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May '16

At the outset, I need to holler - 10 years old todaaaaay. WHAT a milestone! As with most things, looking forward into a future, you can’t ‘see’, and then you get the chance to look back – sometimes in anger, but in this particular case, with hope for the future (Shades of Bold and the Beautiful!!). If you are in the area, you are most welcome to pop in from 10am for a cuppa and cookie/cake!

Anyhoo, here we go with our May report:
We started on the very first May day, Workers Day Public Holiday, with a Complaint that was easily handled and it will be monitored, but at this stage, all is well with the equines. Euthanasia Assist carried out at the request of the owner. Always difficult and sad to have to make this kind of decision, but it is not about me and thee, but about the horse or donkey and the quality of their future.

Received a Thoroughbred ex Racehorse, a real beauty with a lot of poise but unfortunately born with one eye. She has a shelf life, unfortunately, unless somebody wants to do what the Irishman is doing with his one eyed equine, winning Hickstead! … and she is a Jay Peg too. Way to go, Sir!
A dusk call from two motorists about a donkey on the island in 3rd Avenue taken. When I arrived in the gloaming, I found him, and it turned out that he was just nervous to attempt crossing the road without human assistance.

I helped him across the road and he met up with Moses’ staked out and tethered donkeys under the trees with lots of grass. Our poor ACE having had a tussle with a vehicle on Mission Road, had managed to find himself a safe place. Patrick phoned but by the time we got there, he was recumbent. Admit to Unit. No legs broken but perhaps concussed, shocked and in pain. We took him to our 9 th Avenue vets who also could not find a problem, so painkillers supplied and admitted for observation. The next morning he was up on all four hoofies and whiffling for attention!

A few days later, he was loaded into the horsebox and taken for an ultrasound where an abdominal hernia was found – not a good thing for a working donk! Always something new!

Little that can be done for him but well enough to not ‘Go to God’. Surrendered by his owner to the Unit and Available for Adoption. Sweet child.
Our Moses phoned to ask Stanley for assistance with a lame donkey and when Stan arrived, he found TWO lame donks! Both collected and admitted for treatment/poulticing.

A yell for help from somebody in Fort Beaufort with a recalcitrant horse was eventually solved by the owner.

A donkey outside Dr Sim’s office was safely guided home by Alfred – again he was too scared to attempt the road crossing by himself. Donkeys are good like that.

A report of a ‘sick’ pony was attended to, however, he was DOA. Pity they did not call the previous day when they ‘thought’ he was sick!

Potentially Biliary! And then Summer had her Birthday Party at the Unit with 12 of her friends – all pretty in pink.

Grooming horses and donkeys, carroting all with a crumb or two of pink chocolate cake!
And a wonderful donation of cash added to the Unit funds.

May you have many more birthdays, Summer!

Facebook, such a useful tool, slipped up again. A message indicating a grey horse out on the road. Luckily, somebody phoned as we are not on Facebook during the day, even on a weekend and the pony was duly caught and returned home safely. Well done, Tracy and thank you for the phonecall!

Two wild, untamed stallions fighting and sustaining some damage, had our Humansdorp Vets hunting for them!! Waste of resources!!
A donkey that had died in Motherwell overnight was removed the next morning by Stanley at the request of the owner.

A Complaint about 16 horses received so Carla went off to assess the complaint. Nothing without an explanation and the Vet had already been to visit and easily remedied and will be monitored.

A second visit to the DOA pony plot had the Vet in a tizz. Swollen eye membranes. So, blood was taken for AHS and EEV testing, which thankfully, came back NEGATIVE. Whew! Donkey was recumbent and unable to stand, so the recommended euthanasia was carried out.

And then the final WORLD SPORTS BETTING final race of the three race Polytrack Challenge took place. Thanks to some deft footwork by MegM, signage for the BURMA PLANT HIRE horsebox – the lime green mean machine – was completed and then applied by Meg, her hubby and Sam just in time for presentation at the Racecourse. Well received by the sponsors! We were presented with our final cheque and we in turn presented Ryno and Steve with framed Certificates of Appreciation.

We could not work without these regular injections of funds from the Racing folk!

A Facebook message indicating a donkey near 6th Avenue, Walmer was received 24 hours after it was initiated. Luckily, Dr Sim’s offices had reported it the previous day and the donkey safely returned to his owner. I attended the World Belly Dancing Day in Lorraine and as I said in my ‘chat’, wonderful grace and rhythm – just like horses and donks! Lovely afternoon.

A Schoenies resident phoned to say there was a horse loose on Glendore Road, so Carla tore off to sort it out before the 4.30/5pm traffic rush. Only to find that the horse had found its way home! A magnificent donation of EQUUS Nice n Easy received – all 6 tons of it!! Our Jan went to go and collect it from down the coast and there will be many horses that will derive a benefit from it. Thank you, EQUUS!

