Trail Run in the Series on 21 July 2012, at Settlers Park.  Entries can be done at Triangle Sports or Dijon Pharmacy, Brian Bands Sports or on line at www.extremebootcamp.co.za or enter on the day at Dodds Farm.

Our Golf Day on the 10th July still has openings for more 4 balls for the day. We also need some more sponsors for holes and tees. Please see if you can convince some of your contacts to either take a four ball or sponsor a green or tee.  Contact Gillian at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (or me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) if you are able to assist.

DONATIONS RECEIVED (aside from regular monetary donations)
Anne, Kirsten, Connellan, Ian and Nina - fodder
Elmien, Janine and Ben - horseblankets and brushes. 
NMMU Interior Design Group – while working at AWS on kennels and catteries, organised 6 grassmix bales and carrots for us
Ursula , Comine and Sue – Carrots and apples
Dorrie – bags of Racehorse leavings that we get to the Walmer Township donkeys
Rory Milk - Meg Botha, Charlotte, Pam and friends, Gaby, Jill, A N Other who delivered their donation to 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic, Joanne, Rob, Nicole and Peter and The Hill College students.   Our thanks too, to those who have dropped off milk without leaving their contact details.
VOLUNTEERS – Madison, Isabella, York and Andrew who groomed the appreciative donks

Banking Details:
Bank:  Standard Bank
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
Website:  www.echcu.co.za
Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit.
We respect your right to stop unsolicited email.  If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, please let us know via email/sms/verbal, and we will remove you from our newsletter circulation list.


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