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January '19

And then, there went January!

We will start off with Stanley’s Transkei Mission that happened at the end of December 2018. Starting off at the Bajodini Boxing Day Traditional Race, and finding lame horses, some due to incorrect shoeing that needed to be rectified, which he did. 72 horses raced after being Pre Race Checked by Stan. People too many to count! Stan was presented with a medal for his assistance to Transkei equines. Nice! Followed by a visit to Qumbu, not too many people or horses. Then on to Mqanduli where a whole lot of deworming took place including to the mules that were presented for assessment. At Ngcobo, hoofwork attended to as it was ‘wrong’, mainly short shod. All told, a lot of miles travelled, a lot of horses, donkeys and mules attended to and helped, lots of owners and bystanders being educated. Well done, Stanley!

Our ROCK DJ delivered to his new home and settled straight away. Happy for you, boykie!

4 of Moses’ donkeys admitted themselves through the open AWS gate. Admitted gladly! All the way from Airport Valley. They are just SO clever!

Then Carla and I delivered our LUCKY LUCIANO to his new parent who has fallen in love with him.

Then a lady wanting to buy a dog, came across some pretty thin/underweight horses and drew our attention to them. Difficult because the owner is most belligerent and we have a history with him, but with some dab handling by the concerned lady and a deworming, and generally improved somewhat. Well done, T!

And then a Complaint about underweight horses in a town we did not recognize. After a bit of sleuthing, it appeared that this was in Gauteng and so the Complaint was sent on to Highveld Horse Care Unit. It’s a bit far for us and way out of our boundaries!

A whole wodge of Complaints ensued including one about a calf on Draaifontein Road!

Our KAI was adopted out as a companion animal and we wish him the best of luck.

Our MIDNIGHT having been returned after being adopted out some time ago, bounced in and out virtually straightaway as a companion animal to a giant of a horse. Great stuff!

Carla and Stanley went off to go and collect 2 horses abandoned on a farm. Both scanned as Thoroughbreds, well rounded and now Available for Adoption. Settled in well with the rest of our herd.

We gelded two township donkeys at the request of their owners. Job done and now returned to their owners!!

One of our horses was cause for concern with her eating and quidding, but Donovan the Dentist took care of it in his normal careful way. Thank You, Donovan!

A request for Euthanasia Assist was attended to, but the job not done yet.

A number of Rechecks done and all proved to be not necessary, the horses looking well or much improved. We appreciate that it takes time for horses to recover their weight.

Then Facebook went berserk again. The JBay Animal Rescue Sanctuary had been approached by a horse owner as he wanted to sell his horse because he needed money for his children’s school needs. Jessie of JBay Animal Rescue had discussed it with me on the Friday, and I had said she could put it up for potential buyers on their facebook page. All the ‘normal’ FB rants occurred, so when I saw it on the Saturday morning, I phoned Stanley who was on duty and said we were going to fetch, and pay for the horse. The owner met us and took us to where the horse was. What a pleasure, no running around like mad things to catch him, his owner just walked up and caught him, brought him to the horsebox and he loaded like a lamb. The owner presented his receipt of purchase in December from a man way down the coast. We paid the owner hard cash for which he was exceedingly thankful. On arriving back at the Unit, I did not believe for one minute that he would scan as a Thoroughbred, but that was shortlived! My heart dropped onto the ground when Stanley scanned him and the scanner picked up a microchip!! OMW! All the necessary questions asked and now we have the whole picture. We asked for financial assistance for the purchase and for a gelding at a welfare rate, and very quickly two ladies stepped into the breach and by the Monday, their donations were in the bank! Yippee!! He may well become Available for Adoption when he has improved somewhat now that he has been gelded thanks to Mandy and Kathy.

The two township donkeys that have spent some time with us, one for a ‘nose job’ and the other that had an emergency gelding after having his scrotum bitten to pieces leaving the testes dangling in the breeze, were returned to their very grateful owners and who have phoned regularly to find out how their donkeys are.

And suddenly, the fires started. Normally happens in December but it decided January was a good time this year. A very concerned Pine Lodge phoned and asked Carla to please come and evacuate their/our three donkeys. She collected them and admitted them to the Peppermint Palace and a few days later took them home again, now that the coast was clear. You are looking great, guys!!

At Christmas time, the riding residents of Theescombe have a Christmas Ride. It came as a lekker surprise to be presented with the money paid for Cap Fee. Thank you, Clive and Jacky!!

Instead of buying Christmas Gifts, the Hazel family presented us with a cash donation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Moses asked us to collect one of his donkeys as it appeared it had been bitten by a mongoose. On the mend.

And then Facebook again. 4 stray donkeys on a gravel road that had been out there for 2 weeks with nobody doing the claim thing. So, off we all went on an exceedingly hot day even though it was only morning and not later in the day to round them up and bring them in. After a bit of a run around, all loaded and brought to the Unit. They have been dewormed and soon the boykie will be gelded and they already have an Adoptor!

And then we got a clean audit for 2017! Yippee!! Talking money that we generate through so many of you, nothing goes to waste, but we do have to do regular purchases of fodder and cubes. We also get a monthly diesel account, and so it all adds up, and gobbles up the money in the Bank Account! Please bear us in mind if you have an excess of dosh in your bank account. You can even ask for a Tax Receipt for your donation!

We finished the month with a Tetanus donkey from Motherwell requiring euthanasia because we can’t just let him do it himself, we cannot comprehend the pain that is coming his way.

But the bright side of the last day of January was Carla delivering two donkeys to their new home on her way home. Go well, girls!

Time and goodies donated to the Unit for which we thank you all!

Nicole – tack

Ross – bales grassmix

Michelle, via Siobhan – horseblankets and tack

Kalinka - horseblankets

Karen - tack

Anne – bread via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic

Hazel – Family Christmas gift money

Aws – donated cat food for Licorice and Biscuit

James – two big bags carrots

Rhoda – carrots and watermelons

Linky - tack

Volunteers – Samual and Jake – donated carrots.

VOLUNTEERS – Eugene, Robyn, Amy and Lee Anne, Tamika

So now let us get on to February – at least it is a short month.


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