January '17

Oh, goodness gracious me – WHAT a month! All potboilers and Complaints!

A Warning Notice delivered to an equine owner about the condition of her horse, preceded by the deworming of three of our adopted out donkeys, all accomplished quite quickly, until we got the next Complaint shortly after arriving in that area, that is.

A farmer there had found 5 donkeys stray on his smallholding and wanted them gone – message received through Animal Anti Cruelty League in the Northern areas, miiiiles away from where they actually were as well as the NMMM Cowboys. The only problem was finding out where they were, exactly, and to where they should have been, but were not! Solved by Willie Bosch of Farmcomm who knew who was missing them.

Simple when we knew who should have been where, and rounding up some staff of their owner, took them to where the donks were, and slowly, marshaled by their staff, our staff, and our bakkies, walked them to their home again, but they had ‘fun’ with us, ducking and diving across the road to escape our attention – but it did not work. Quite a morning but also quite a giggle! Somebody had left the gate open and they just took the gap!!

A heartfelt thank you received from the farmer who found them on his farm – and this does not happen too often!!

A Pre Home Check by Carla in a nearby town found the environment not conducive to our equine’s requirements, so Adoption refused.
Followed the same day by a Complaint in a nearby area, where an inspection was carried out.

Discussions and recommendations ensued over the next few days and hopefully, on our return, things will be looking better.

A regular visitor to the Unit’s donkeys and horses to groom, carrot and spoil a bit did a bit of fund raising on our behalf and brought in a stunning amount of R1447.50 in our small collection tin. I made sure she helped to count it all! SO well done, Tana! Much appreciated. Then the exciting day arrived of ‘removing stitches’ from Stitches. Healed beautifully! Thank you Dr Hilda and Dr Johan, for a stunning piece of ‘work’.
Thankfully, Jackson agreed that he did not want her back in the township, and surrendered her to the Unit.

She has subsequently been adopted out and is now surrounded by fences and acres of long green grass with three other ‘aunties’. While nosebags work so well indeed, users should remember to remove them after feeding is finished, and best also to give them a rinse with cold water too! We do! Normally, Celine finds herself at the end of the newsletter under volunteers. But, now, we are missing her as she has departed for a gap year in Australia!! Of course on a horse farm doing horsey stuff.

We miss you Celine and Thank You most sincerely for your generosity in giving your time to come and exercise our horses and all the other ‘little bits’ you helped us with. A generous donation of three truck loads of sand by Jan Beyers for our Knobwood copse reclamation project received with Thanks. Now if we can just find the time to complete the job! An early Sunday morning Complaint received had groom Tom and I driving around Fairview Racecourse and Greenbushes looking for a stray horse. We called up some ‘handlers’ when we found the horse, but found it was unloadable!!

Poor Tom walked miles to get the horse to a holding farm until the owner could be identified. We then headed off to the nearest SAPS Station to report the stray horse and get an IB number. Then, Kelly phoned to say she had identified said owner, who when we returned to the property, said with a smile why did we not go and look for other horses in Lusaka township, completely ignoring and never apologizing for her horse being out on a busy road. Shocking! Well done and thank you, Kelly!

On our return to the Unit we found that two fires had started to the east of the Unit boundary fence and the very busy that day NMMM Fire Department descended on the Unit. They wanted the donkey jacks moved away from the smoke before they commenced with their firefighting drill. With nowhere to put the boys, they were driven, with assistance from AWS Sunday volunteer dog walkers, to the exercise arena under the watchful eyes of Tom. (We did NOT need them careering down Victoria Drive!!!) The fires were extinguished, for which we thank the NMMM Fire Department, and then reversed the process to get them back to their camp. They did just what they were told to do.

Another early morning Complaint received involved a stray horse on Sardinia Bay Road. He was taken into safe custody and an alert was sent out.

He was claimed and returned home with the explanation that he fancies himself as an international Show Jumper and jumps the fences – he does not bother to open the gate!! Lol.

We were devastated midmonth to hear that one of our Directors had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Mr Peter Fenix, a long time Unit supporter both with his expertise and donations will be missed by many of us. He had not been well since Christmas but it did not make the pain of his leaving any easier. RIP, Peter. A number of humane euthanasia assists dealt with during the month. RIP, children. And then, some people just never listen and are serial offenders. So ongoing complaints received about the condition of their horses, entailing use of petrol and time to go and check the situation and make assessments and then getting hold of the owner. Again!

Marta asked us to collect her poor electrocuted donkey from the township. Carla got zapped by the current on trying to find signs of life. Luckily she did not succumb like the donkey had. Removed safely with the help of Gert – Thank You.

Finally, after a year and four months, the Court Case was heard for the confiscated 2 Friesians and 1 Thoroughbred. With 4 ‘credible’ witnesses, the Magistrate awarded us full custody of the three horses. We are not going to discuss the ins and outs of the Case, any more than we would discuss YOUR issues in public, but the point was that the three horses were now Available for Adoption. Some people felt it necessary to make personal comments on the Facebook page, which were ignored.

