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October '21

Well October started with a bunch of rain so let’s give thanks for such a precious resource!

We received a complaint about owners leaving their horses unattended for more than 24hrs, please note if you have any animal , they should be checked on every single day!!

More complaints received from Humansdorp re stallion and a mare and two on the road. Once again we are asking for assistance from the humansdorp community to please stay with or try to keep the stray animals in if possible for us to come collect. Please also bare in mind we are not the official pound for the municipality, we don’t and have never received funding from them in order to uphold the MINCIPALITY S bylaws. We are a small organization who unfortunately cannot get to every stray equine there is.. According to the bylaws of our local the municipality, the problem of stray animals is to be enforced by the Police and traffic services. The SPCAs  are the official pounds regarding stray animals, this is what we pay rates and taxes for. If however ourselves and the SPCA are unable to assist, it is the duty of the Police of traffic control to rid the public areas of problematic stray animals.  Just for a clearer understanding of the responsibility.

Our boy Humble Addict was collected on a foster trial .

Complaint of bad hooves was tendered to by Stan.

Then a very sad complaint about an old pony that was kicked by his companion Tb. Unfortunately when we arrived it did not look good. We called a vet to be certain and it was what we suspected. RIP precious one and I am so glad you knew the love you did for your last years..

 One troublesome stallion Gelded in Humansdorp area..

Then a slightly different complaint, a little complicated when the horse is in such good condition.. Hopefully will be sorted amongst affected parties.

Managed to renew licenses for vehicles just in time, always a dreaded task however with the helpful guidance of Francesca from Q 4 U, Things worked out relatively painless. Thank you Francesca! You are a star!

Eight donkey hooves done.

A Complaint received about Braying donkeys around the Walmer township. Please guys there are certain things that we cannot change, we live in a third world country and there will be animals in and around the townships. Donkeys do bray, and we cannot stop that. It does not necessarily mean they are in trouble, actually usually quite the opposite. Went to follow up and found that owner had moved them by the time we had arrived..

For those That did not vaccinate their horses with AHS in time , hopefully there will be more stock available November Crossing fingers as there seems to be a national shortage.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing..

More possible Laminitis cases, Stan went to check and make the appropriate  recommendations..

Nine donkeys rechecked and hooves done..

We then had another break in, no surprise there .. But our hero, Ivan came once again to fix our security gate! Thanks Ivan!! As well as our friend Rudi organizing office security gates to be installed as we speak.. Thankyou Rudi!!

After receiving an offer  to restore our horsebox shelter for Madiba day in July , we could not hold out any longer as was becoming a serious hazard so Stan and the grooms got stuck in. NOT an easy job! Thank you guys looks great!!

Lente, Nestle and Nesquick

Dewormed all our residents with help from Brett (Volunteer) Quite a task involving some semi wild donkeys..

Then on our way to get fodder we had a call for a donkey that had eaten plastic in uitenhage. We already had box full of fodder but made a plan for the poor girl, who maybe if she wasn’t feeling so bad would have loved the ride.. See below: Poor girl unfortunately it was too late and vet suggested euthanasia. RIP sweetheart..

Next a Stray horse causing problems out near Fairview, we couldn’t go out straight away but they said they would try isolate it for us in meantime. By the time we eventually got there no horse could be found, so frustrating.. 

Another owner in Kwanobuhle called about his donkey with a broken leg. We collected and straight to KKGP.. Another RIP

Our Little Lulu (Haasie)then found a loving home with two gelding companions. We collected her from a farm totally wild and neglected. It took a good few months to get her to allow scratches and kisses so I was actually sad to see her go but happy too of course.  As much as Megan always told us to guard our hearts!! Some just break right through and you cannot help but form a trust and love for each other.

Nine more donkeys rechecked.

A complaint then about horse being kept in a stable all day,clarity still need on this..

