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January '20

Well, there you go.  You blinked and already we are at the end of the first month of 2020!  Sjoe!

It was good to have to go to the bank to deposit the monies donated to our Tin at Grass Roof.  A great R620.12.  Thank you to all contributors who hopefully enjoyed their meal!!

The problem with the ‘broken’ Colt was fixed for the princely cost of R3000.00 at Best Drive.  Thank you SO much for fixing it so quickly!  Broken ball jolints on the front wheels. 

As is ‘normal’, the Municipal Transfer Sites (Refuse Tips other than Arlington) locked up shop, leaving two donkeys stuck inside.   By the time we got there, the donkeys had escaped probably with the help of their owner!

A Complaint received of horses not being given water ad lib nor being fed regularly, especially long feed i.e. lucerne, oathay, grassmix.  Horse owner visited and given a rocket and a Warning.  All necessary pictures taken for legal purposes should a Case be opened against her should she ignore the Warning.

Carla, Jessie and the grooms did the total deworming of all our equines.    Due again in May.

A donkey owner from northern PE asked for Stanley to visit as his one donkey had a piece of glass in its hoof.  Done.

One of our adopted out donkeys came up with Cynanchum poisoning.  Instructions given as to treatment and nursing.  NB.  It is imperative to understand that we are in the middle of a drought which is when this creeper is especially green and the grass too short and brown and enticing to your animals.   The plant was pointed out to the parent for removal, away from the eyes of grazing equines.  The donkey recovered in a short space of time.  Whew!

A Nobuhle owner requested new harnessing.  Well done, Jackson!

A doting Adoptor called about his 1 donkey that appeared to be feeling sorry for himself.  An inspection was done where he was given the once over, and in discussion it was agreed that his time was up, and a decision was made to euthanize.  

Arrangements made for his euthanasia.  It is good to know that the parent is in tune with his donks and is happy, or at least comfortable enough  to make the right decisions. 

Another Complaint and Inspection done. 

We were sad to hear that one of our horses had been humanely euthanased on Vet instruction.

The now normal call about Surrendering horses due to extreme drought upcountry.  The caller offered, as it is a long way to travel, to raise money for their collection.   In due course, money appeared in our Bank Account.  So, a few days later, Carla, Stan and Tom left to do the collection.    While the up trip was without drama, the down trip was another story.  The horses were actually very good in the horsebox and eventually made it to the Unit.  The one horse is a Thoroughbred and the other a feisty pony.  Both available for Adoption.  If anybody asks, this drought it something else!  At least these horses are not on their last legs.  

Our ROOKIE REBEL, being fostered by Ruth had his teeth done by Donovan.  Paid for by Auction Room cash donations taken in by Tracy Posh Paws.  Well done and Thank YOU ALL.  Completely different animal to what he was when he came in.  Well done, the Warrens!

A frantic call from one of our Kwanobuhle donkey owners for help with his young donkey that had been attacked by dogs, leaving him with massive wounds on his fore and hind legs.  After a visit to 9th Avenue Vets, he was admitted to the hospital camp and treatment is ongoing.  He is healing well with daily care.  Unfortunately the main muscle in his hind leg was completely severed, so his future may well not be too rosy.

Grace and The Gown.  A message received about ‘people’ coming in to adopt a horse was received.  They duly arrived, the entire family, did the try out rides, signed the contract, paid over the money, and left for their home.  They arrived safely and they seem to have settled in quite quickly. 

Our BISON (a donkey, not a real Bison!) adopted and delivered to his new home. 


Complaints received about a pony with a halter hanging around his neck.  Remedied! 


A Complaint about two donkeys out on Maitland Road was registered and the possible parent phoned who confirmed that they were hers.  Off the road and safe by 8am.


Another Complaint registered in Despatch. 


A pony collected for a voluntary gelding.  Done.  No problem.  Delivered back home, paid into Bank Account.  Thank You.

Another recheck done for one adopted horse but 6 horses in total seen.  All OK.


Stanley was approached by the Protea Childrens Home about their two donks requiring gelding and moving out into the country.  Paid for!


And then you get one phonecall leading to Complaints about three different owners’ horses!  It took a while, but all Complaints addressed and we will continue to check up.


A wrestlemania Complaint has had Carla, Stan and Tom visiting and finding abscesses on the horses hind leg.  Ongoing. 

A major Complaint has meant working with Animal Anti Cruelty League’s Bev.  It is going to be a long drawn out Case to get what needs to be done.


And then, a visitor from Malawi, wanting information on exporting horses to there from here.  Gave him a copy of the Animals Protection Act to get into Malawi’s Laws. 


Then a Complaint for a horse in Transkei, via Cape Town!!  A badly damaged horse requiring euthanasia.  With Stanley’s Transkei contacts this act of mercy was carried out by a SAPS Member with his own weapon. 


If Thoroughbreds have NO grazing, they need to be fed three times a day.  (We do it all the time with our residents!)  If they do not get fed regularly, there could be a problem looming in the future.   So we reacted to another Complaint where feeding is not optimal leading to weight loss.  On arriving at the Complaint, Carla found no water available and not a stitch of food, long or cubed or grazing.  A Warning Notice issued and follow ups will be done.  It is important that when you take on a Thoroughbred, sufficient knowledge should be gained in order for it to not become a problem for us.


Then another Complaint!!  This time of a member of the public rehoming donkeys to unsafe places under questionable circumstances.  An ordinary member of the public, without training, without knowledge of the Criminal Procedures Act and the Animals Protection Act, leading to a huge amount of time to try and rectify the situation.  And then a distraught phonecall to come and make it right!!   Sjoe!  The three donks safe with us now!


And then Stanley had to go and attend to a horses’ hoof that had not had a trim in quite a while. 


Then Carla was left to attend to a farrier’s needs where a Complaint had been made about lack of feeding and water!!!


A Complaint via Domestic Animal Care about a horse and two ponies in sad situations.  Proved to be a case of taking Thoroughbreds off the track without sufficient knowledge.  Not as bad as was made out, education given and the matter being monitored.


Then a wonderful generous gesture from a Thoroughbred breeder.  Bring the mare and foal to my house where they have access to miles of grass for grazing, knowledgeable grooms and space to grow.  Mrs Fenix also threw in a generator for luck, never mind the carrot cake, pizzas and shortbread.  We are so grateful for this generous donation!  Bless you, Val!  What a way to end January!




Kids Country Corner – Donation loose teff and oathay, all 10 woolbales full!

Lee ann  – Volunteer and gave donation of fly masks and carrots

Isabella  – Donation of lots of tack

Sam – Donation 6 bales grass

Mikhayla -  Donation Tack/Blankets

Hildegaard – Donation of 18 Toilet paper (yes, we also use these!), black bags and goodies for the unit.

Angie – Volunteer


And, so thankfully the end of January 2020!  Quite a month, I we do say ourselves!



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