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September '17

As I have said in the past, thank goodness I have the Daily Diary to remind me of the chaos of a month. We started off by Opening a Case at Walmer Police Station for the break in we had at the office. That should have warned me, having already spent some time sending out the Newsletter by email and adding to the Unit fb page. If you are interested, you can also visit fb pages ECHCU Auction Room, ECHCU Events to keep up to date with upcoming activities, or even ECHCU Exercise Arena to see how the Arena has changed over time.


  1. 14 October - Cat Care 25th Birthday; at Victoria Park, 3rd Avenue, Walmer. Food from Around the World by all the PE Animal Charities.
  2. We have chosen Mexico!!
  3. 15 October - PAAAAVLOVA Raffle Draw; Many people VERY interested to see who wins this deliciousness!
  4. 27 October - ECHCU Raceday: at Fairview Race Course; Lunch tickets available from Dorrie on 0825720505; followed by the Auction after the last Race. Our major fund raising event to fund the next year. Come along, join up and enjoy the afternoon.
  5. 28 October - ECHCU Yard Sale; at Grassroof, New Seaview Road, PE; Lots to buy and delicious food available from the Restaurant.

OK, back to September: Carla was alerted to 5 donkeys on Victoria Drive on the first Saturday of the month and with assistance of Dave Skinner and Unit groom Koko, managed to herd them back to their home safely. Thank you, Dave!

Followed by 3 horses loose on Butterfield Road. A quick phone call got the owner to collect and remove from the roadside The very next day, we were alerted to a horse on, literally, three legs. Apparently the owners were aware of the problem and were treating it.

And then nighttime visitors stole the copper piping leading to the donkey boy camp water trough! Infuriating!! But sorted by AWS staff. Thank you, AWS!

AWS in-house staff were surprised at 9.30 at night when the boys donks broke the fence and went walkabout. All gathered back in the following morning but they had enjoyed their ‘Bachelor night out’!

Our STOMPIE and DOMINO sadly returned to the Unit due to lack of grazing. Available for Adoption. Our LUCKY LUCIANO adopted out and taken to his new home. Go well, boytjie!

Traci Vink dropped off some Raffle Sheets for a PAAAAAVLOVA Cake. We still have a few lines to fill in at R10 a ticket for a freshly made cake that looks fabulous.

A Complaint received that there were donkeys on Victoria Drive and as it was very dark, Sally gave Stanley a call, and between the two of them, they admitted them to the Unit. They were looking for a ‘slumber party’ at the Unit. Well done!

A very happy owner was happy to have Stanley visit in Mission Road township, because of many alerts about his two horses on the side of Mission Road. Before and after pictures of the hoofwork done. Deworming carried out on both horses. Thank you to all who alerted us to them and also to Antoinette who donated some fodder for the boys.

Our DOMINO gifted to a husband for his birthday but will stay with us until somebody comes to Adopt.

The sad surrender of CRAYON and NTOMBI by their owners leaving for Cape Town. CRAYON was brought in to us by SPCA Uitenhage as she was unable to use her front legs some years ago, making walking impossible without dedicated physiotherapy thanks to Eugene, and CRAYON was surrendered by her owner due to ongoing colic caused by plastic ingestion because of her parrot mouth.

Alison and her daughter were not to be dissuaded and adopted both girls. Now available for adoption, preferably together.

We were able to assist Abby with a rehoming of two of our donkey family as she is leaving for the UK, and the UK already has enough donkeys. Sorted. Some of our girl donkeys were able to give their valuable assistance and guidance to the Houdini fellows and Hannes, AWS Manager, who came to sort out the electric fence because of the uncalled for, uninvited visitations to the premises.

The humane euthanasia of a horse who was in terrific pain on walking and on flexion, was carried out. Followed by a very necessary gelding of another.

An early morning call about a horse that had been knocked down on the Rocklands Road in the early hours was received. One way and another, Sally and I left with the horsebox in case it was repairable, but on arriving at the scene, we were distressed to find that all four legs snapped around the fetlock!! But the horse had already expired before we got there. Shame, man, Rider and owners devastated. Just because someone employed to fence the property, had not completed the job and had run off with the money!!

There also appear to be more than two groups of stallions running around Van Stadens Gorge and Elands River Road, that has had us scratching our heads!

Not for the first time, and probably won’t be the last! The sale of a farm, and you can have the horses tooo. To unknowledgeable owners who we have had to assist with education.

Another voluntary euthanasia carried out. Another two hearts broken. But the right thing done for the horse. It was about this time that Carla returned from her much needed two weeks Leave and got straight into a Complaint about a lame donkey. No lameness found, but it was a good start for her. Now, all Staff have had their Leave! YaaaY!

Two stray horses on Kragga Kamma Road were admitted to the Unit as this is not a road to have horses stray on. Claimed and Pound Fee paid.


  • Levi, Zumeera, and Manual – donated vegetables and carroting the donks
  • Ingrid – donation of roll of grass and lucerne bales
  • Erin – bales lucerne donated and delivered by Nicky
  • FEED N SEED –9 bags sweepings
  • Tracy - bales of grass
  • Loots – tack donation
  • Dorrie – bags of leavings and sweepings and 80 dewormer ‘nips’/unused ends
  • Grant Thornton via EQUIFEEDS - 15 bales grass and 10 bales lucerne donated via FEED AND SEED
  • Nola – lucerne leavings
  • Tarr – via 9th AVENUE VET CLINIC - Bread
  • Elaine – a saddle for Transkei
  • Amy – donated carrots and apples


  • Karen carroting and grooming; Nathan assist with walking and grazing the horses;
  • Lizette and Lisa – grooming;
  • Eugene exercising;
  • Isabelle grooming;
  • Lucille and Renata grooming,
  • Cilliers – 4 hours voluntary work groom for school project;
  • Comine and Chanel school project voluntary grooming.

Well here’s hoping that Sally’s ear has healed well, having been ‘gapsed’ by a horse being saddled and the girth tightened, and that this is the end of September’s drama.

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  • Cellphone for Megan, Carla, Stanley or Sally 072 357 2505

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