Then ANOTHER donkey from uitenhage, with suspected gunshot. We collected but unfortunately it had penetrated the peritoneum and he could also not be saved ..Third donkey now! But just two days later Yes ANOTHER call from Uitenhage for a donkey that had been involved in an accident with a Taxi and yes, this one too, broken fetlock so also euthaniased. FOUR donkeys in ONE week from same area. A rough week and rough area indeed.

One of our ‘Liveries‘ no we don’t really do liveries but we make exception for certain cases so long it is not for too long. Anyway little Blaze was a pleasure, so we were sad but also happy to have him go to a proper yard with old friends. Be good boy will miss your kisses.

We then had a scare of no water for a whole day 24hrs we were preparing to go fetch from home for animals but luckily all resolved. I really hope everyone is aware of the crisis in the bay at the moment and are trying their best to save wherever you can. Very scary thought to not have water coming out of your taps…

Soldier has become a little boisterous at his new home so balls were checked and yes it is time! Getting chopped soon…

A Complaint received about horses with no groom and suspected neglect. The two horses were checked and all acceptable. Please remember not all of us have the privilege of having a groom and this does not necessarily mean the horses are not looked after, in fact some owners swear they prefer to do everything themselves , just a note for thought..

Then a suspected choke which luckily soon passed before a vet had to be called, A good idea to wet cubes when feeding gutsy horses..

One of our ‘stubborn’ owners was assisted with deworming as they are not capable of deworming the animals themselves, I mean really, You should be able to deworm your own animals.. eish..

Our Jupiter Symphony was then adopted by besotted new mom. I’m sure some of you will see him winning lots of competitions in the future. Great Horse!

Two stray donkeys were then reported meandering down Mission road without a care in the world..In the middle of morning traffic ,trucks and on a corner, in bad weather! Oh my word, Stan and Tom off to collect. IB number collected from Kebega (nearest police station) and now owners have seven days to claim or else we can rehome ..

Then a horses surrendered to us by concerned owner from former Transkei. Beautiful horse, but looks like damaged tendon, shame, waiting for Xrays ..

Rechecks on three stubborn complaints: 1. Doing excellent, very happy that some people actually listen, even if it does take longer  than it should. 2. Happy with the improvement, however still not ideal but improvement none the less. 3. Well unfortunately with this one we will have to start the legal process. Really not acceptable.

Another recheck done on a complaint and all good for now but I feel something stirring…

Ten more donkey hooves done as well as horses at unit.

Then finally, a very emotional Handover. Two portraits of a very special horse,Hasimoto, were  originally going to be auctioned to raise funds for the unit  but after his sudden tragic passing ,it was decided that we would rather give them to his devastated mom in memory of him. Her loyal supporters from KATELANDS raised funds to cover the cost then on behalf of the ECHCU and KATELANDS was handed over to her in a surprise gesture, which had everyone in tears.. Thank you to all who were involved.

Well that’s a wrap; now go cast your vote for change! (We hope) If you haven’t already..

Till next time



Donation – Mary Reeks R100 and Riding clothes Jacket and show top

Donation – Melissa Whitehead gave bakki load donation of old tack

Donation – Claudine halter s and numnahs

Donation – Bridgette , Jods

Cape Building Truss Supplies – Donation huge bag of oranges

Donation – Jill and Robyn tack and blankets

Grass roof tin banked R338 at Standard bank

Donation – Atlas North End  5 bales teff 

Donation –2 bags of drought cubes from anon

Isabella – donated auction goodies

Donation – Bright Sparks, Dorin Blackman donated signage for Wilbur kissing booth

Donation – one and half bags chaff mix anon??

Rhoda Bday – Donation R500

Volunteers  - Ian,  Lee ann, Amy and Surien

Volunteer – Brett

Please also note we also have donators who put money into our account every month, even though we don’t mention your names and amounts, please know how grateful we are to you for it!

Banking Details: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit:  Standard Bank Current Account 080733875, Code 051001. Reference: Your name. Facebook: EAST CAPE HORSE CARE UNIT Contact numbers Office cellphone 072 357 2505 NO LANDLINE email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.