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When I say it has been a ‘peculiar’ month, I mean it!  Loads and loads of rain but as usual, our canals/trenches worked well, leaving behind porridgey sand, but no donkeys and horses standing knee deep in water ‘as it used to was’ – as they say in the classics!  And, now, today, service delivery protests!

We started off October with a 2am phonecall from someone wanting to surrender a bunch of horses to the Unit!  On phoning back at a more reasonable time, it was found that the problem had been solved!

Our beautiful Canwaltztoo was adopted out to a very excited family and has settled down very well and is much loved.

Our Motherwell SAPS Colonel phoned to say she had found a damaged donkey (stabbed in the hindquarter and affecting the hindleg movement) subsequent to the ‘protests’ in that area, duly collected and still with us.

On the second day of October, a frantic sms and phonecall interaction was held indicating that a donkey had been tied to a tree in Central and meat was being cut off and sold to passersby.  That really got us going!  We dropped everything and ran.  Only to find when we got there it was a cow leg with hooves and skin in a tree branch, with a pile of flyblown meat in a blik on the ground and nary a person claiming to be the vendor!  A number of phonecalls were made to municipal sources and eventually we had to leave, breathing a sigh of relief at it not being a donkey. 

As we were tearing down Target Kloof on the way to Central, Animal Anti Cruelty League had phoned about a trailer transporting two cows down Kragga Kamma Road and that had flipped and dispersed the two wounded animals into the suburbs.  The Unit was asked to assist but we were trying to get asap to the ‘donkey’ in Central and left the NMMM Cowboys to deal with the cows.

A call by a Kwanobuhle owner had us scurrying off to collect a donkey because he was urinating blood!  After attention by the Veterinarian, he was admitted for Observation.   He promptly started pushing out large clots of blood!  In the end, we all agreed that this was clearly trauma, i.e. a swift kick by a probably irritated jenny to his nether regions!  Eventually all calmed down and he was returned to his grateful owner.

A generous donation of the paperback POCKET was received by the Unit, the R100 sale per book going into the Unit bank Account.  The book is all about the racehorse Pocket Power and his life since birth and how he became a famous Race Horse.  Copies available from us.   Thank you Arthur and Rina.

A new ‘client’ phoned to say that she had taken over a number of donkeys and although she had had  little to do with equines, she could see there was a hoof problem and arranged for Stanley and Ayanda to pay a visit, amongst other necessary donkey hoof calls that day, and sort out the hooves. The nice thing about this is not only are the donkeys much happier, but Ayanda gets paid to do the work by the owners.  Many folk are finding that at this time of the year, their equines hooves are growing at an alarming rate.

On visiting another client in Blikkiesdorp, Uitenhage, Stanley found himself assisting the SPCA Uitenhage with a cow that had come to blows with a vehicle and that had died in the road.

The Festival of Racing in aide of the Unit took some time to organise, including some first class entertainment for the Friday night Auction. Although the event had to be postponed due to the adverse weather conditions, Gino Fabbio and Donna Afrika will be in fine fettle, I am sure, to entertain you at the reconvened Festival on the 23 and 24th November 2012.    This means there is still time to book your lunch tables – speak to Dorrie on 082 5720505.  Dorrie is also in charge of items for Auction, so if you have an ‘item’, she’s your contact too.

The Grahamstown Donkey Carnival due to be held on the Saturday of the Festival of Racing was also postponed due to the weather and the fact that the road we use had completely washed away and Joza was a boggy mire.

Managing to get a supply of cotton webbing as well as D Rings for donkey harnessing, was a bonus.

A generous amount of money in lieu of Birthday Gifts for a Birthday Girl were received directly to the Unit Bank Account.  Happy Birthday, dear!!

Our monthly visit to the Humansdorp area led to 33 horses getting the African Horse Sickness jabs and 12  donkeys getting a deworm.   We thank the African Horse Sickness Trust for their support in the mission against African Horse Sickness.

Many folk were waiting for the expected delivery of Duiker, a township donkey who kept us all waiting-waiting-waiting before producing a cute little Bokkie! 

The Donkey Road House outside Walmer township called in with a couple of problems with donkeys that had dropped in.  When we arrived we found a lame donkey, a preggie donkey and a jack with a stab wound in his hindquarter!  The owner duly arrived after we phoned him and that led us to bringing in the two females, the jack being taken in hand by his owner having received, after we cleaned it up and given a shot of Vet prescribed Penicillin, instructions on how to handle the wound.