Having said all the above, all those many people who had been champing at the bit to adopt the Black Beauties, suddenly had selective amnesia and only two people put their hands up to Adopt. All three safe in their new homes this past weekend. Go well, my children! We look forward to your adventures in the future.

Thank you to those few who made monetary or feed donations over this extended period – it made things just a little easier for us.
That same week, I was on the way back with groom Koko from a call when I received a phonecall from Erica at AWS saying there was a fire at the back of the property. On arrival, just before the Fire Department, I was confronted by a fire racing from the east across the back of the exercise arena!!! Aaaargh. However, not too much damage was done, as SamS had cut the grass in December leaving very little dry stuff to burn.

In fact, a whole lot of alien vegetation and leaves were burned up in the fire that was extinguished by the Fire Trucks. Jan will be back with his ‘dozer to terraform the sand humps in due course and Thank You SamS for the mowing. Then Mike wanted his donkey moved from Lady’s Slipper to a new home in Colleen Glen. Plans made but then he phoned in a panic – she had a piece of wire hooked in her lower eyelid! Carla, Stan, Tom and Koko hived off and removed the wire. Subsequently, she had made her transit to her new home. Donation received.

A man found a stray horse on his farm, in bad condition and a stallion to boot, but not to worry, the ‘lady’ said he can keep it!! No wonder. Go figure. Plans being made for his future.

A Kwanobuhle good owner phoned to ask for help with his donkey with a broken leg – snapped just above the knee – obviously connected with a vehicle. RIP boykie, you safe now. If we don’t do this, who will??

A little bit of fun one day when a musician arrived with his backing lady singers, video camera, reflector shield, wanting to make a video with the horses while he sang his song to be newly produced and presented to the public. Thank goodness MegM was on hand, by chance, and took control of the singer and his group as well as the horses. I hear we will get a copy of the CD and video!! Thank you, MegM!

A Complaint about a horse in a field down the coast, ‘chained’ to a stake was attended to. The owner had a problem because he is a he and wants to ‘play’ with the ‘she’s’. The chain was a rope as well.

He was offered assistance with a gelding if he wanted it.

The biter bit. So, Moses phoned to say would we please tell another Cartie that he, Moses, had been called by friends at 5.30 that morning because there was a donkey in 4 th Avenue. Moses, bless his cotton socks, had gone off and collected the donkey and brought it to his shack. The other Cartie advised. Thank you, Moses, for collecting and keeping donkey safe in the meantime.

A number of Complaints received about a problem to the west of PE, led to Carla, Stan and I visiting and having four horses voluntarily surrendered to us on the spot. Two of the horses were immediately euthanased by our consulting Vet and the other two taken into the Unit for repair. There was and is an ongoing media storm taking place at the moment, but we have done our part. It helps if you know the whole thread and don’t jump to conclusions!

Followed by nog ‘n complaint – 5 horses stray in Pari Park. The colouring given was a tad confusing, but the horses safely back at home and a Carla visit took place to try and rectify the problem.

And nog ‘n Complaint – a donkey standing outside the gate at AWS. Arrangements made to get him inside, but I guess he went away while waiting for the gate to open. They are SO funny, these creatures – they know where the foodies is.

Another request for assistance – donkey had been slashed across his forearm, cutting the muscle in half. Vet instruction carried out as the muscle had already started retracting and even if we managed to save him, he would never be able to work again. Poor child. Safe!

And then, because you are so busy with your work, you forget to do your ‘me’ stuff – like buying electricity tokens, changing your tyres, or updating your Drivers Licence. That’s me!! But thanks to a decent Traffic Officer showing me the error of my ways, all sorted, legit n all.
On her way to work, Carla came across a stray donkey on Kragga Kamma Road in the morning traffic! She was busy sorting it out and I was getting all the Complaint phonecalls! About Douglas the donkey!

Has learned how to open the gate and go for a stroll in the traffic. Claimed by his owner and returned home. Silly boy!!

We completed the month with a visit from our Adopted Out Woody who came in as a stray some two years ago, fostered to Tracy and Tanya and then Adopted Out to Marie, a knowledgeable pair of hands. Goodness but he has grown physically and in condition compared to his beginning with us, a frightened, terrorised youngster. He brought his friend with, both for gelding.

Now, that is January 2017 done and onto the next one. We desperately need rain in Port Elizabeth and hope we get some soon. I t might help to calm the citizens!


  • Jane and Taryn – lucerne
  • Bridget – a bag of cubes
  • 9th – bread donation
  • Tack donation: Sabena
  • Kevin and Ellie – tack
  • AWS - of tack via AWS.
  • Dorrie - bags leavings
  • Neil –lucerne
  • Pauline – Coolstance via FEED N SEED
  • Madelein – tack.
  • Mr Wentzel – beer dregs
  • WESTERN GROUP PROPERTIES - lucerne bales
  • TVR DISTRIBUTION - bale lucerne
  • 9TH – dewormer and muti

VOLUNTEERS – Philippa, Whilmien and Andre – carroting, Amy and Chelsea, Mariet, Rika, Almay, Celine, Lisa, Catharine, Chloe, and Lara. Grooming and carroting and exercising.


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