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September '21

So finally it is the month of Spring, or so they say.. September has been a little smoother than August, thank Goodness.

We started out with a call at 8:30pm re donkeys out on Pennilsdrift, contacted suspected owner and donks taken back home safe and sound.

We moved some donkeys to a new property for better grazing and found the horses and donkeys to look a little ‘wormy’ so advised the owner to deworm with Pegaquest, which owner duly did and all are looking much better now!

Our beautiful Star and Bluebird were adopted after their 3 months foster fail ;)

Our two Walmer Carties received new harnessing!

Some of Moses’ donkeys booked themselves into the unit for a bit of R & R.

9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic very kindly donated Rabies vaccines for all our staff at unit which we dully jabbed. My first Humans! Lol

Stan made a trip to the Transkei, Getting to both Dutywa and Gcuwa (Butterworth) treating both tbs and salt fetchers (xbreeds). Unfortunately we are not getting the funding we used to to make these trips anymore so they are further and fewer between. However Stan is still in constant contact for assistance when necessary.

Our Jahela, who only came in a little over a month ago was snapped up by an adoring young lady and delivered to her new home. The whole family was so happy to have her , make us so happy to see our children go to wonderful loving homes , makes it all worth it I tell you.. Go well sweetheart!

Ten more horses done for AHS and dewormed.

Recheck on 13 horses done, still monitoring..

We then had a very generous offer to send some of our donks to some grassy green fields for a few months. Nice! think will send the boys…

Property check done for one of our ponies, but unfortunately not suitable..

Stan off to treat a lame donkey.

Then Jackson was assisted with some Dio mech sachets for his calf’s runny tummy. Yes we only do horses and donkeys but if we can help our township donkey owners with their other animals, we do.

And then we have the lovely story of Ben and Kimmer Farm. So these are the two that came in almost two years ago from a faraway place called Aberdeen. They had no grazing left after the drought, so we collected them. After a Hellish trip we eventually got them back to unit that night. Please know we really try to home friends together, especially if they have been together for a long time but obviously it is not always possible. Unfortunately Ben and Kimmer were both homed separately after being at the unit for a few months. Anyway long story short Ben ended up losing his new companion and was feeling very down.. When the
adopter wanted to get him a new friend it just so happened that Kimmer Farm had been returned and was at the unit and available! After telling her the story , they chose him and the reunion was just the sweetest thing. Ben visibly changed his demeanor within seconds of seeing his old friend. Who says they don’t remember Of course They do! If you want to see the video, scroll down on our facebook page.

Ben and Kimmer Farm , just about to start the run arounds..

I was asked by the owner to administer Cydectin to a pony with a tick problem. Although this is NOT a registered Equine drug, it has been known to work for tick infestations.

Unfortunately one of our donkey boys had to be returned after being a little rough on the goat kids..

Stan tended to 9 more donkeys’ hooves.

We have also been liaising with the Animal Shelters and community in Craddock and Nieu Bethesda, trying to assist with the ‘stray’ horse problem in the areas as well as the condition of some of horses that have been affected by the drought. Most important things to remember with strays that are taken in, is to go and report it to the nearest Police Station in order to get an IB or OB number. This is just basically stating where and when you found the animal and where it is at present, so that if the owner does actually look for the animal and realizes you have it, you will not be accused of Stock theft. Also good to advertise on social media. From there you have seven days, if owner has not come forward, the animal can then be rehomed.

A very sweet young Tb filly was surrendered to the unit. She may have leg issue but we have decided to just let her rest and be a horse for a while and see how she goes before getting Xrays and making the decision. She is not obviously lame so we are hoping because she is so young she may grow out of it. Not up for adoption yet..

So after the staff, next in line for their rabies shots were all the four legged children. The horses had to wait two weeks once out of their AHS before vaccinating but all now done!

Another property checks for two donks done and good! Wait to hear.

Recheck on 20 tbs done and slight improvement, which is positive. (I Hope..)

Two more rabies vacs administered on request of the owner.

Three more AHS vacs done and hooves.

A complaint about a pony in dirty camp in Uitenhage was followed up on but no pony found.

Stan delivered newly made harnessing to a ‘Cartie’ in Uitenhage. Exchanging the new ones for old ones and also replacing one bit.

Nine more AHS and hooves done.

Jan brought us another three loads of soil to raise level in boy’s camp to prevent flooding. Always appreciated, thank you Jan!
Another four AHS done. Please NOTE time is running out to do your horses. All horses should be out of their last AHS by end of October!

A complaint of a thin horse was investigated and found to be an old horse which is under veterinary attention. The owner knows that euthanasia may possibly be on the cards but is trying all options first. We will keep a close eye and follow up if things deteriorate..

Three more donks hooves tended to.

Then we had a pony showing sure signs of early laminitis , the owner had been previously warned but none the less lucky still early. Owner was given strict instructions to keep her in sandy camp for a while, feeding only dry grass. We realize it is hard not to feed them their treats when they look at you with those longing, sad eyes but you need to give them some TOUGH LOVE and that is all there is to it. Knowing your breeds is also really important when it comes to feeding, small ponies and donkeys can NOT eat high protein or sugary diets!

We have been discussing a possible Rabies outreach next month together with AACL, in the Rocklands area.. Details to follow as soon as state vet has confirmed.

Stan returned a donkey jenny to township after being admitted for colic. She recovered well and had a good few weeks rest. Funnily enough I think she was keen to go home .. Well looked after and not head shy, a good sign.

Then we had a potential adopter come to view a horse, whereby we discovered he was not himself and yellow in colour. Checked his temp then called the doc straight away. Vet arrived & potential adopter stayed with him for his jabs. Thankfully he looked much better the next day. He was still eating all his food and pretty normal, but just shows always check you animals! Potential adopter still keen to take him. crossing fingers..

Well that is another month come and gone.. Stay safe out there and remember to love your animals, you never know how long they or you will be around!


Donation – From Dorrie Sham, Oils and conditioners etc.
Donation – Two bales of Lucerne from Liezl
Donation Bay Feed n Seed – Sweepings
Donation – 18 bales of Lucerne (Lauren /Lorraine)
Donation – Kim (3d Filaments ) For auction collected
A bench for unit it loving memory of Megan from Val.
Tracy’s Bday wish - we received almost 1000 for her Birthday wish gifts..Thank u Trace!
Donation – Tack Kate
Donation – Leon and Bets Swanopoel made the kissing booth for our poster boy at GrassRoof -Wilbur ..Watch this space!
Donation – Keith Spargo nice tack
Donation – Madeleine/Stacy two bales Lucerne and some loose bags.
Donation – Cindy Lucerne and spinach for donks
Donation – Felicity R400 in memory of Megan
Donation - Barnyard Feeds sweepings
Collected tin from grass roof
Donation – Yolande lots of older teff
Volunteers Brett and Philippa.
Volunteers – Elzarie and Sister
Volunteer – Emma – Tack room and Ian donks
Volunteer – Ian
Volunteers - Shannon and Kelly

So many donations received this month Thank you! Please also note we also have donators who put money into our account every month, even though we don’t mention your names and amounts, please know how grateful we are to you for it!

Till next time

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