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December '19

Well, there you go!  2019 done and dusted!  And a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 to you all.

We will start off this newsletter as we do every year with just some of our statistics for 2019:

Over the past year, our database has grown by 88 new equine owners, some with 1 donkey and others with both donkeys and horses.  Growing still!

A total of 98 Complaints and Inspections for 27 Thoroughbreds, 103 Crossbreeds and 64 donkeys! And that is without the Transkei Missions, kindly sponsored by Phumelela.  So I guess you could say, we have had a busy year. 

Back to December 2019!

On the very first day of December we received three Complaints that have been handled.

One of our own surrendered back to us.  And moving one of our own to new stabling establishment and another being returned to us.

An Adoption for Light as a Feather concluded and delivered.

Then off to the Hankey Donkey Clinic.  New harnessing swopped for the old.  Deworming done and a new bridle for a horse at home handed out.  A donkey owner with shabby harnessing was delighted to receive new harnessing in a swop for his old harnessing.   Two requests for wood pallets for repairs to their carts.

We were most concerned about the fire at Save a Pet, but on enquiring and were told that half of PE had pitched in to assist them move their animals out of the way of the fires.   Well done, PE!!

A Complaint received about horses in a camp with no shade.  A phonecall resolved the problem. 

Another donkey adopted out. 

Our SallyB has been busy on our behalf.  Not only did she take into her care a stray pony, but she also asked for a companion animal and was given one to foster both of them.  To her surprise she found one morning that the companion animal had produced a foal overnight.  Problem was that it had an inverted bottom lip!  Not very common, but Dr Parker was able to assist with information about the problem, and within the next 24 hours the lip came  back to where it should be.  Whereupon both the stray and her companion animal were returned to the Unit. Available for Adoption or Foster.

A Rescuer who had no idea of how to handle a Welsh Pony asked for assistance.  So Carla and Jessie  went and adjusted the feed the pony was being given, vaccinated and dewormed.  Generous payment donated to the Unit. 

A horse given away without the owners consent and was then put up for sale on Facebook, had a very worried owner asking for help.  Done.

A Complaint of two thin horses was received and once we got the exact location, Carla and Jessie paid them a visit.   The rescuer was happy to divulge the necessary information and we then could establish that they were two horses that we had been wrangling with the owner who had just decided to ‘give them away’!   Things are proceeding well with relevant information being given by Carla.  Both scanned as Thoroughbreds. 

And because it is that time of the year and needing to thank the staff for their hard, physical work and fortitude, Tracy Posh Paws and Isabella, I took them all out for lunch at Grass Roof, and a delicious lunch it was.  My treat. 

A pony with an eye problem was brought to our attention.  The Vet had visited but a decision was taken as she was old and in some pain to euthanize. 

And then our little Roxy, a pony, was adopted out.  YaaaY!

Of course, the Festive Season had to have had a bit of a disaster!  Carla got the shock of her life when the Colt, having just driven over the hump on Glendore Road, snapped a ball joint and was unable to drive it off the road.   Our insurers were able to arrange for a roll on, roll off or as we know it, a roro, to get the bakkie back to the office while we could arrange for repair. Thank you, Phillip!

The Telkom landline has been disconnected by Telkom as they are changing their modus operandi so be sure to use the cellphone number 072 357 2505.


Donation – 1 x bale lucerne

Steven – 4 x bale lucerne

Isabella – Donation Christmas goodies for staff

9th Ave  Vet – donated two dewormer nips

Donation – Grass from Grey High School

Nancy – Donation of tack

Anton – Donation of tack and teff

Sally B gave donation of brushes.

Donation – Save a pet /Scottborough Kennels – 7 bags Shandy Cubes.

Volunteer – Anna

Volunteer – Fynn with 4 girls from place of safety

Volunteer - Leeann and Amy gave us Biscuits for Christmas and carrots for the donks and horses.

Well, that’s it for December and now we are into January 2020.  Tally ho!

Contact Details: Cellphone 072 357 2505.  

Bank Account:  Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit, Standard Bank 080733875. 

Email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.