July '09

A few facts before we start:

  • Horses inspected: 70
  • Mules inspected: 1
  • Donkeys inspected: 139
  • Feed Deliveries to the whole Metro: 5
  • Field Trips out of the Metro: 4
  • 9 donkeys assisted to get home across Villiers and Heugh Road in the 8am traffic on the last day of July.
  • Euthanasia of the donkey that came in last year with neck trauma, made his reappearance with the same problem but in the worst of the winter weather he just could not make it.
  • Assistance rendered to the new owner of two Thoroughbred Racehorses bought to pull a plough (and then I hear that someone confiscated his donkeys!!!).
  • Assistance to a Carter with a new tyre for his cart – retread not available, but I did have a giggle when I caught the technician wheel balancing the tyre!
  • Escorting a Carter down Heugh Road at 6pm, to the township.
  • Animal Welfare Society donated Tsotsi, Noddy and Trudi to the Unit – they have settled in well and because of the extra space, everyone is feeling much better! And the crush works a treat too!

These figures cover both township and rural horses and donkeys and does not include those clever donkeys that pop in unaccompanied to visit, nor those surrendered to the Unit for onward transmission to safer habitats.


We have had such a good response with donation of second hand tack, that things got a leetle bit out of hand and we found that the room required a rapid upgrading. The remedy was to go out and get some shelving and sort all the tack. The fact that dust and wind is going to be an ongoing problem, led to a ‘dust sheet’ being thrown over the shelving.

The area used is now far more organized and for someone who really believed that she had washed her last pair of jodhpurs many years ago, I found that a wash would not go amiss with the donated jodhpurs that had become very dusty. A quantity of adult and children size jodhpurs and jodhpur boots are available – not to mention hardhats, bits, of all shapes and sizes, half chaps, numnahs etc. We also have a vast collection of gloves so that if you find that you have lost one, perhaps I have it or you could get one to match the one you still have!

This month we have even had tack buyers bringing in their own tack donations when arriving to buy something! There was even someone who came to find a horseblanket and dropped off a bag of feed at the same time.

Donated tack is also used and handed over for donkeys and horses in rural areas and townships with Necessity being the Mother of Invention!


We have had a number of donkeys surrendered to us for adoption too. Taking a method used by the Donkey Sanctuary in England, we have tied orange coloured tapes around the donkey's necks that are available. It helps if we are out if you know what to look for.

We in turn have been adopted by an AWS ‘outside’ cat with whom I have an ongoing battle over just whose chair it is, and no you can’t play on the computer! We have finally found a nice numnah for her to sleep on and at this moment in time she is waiting for any mice while Alfred mixes feed for the Feed Delivery tomorrow!

Our Thanks to:

The Robertsons for their fresh oathay leavings – it all helps to extend the budget and the Lucerne. Gavin Smith Racing Stables for stable leavings. A number of direct deposit donations to our Bank Account, some anonymous, but all welcome.

Whinge of the Month:

  1. The theft of an ECHCU Collection Tin with contributions still intact, stolen from a Veterinary Clinic! (They also took the Animal Welfare Society Collection Tin.)
  2. The multiplicity of slow punctures in the bakkie and horsebox