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February '19

I don’t know about anybody else, but I feel that February really dragged by! Supposed to be the shortest month, but did not feel like it!

We have a new staff member, Jessica! We welcome her as she has done an Equine Course in North West so we do not have to go back to the very beginning to teach her. She has settled in well so far!

We started off collecting REBEL BARON and admitting him to the Peppermint Palace for his calm down period before joining the rest of the herd in the big camp. Hopefully to be adopted out soon.

Our Walmer Cartie, Moses, did the right thing and asked us to bring in his lame donkey for treatment. Well done, Moses!

Carla attended to a Complaint and at the end of it, got the horse surrendered for medical purposes – all four heels a mess from ticks!! It takes time by the staff, to clean and attend to the wounds. Owner paying.

Two horses, the subject of a Complaint received, one very lame, were visited and the problem solved. For most horses, you can’t just turf them out in a field and hope they will be OK without regular check ups.

STEVE, who found his own home – a bit like a cat does – was admitted for gelding and duly found his way back to his new home – with the most magnificent shiny coat. Paid for by his new mommy! Thank You



GANDALF who had been admitted with his ma, pa, and granny while stray on a road, was gelded at the cost of the new adoptor. Dr Charles’ mouth dropped open when he met his patient because Gandalf looked like a Yeti!! The good doctor lent us his industrial size hair clipper and Stanley shaved him. It took a while and now I am sure that he is not nearly as hot and bothered as he was when he came in. Gelding paid for by his new daddy. Thank You!

At the same time, we delivered Gandalf post haircut and his Mom and Dad (gelding) to their new home. We did not take Oumies back then, because it was the only way to wean both mommy and Gandalf who were still drinking from Oumies, leaving her thin and bullied. Once the weaning period was over and done with, Oumies was delivered to join up with her family!

And then the dreaded Loadshedding by Eskom kicked in for a week!!! Sjoe! Was an absolute pain in the you know what!

In order to help our CADET, our Equine Dentist, Donovan popped in and did a floating of his teeth. Very kindly paid for by an interested party! Thank You! Slowly putting on weight and in with the herd.

One of our belligerent Carties from Northern PE got the SAPS to bring him to the Unit to search for his donkeys that had gone missing. Definitely NOT amused. No we do not have any of his donkeys!! We sent him off with a ‘flea in his ear’ for wasting precious SAPS time.


Our Stanley went on his normal Transkei Mission and had a reasonable time while there. 569 horses, both Thoroughbreds and Crossbreeds, visiting 3 villages and towns and finding bad shoeing and trimming to sort it all out. Our thanks to Phumelela Gaming and Leisure for supporting this initiative by funding the Missiions.

Ryno’s donkey that has been with us for some time for wound treatment, was returned to his owner. Stanley was seen in the area and was called by a donkey owner in nearby Kwanobuhle while out delivering Ryno’s donkey back to him, as another Nobuhle donkey had sustained a broken leg and the owner had yelled for help. Stanley did the ‘right stuff’ and the donkey was sent over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Some days you just have no idea when it is going to end, but well done Stanley for doing the ‘right stuff’.

Going from 3 horses available for adoption at the start of January, we have been overwhelmed with horses, some available for Adoption. So yes, we are ‘overhorsed’! The two most recent being SEATTLE BERRY born Nov 2015 by Mambo out of Water Berry by Fortwood and ELUSIVE STRIKE – BY Elusive Fort out of Strikelli born Sept 2013. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

We were asked to assist with a voluntary euthanasia which we did. We also were surrendered 3 donkeys.

We do not know how or when it happened but our Stable Cat, Licorice sustained damage to his hind leg sometime during the night. He was given help with a support bandage to stabilize the leg by Dr Stuart at Animal Welfare Society and will have follow up surgery after X rays were taken by Dr Charles. Get well soon, Licorice! I MISS YOU! And, yes pay for you too!

In an effort to raise some much needed funds, Traci Vink organized a Burger Evening at The BRU BAR. We all enjoyed it very much! Always nice to meet away from the Office and be ‘normal’! Thank you, Traci!

Our CARLA took the rest of her holiday time for a week and has returned fresh and ready to rumble. We of course, are very happy!

An Inspection of our three working donkeys at Pine Lodge was carried out at their request for their PAPA (Performing Animal Protection Act) Licence. Yes all ‘performing’ animals need a Licence to ‘perform’. As Pine Lodge is a compliant company and they actually love their donks too, their donkeys are regularly checked by us, their hooves trimmed by Stanley and new harnessing ordered and paid for by the Hotel to ensure their donks look good. The Hotel has no problem with phoning for help when necessary and definitely when there is a bush fire encroaching on the area, as happened last month. Carla was happy with their condition.

Stanley popped into Kwanobuhle to trim Jackson’s four ponies hooves at Jackson’s request. Well done!


Linky – donated lucerne and fly masks

Lucy – donated lucerne

Carolyn - donated horsey books for Auction

Danielle – donated 3 rolls teff

Antoinette – a teff roll from a kind sponsor

Gill – donated tack

Danielle – teff rolls donated

Sam – donated tack

Tess – R500 for Cadet

Dr Parker birthday gift R1000

Janine – donated items for Auction

AWS – Delivered a Rainsheet dropped off at their office.

Ayanda – donated tack

Chloe – donated tack

James – donated carrots

Gary – Donation for pooh taken

10 teff bales donated by Bryan

Amy – donated carrots.


VOLUNTEERS – Eugene, Amy, Lee Anne and Hildegard, Robin and Pat.


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