An sms indicating a donkey ‘in stress’ on 10th Avenue led to us finding a donkey having a jolly good roll in the mud and that got lazily to his feet and had a grand streeeetch, and after checking him over, was guided back into the township.

During a Kwazakele visit to deworm and complete the AHS vaccination, Stanley was asked if the Unit could transport the two horses out to their new owners.  Naturally, although he is a good owner, the horses are becoming too much for him, so we were happy to assist in getting the horses out of the township.  This led to Stanley trucking the horses way past Grahamstown and coming home very late that day.

A Walmer Cartie phoned to say that his jack had beaten up another jack.  It was a really ‘eina’ wound to the ear and near hind leg.  Admitted and under repair.

A late afternoon dash to try and save the life of a beautiful little horse foal, ended unhappily as the foal, despite urgent and diligent attendance by no less than 4 Veterinarians, was not viable.

Groom Alfred and I got to work late on the morning of the truck accident on Victoria Drive.  Seeing 25 wounded and shocked small children crying and screaming and that had been thrown from a truck that had lost its wheel and flipped twice, one just could not walk away, but Stanley and Tom sorted the equines out while we, being second on the accident scene summoned Ambulances and landed up with Fire Engines, the SAPS and the Traffic Department.  I am happy to say that all the children once released from Hospital are now back home with their parents and reunited with their precious school satchels.  The truck owner and driver, I believe, has a problem now!

It was a splendid Birthday for Rhoda this year.  Instead of getting gifts, she gifted the Unit staff and equines!   The donkeys and horses were only too happy to receive her many carrots and we were delighted to receive lunch!  Thank you so much, Rhoda.

In the run up to the 27th October, the Unit was visited by various Contractors who were assisting with the Archirace 2012.  To explain, the Architects in Port Elizabeth do a charity drive once a year and after months of preparation by Antoinette, the Unit and the AWS were about to be beneficiaries of this Amazing Race.  Preparation, delivery, on the run decisions, all led to Saturday morning when about 50 Architects arrived and completed their various tasks, one of which was to give the Nursery/Hospital camp a shelter to replace the one shattered by the blown over gum tree a few months ago.   A donation of shade cloth by Shadi Bay some months previous, made a great substitute for walls, allowing for ventilation and visibility inside the shelter, and was pounced on by the organisers.  Currently the Pink Palace is being shared by Duiker and her foal Bokkie with Whitey and her magnificent donkey foal born three days ago.  The AWS dogs got a new exercise pen and the cattery received a cleanup and new ‘furniture’ for their playroom.  What a pleasure and Thank You to DMV Architects; MDA Architects; MMK Architects; Ateljee Architects; B4 Architects; NMMU Architecture Department; Stauch Vorster Architects, NOH Architects (all companies are Port Elizabeth based).  The Contractors who so graciously sponsored their staff to assist in getting the job done were TBP Building and Civils (who was responsible for the Pink Palace), with the help of paint sponsored by Plascon and the painting sub-contractor was Travis of La Mude Brothers and Painting Contractors.  And Well Done to Antoinette for ‘pulling it all together’ so well!

And so to the last day in October:  a service delivery protest on the go that directly affects our staff, an Investigation done, a dog that had been run over on Mission Road reported by the local Road Ranger transferred to Animal Anti Cruelty League, and then suppertime feedup with SAPS assistance!   Quite a day!

And we still have to prepare for the PE Petexpo on Saturday and Sunday – and hope to see you there!

And a Street Collection on the 10th November for which Dawn is looking for Tin rattlers please!

Tack Donations:  via Feed and Seed thanks to Libby, Lorraine, and participants in the Archirace 2012!  Thank You!

Volunteers:  Sam and his family and their friends who have spent their early mornings grooming donkeys and horses alike.  Thank You too!   As well as Bernadette I Patrol for assisting with the evening feedup yesterday!  Atta girl!

Banking Details (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!):

Racing Association, National Horse Trust Account Number: 080563473
Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001



Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit, Account Number: 080733875

Standard Bank, Universal Branch Code 051001

Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website:  www.echcu.co.za
Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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