May '17

Before we get going with the doings of May 2017, and as we are ELEVEN years old today, I thought it would be good to look back over the past eleven years:

519 COMPLAINTS/INSPECTIONS – for 6036 horses, 3 mules, 1761 donkeys Inspected, owner educated and/or assisted 1643

RECHECK INSPECTIONS for 4319 horses, 3 mules, 1295 donkeys 1425

326 COUNTRY TRIPS - FROM 2008 – ADOPTIONS DONE - 114 horses and 154 donkeys

DATABASE now has 1017 files, for everything from one man with one donkey to a man with 40 plus horses.

We will be preparing coffee, tea and cookies, cakes from about 10am TODAY at the Unit for those that are able to pop along and celebrate our birthday!!!

SO, having got that out of the way, here we go with May 2017 .We have had a wizard of a month in this month of May with Adoptions! Go well Dancer, Treetop Flyer, Jailbreaker, Shawl and Dixieland Rock. And thank you to the Adoptors for giving them a Second Chance.

Early on we received a Complaint about goats at the Airport that was transferred to the NMMM Cowboys.

A FUNdraising Pizza and Pasta evening at GRASS ROOF was arranged by Traci Vink in aide of the Unit, and what a night it was. The food was delicious, fully booked, and the rain came down in buckets! Thank you, Traci, for the boost to our bank account and the donkeys and horses made short work of the donated carrots, apples and bread. They also say Thank You! And Thanks, of course, to the management and staff of GRASS ROOF for a splendid venue.

A complaint received about 6 stray horses on Old Cape Road was dealt with, but it was a short respite.

Because, Carla was rousted in the night hours 2 or three days later for a horse that had been hit by a vehicle on the very same road and the same place. To save time and petrol, she was advised to go and assess the damage and let us know if it was a recoverable needing a horsebox to transport to the Unit. On arrival, with all the traffic whizzing past, she found the horse recumbent with two well and truly broken hind legs. No question about it, Go to God asap.

A willing by stander did the job under her instruction, as is her right.

The owner summoned to see what had occurred after many warnings and the driver of the vehicle taken to hospital by somebody.
The vehicle was a bit of a mess too but it is an inanimate object. It makes no difference how and what, all that matters is that the horse, who had been struggling and stressing at the time, was sent on his way humanely. I am proud of Carla for taking control of the entire situation. Well done, girl!

Our supporter Taryn – of camera fame – popped in to assist with adding a button for MUMBLE, the Zebra who has been joined by our Quagga, now known as Earl (such a posh name, hey?) to the Facebook page. SO, if you have got time on your hands, please go and click on the Mumble button on the right hand side bar of the page, just ahead of The Daily Donkey on the Facebook page to see Earl’s new BFF and their adventures.
Just because things are the way they are, we did not get to celebrate with our donkeys the International Day of the Donkey on the 8th May, so Carla and Sally decided a few days later to take the lads out to the Exercise Arena for a munch, a roll, and a graze with all staff on hand in case anybody did anything ‘silly’. They were so good as gold and had a good time and came back to their camp easily like good children. A complaint received and attended to about a person beating a horse with colic to get him up was received. Not something normal people would do.

Then there was a horse that fell down a hole so the ‘girls’ phoned Supporter and bull dozer driver, Jan, to extricate the horse from his predicament. Luckily before too long, the problem was solved with the horse getting out of the hole with assistance from his owner. Thank you, Jan, for always being there for us when we yell.

A Motherwell donkey owner decided voluntarily surrender his two donkeys to the Unit. With incredible help from Ikamvelihle SAPS, we found the donkeys, uploaded them, and brought them in. Admitted to the camp, dewormed and already part of the herd. We were advised that a donkey in the Northern parts of Port Elizabeth, where the public disturbances were happening, needed collecting because she had been shot with a shotgun! OMW! It took a while to find her as she was ‘hiding’, but in due course a resident reported to the NMMM Cowboys that there was a donkey in his yard with a sore leg and they told us where, so a plan was made to go and fetch her.

The homeowner was most concerned for her welfare!

The following morning, a shotgun buckshot pellet that had gone right through the upper leg and was trapped from exiting by the skin and was removed by the Vet. The next day, panic stations when she was found with a four month old fetus that had been aborted out by her body, probably due to pain and stress. And then because her leg was still hot and the painkillers were not doing a better job, she was taken to 9 th Avenue Vet Clinic for X-rays. I was horrified to see that some of the buckshot (as opposed to the smaller bird shot) were interfering with the knee joint and in fact the one of the toughest bones, the femur, had actually broken!! No question about it, Go to God asap. Done.

Thank you to Dr Hilda and Dr Jana for helping with the ghastly decision!

Stanley completed 2 Transkei Missions during the month seeing to 5 different villages, 2 races, attending to 320 horses, changing tack (numnahs, helmets), hooftrimming and 16 donkeys who got their first deworm and hoof trim ever due to the sponsorship of the Donkey Sanctuary UK.

A visit to Fairview Racecourse to be presented with two cheques raised by jockeys responding to a Challenge by Pierre Strydom and another from various Sponsors of the Jockeys. A tidy sum of R30,000 brought in and so, so welcome!

It is wonderful how much the racing fraternity are always ready to come to our aide and we thank them most sincerely!

We have also recently had surrendered two Crossbreed horses, now available for Adoption. But before I got there, the Staff took off to assist with the deworming of 10 horses. As the horses are basically unhandled and unhaltered, they all came back exhausted.

So important to handle equines from a young age so they get used to it. Dewormer paid for by owner.

One of the ‘perks’ of the job this deworming of unhandled horses!


  • Lyndl – Tack donation
  • Sally – donated urn.
  • Roxy – tack donation
  • Anne – donated bread at 9th
  • Eldon - donated tack
  • Amy – bakkie load of leavings
  • 9th AVE VET - donated dewormer
  • Dorrie – donated sweepings.
  • Wentzel - Donation of beer dregs.
  • Sarah – donated 6 lucerne
  • Volnteers – Jordan, Madeleine, Eugene, Megan, Rika, Dr Jana, Janine, Amy, Lee Anne, Nikita
  • and Bernice, Rachel. Jo and Tereshnee
  • Dr Dave at COMPUTER BITS AND PIECES – for rescuing and resurrecting our ‘mouse’
  • Jaco and Michelle – for keeping some of our donks at the ‘fat farm’ for a number of months.
  • Sally S – dntd grooms winter jackets.
  • Lucy – donated 2 fly sheets
  • Karen De Lange – donated carrots.
  • Penny – donated Fly mask

On wards and upwards to our 12th Birthday in a years time.

Banking Details:

Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875

Universal Branch Code: 051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)

Landline: 041 366 1594

Cellph: 072 357 2505

Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit