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October '16

The last two months have been ‘difficult’ with staff taking turns to take their annual Leave (to which they are entitled) and one staff member off for a medical procedure. It’s all been a bit like riding a lame horse on three legs! But that would be cruel. Thankfully everybody is back at work after a good rest and well into their new year. But I for one am VERY happy they are all back!

Our JAMTIN left for his greener pastures, all 50 hectares of it and is looking hale and hearty. SPCA Uitenhage asked if Stanley could pop in to do their donkeys hooves. At the same time, he did their goats hooves. Did you know that goats can also go ‘slipper’ and need trimming?
Good that another animal welfare association feels comfortable to ask for our help. Sideswipe! Being asked for the milk recipe for a Bontebok calf! Lol.

A complaint received about a horse in Port Alfred was already being addressed by the local SPCA. Various recommendations were made to the owner. After discussions it was agreed that this would continue but that we would be available for backup.

A combined visit with the Vet to one of our adopted donkeys was done with the help of Stanley, Carla and Tom. Young donkey slipping her stifles! Treatment ongoing and hopefully she will grow out of her ‘problem’.

Our BEZANT, recently surrendered has found himself in a companion animal situation, but gets ridden and is enjoying the local going and much to his taste.

The poor girlie took her time to show us her huge abscess next to her tail from where she had been stabbed. Gross, but once found, sorted and in due course returned home during the month.

After an initial Inspection of a Complaint with recommendations being given and in some cases a Written Warning issued, depending on the circumstances of course, we continue with regular follow up Rechecks. So it was with a smile that Carla visited a Complaint to find that the horses had improved somewhat. May they continue to do so. We also keep a regular eye on our Adopted Horses and donkeys.

Having Walmer township donkeys being well tended, it comes as a bit of a shock on the way to work in the morning to suddenly see not one, but SIX donkeys, all on the sidewalk, watching the traffic whizzing past. A call for reinforcements from the office resulted in all of us, with hazard lights flashing, some of us on foot, moving the donkeys along the road to where their owner lives, only to find on turning the corner another two donkeys from our other owner waiting to ambush the six coming down the road. And then all of them galloping off, bucking, pronking, kicking, biting each other and general mayhem and full of the joys of Spring.

It was very funning and one just had to laugh.

Talking of which, when we started in June 2006, we had 9 Carties in Walmer township with give or take 60 donkeys. Over the past 10 years, these figures have changed somewhat and mostly by natural attrition of both donkeys and owners. Yes, some have found new humans to care and love them in the urban areas, but it makes a vast difference to our modus operandi.

A stray, very sick kitty decided to see if the Stables were a suitable accommodation for her, but she needed to be checked, spayed if necessary and only then could she join the feral Cat Club at AWS. Unfortunately, she had way too many problems, including ringworm and biliary and was terribly thin and scared. One wonders where she came from? She won’t be the only cat or dog dumped over the AWS gate because some owner does not want to take responsibility for their illness or feeding.

Anyway, she is now safe forever. RIP

We need to say another Thank You to those folk who put money in our few Collection Tins in shops. When banked it all adds up! Also to the Auction page bidders and buyers. We Thank Tracy for taking on this ‘job’ as she brings in much needed finance and keeps the Second Hand Recycle Shop from becoming overwhelmed with donations and gets it ‘out there’. It helps that she enjoys the doing it.

To Isabella as well who sits on a Monday afternoon waiting with bated breath for somebody looking for something they can’t find anywhere else.

Our LYNX was admitted again, this time for a nail in her hoof. It appears that another one of the Carties in that area has ‘met his maker’, and all his donkeys have been taken over by the rest of the family, and so therefore, they don’t need her anymore.

When poulticing did not work, we took her for x Rays, and Osteitis of the pedal bone was found about which we can do nothing, so she had been ushered out of this world. Sorry my girlie!

A very excited Abigail phoned to report that her horse’s companion donk had produced a foal and that all was well. Just a matter of finding the right name now. As so often happens, a Complaint received about an entire Mule ‘loering’ over the fence was received. While mules are believed to be sterile, it does not stop them from showing stallion like behavior and clearly this bloke wanted to meet the mares. Unfortunately, by the next morning, he had disappeared although his Kwanobuhle owner was anxious to have him home.

Samuel’s donkey was returned to him, fixed, as well as Manzeer’s jenny and foal at foot. Both happily received.

The Port Elizabeth Riding Club was chosen to be the destination for the South African Showing Champs this year and the Unit was honoured with a beeeg cheque – literally and figuratively – at their Gala Dinner. Everybody kitted out in their ‘best’ non riding clothes, good food and pleasant company. We Thank the Organisers, participants, Sponsors and anybody else who contributed to this donation. Thank You!

A difficult case of Mastitis that would not ‘go away’ took forever to solve, but finally we have managed. But not an easy job although the jenny was sweet about it all even though she was in pain.

A Complaint received about a badly burned black, lame donkey was received on a Sunday afternoon, meant a trek to Uitenhage. As usual, the donkeys don’t hang around waiting for somebody to come and help them. But it did not take long to find her with her friends on a local soccer field.

It turned out that yes, it had been burned with hot water some months ago but had by now healed, and in fact the ‘black burns’ were the undercoat of the donkey growing through. Nothing to be done about this either as none of our grooms could be found and Nobuhle is not the place to be on a hot Sunday afternoon!

Our Moses called for help with two of his donkeys, lame. Admitted to the Unit whereupon poulticing commenced. Only to have the one donkey suddenly show distinct signs of Tetanus!

The Vet confirmed and treated and observation was done, but by the next morning, the boy was clearly in serious trouble whereupon Vet instruction led to his demise.

If you knew what was going to happen to him over the next few days, you would do the same as we did. Humane euthanasia the only option.

So in amongst all this, we have been assisting our Dorrie with organizing for our Yearly Fund Raiser, Raceday 2016. She had found various Auction Items for the Friday evening Auction, all the Races sponsored, the food and entertainment organized, and…..WHAT a day it turned out to be. Even the weather was kind to us. We invited some of our Volunteers to come along and who really enjoyed the afternoon and evening. (They give us their time unselfishly free, gratis and for nothing and make a big difference in many ways.)

An astounding amount was raised that will see us through for the new year ahead, everything except salaries that are paid by the Trust.
We are so blessed to have the racing folk who care about the equines in the vast Eastern Cape Region.

We thank our Dorrie and husband Mark, our Sponsors, Phumelela, The Racing Association, Auctioneer Basel, bidders and buyers for their generosity and caring and assistance to keep our wheels turning.

Stanley assisted a local Veterinarian in King Williamstown to do a blanket AHS vaccination of ex Racehorses at the request of a ‘headman’, and also paid for by him. So good to know that this has been done.

Well, Christmas and 2017 is coming along with the speed of a freight train. Let us carry on limping to the Finish Line!

Thank You for all YOUR support over this past year!


  • Amy – 50 kgs of carrots!
  • Jenny and Tandy – tack
  • SamS –a grass roll.
  • PE SADDLERY – tack from the shop via Dorrie
  • Madelein – bags of leavings.
  • Anne – 2 bits
  • Anne – bread via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic
  • FEED N SEED – tack .
  • PHILIPPA – 3 rolls underfelt
  • Amy – 1 grassmix roll.
  • Rosseau – one bag cubes.
  • Jeanine/ROTARY – box of applies
  • Beer Dregs – 4 bags
  • Brinley and Ivana Petzer – box of tack
  • Bridge – 3 cups of ready made coffee that we desperately needed!

VOLUNTEERS – Bianca, Celine, Mariette and 3 children groomers


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