A worried novice donkey owner in Theescombe phoned for help with his donk, so Stanley was sent off to collect it and take it to the Vet. Consultation revealed shocking teeth that clearly contributed to her weakness and thinness. Poor girlie. Sent on her way humanely.

But then the way opened for the adoption of a newly surrendered donkey girlie who settled down quickly. The original donkey’s companion also needed a deworm and hoof check. All done! Another Recheck on 3 horses and 4 donkeys, plus other farm animals was done and because the dentist visits and all that was recommended has been done, all is well! YAAAAY!

A whole morning for a Complaint about 58 horses was handled although the heat was searing! Followed by a recheck on our PRINCESS and HOPE, her foal, and finding that these horses looked a great deal different from the first time they were inspected. We were able, with a little help from Rick, to halter the mare, trim her undone hooves and do a deworming of both too. Well done to Elmarie for perservering with them.
And Thank You, Rick, for solving the halter problem! I was very distressed to hear that our MISS MOLLY had Gone to God, early one morning. Took me a while to gather myself to phone and make my condolences.

Miss Molly had been fostered to Ayesha and Mike in 2010 as a companion for their Thoroughbred and had had nothing but the best care and love since that time. The Vet, the Dentist, the food, the family times on the front lawn. Thank you Ayesha and Michael for giving her the best five years of her life!

On a reharnessing clinic and visit to Kwanobuhle by Stan and Carla left 15 donkeys with new clothes, 40 donks dewormed and 7 bits replaced. All smiles! But Carla and Stan on their knees! Followed by a visit to a group of 9 donkeys and 3 ponies in Greenbushes for deworming. Our Thanks to the Donkey Sanctuary UK for sponsoring our ‘donkey work’. A surrender of a Jack and a Jenny was done and collected. The Jenny has already left for greener pastures and a ‘new life’, but the Jack, now known as Yeti because he is so hairy! Is still available for adoption.
(Just be patient, Megan!)

Traci Vink organised a Dog Walk in aide of the Unit and it was wonderful to see all the dogs meeting and greeting each other at the close of the walk. A stunning amount of money was handed over and banked immediately and 4 bales of Grassmix was donated by Helen – Thank You, Helen. Well done, Traci!

And then we got an offer we just could not turn down, real Godfather/mother stuff! Moses, on being told, nicely, that I was not happy with his girls going back to the township,( my way of population control – and traffic control for that matter!) asked me if I would not buy them.
A quick whip around between Carla, SamS and myself had our DAISY, WHITEY and NESTLE, safe!!
So now I own DAISEYYYYYY the donkey! Lol.

Our BAAAAZIL and SYRUP were gelded at the cost of their adoptors and have already returned home, none the worse for the ‘experience’!
Stanley shot off to Transkei for a Mission the first place he visited, Pewuleni, received this report: Here there was a trader who was involved on this race trading under name Befile who invited the Unit to educate people about Laws and Equines. There were hundreds of crossbreeds and 14 Thbs. My inspection is getting better by time as there were no saddle sore and the condition was getting better.

At this place I couldn’t stop from humouring people say jokingly say “I should stop visiting as there is no need” but they didn’t take it easily as they said in one voice “NO, we looking forward to work with EC Unit that advises primary help is overwhelming”.

They said really the Unit is for the people. That gave me an edge to demand my payment of caring more for their animals.
As the Unit is helping them so they should pay by caring more for their Animals.

And then, a nice surprise, from Heather Hutchings on the occasion of her 91st Birthday from her Yoga Group. Thank you, Heather, and a very Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

Proud mama of STRIKE TWICE sent in his picture – jumping! What a Champ he is coming back from Transkei racing and finding his very own safe place with Bridget and just loving life. The penultimate day of our month had Stanley collecting a ‘sick’ donkey from Langa, Uitenhage.
Yes, he was VERY sick! Tetanus again!

Stanley’s assessment confirmed by one of our Veterinarians and the instruction Go to God given. Would much rather prevent him suffering the extreme pain of a Tetanus death. Stanley then returned Kapie’s horse to him. It was found through a fecal egg count that he had Tape Worm! Not a common thing at all.

But with the correct dewormer, he had already improved.

Carla spent the day bringing in fodder! The joys of having two horseboxes!


  • Curly - Grass roll
  • Unknown - 6 bales grassmix left at the entrance gate
  • William, Summerwood Primary – Lucerne bales
  • Anne - bread
  • Adele – bags of straw
  • Ferdie – bales hay/straw
  • Okkie – fresh grass cuttings
  • Alison Whispering Winds Livery - tack via SamS
  • Sue – carrotting
  • DorrieS – leavings and sweepings
  • NEW TURF CARRIERS – lead reins
  • And last but NEVER least, our VOLUNTEERS – Celine, Annekie, and Annmarie
  • Dr Johan – 1 handmade bench he made for us!
  • Lesley Cipla - dewormers and Fiprotec And so here endeth our 9th year! Same stuff, different year!

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