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August '21

And so August has come and gone and has been yet another tearful one indeed.. We lost our formidable Manager, Megan, on the last Saturday of July; she worked right up until the day before she passed. Megan, your family at the unit will miss you terribly but we will try our best to carry on your legacy and make you proud. Thank you for everything you put into the unit over the years and did for us.

We would also like to say thank you to all who sent condolences and flowers etc. on her passing, she would have been very overwhelmed and surprised to see how many people cared for her.

So after a slightly traumatic, very weird start to the month.. One of our adopted out Tbs, was returned to the unit due to financial reasons and dewormed on admission. To be assessed and adopted again as soon as..

We were then shocked to hear about two positive Rabies cases in two horses in the Swartkops area. Tragic, scary news, not ever have we heard of rabies cases in horses this side of the world! There have since been various outbreaks around the Nelson Mandela Bay area, so best to vaccinate your horses  to be on the safe side .

Then, a stubborn complaint concerning more than 30 horses, is being monitored after moving their horses and proper equine dewormer was supplied and administered. This should hopefully start the improvement process. Please note Dectomax and Cydectin will not suffice when it comes to deworming your horses and donkeys!

I was asked to come out and vaccinate two of our older, adopted ponies with AHS only to find one of them had been struggling with choke and not eating well over past few weeks. A Noticeable loss in condition and confirmation of a heart murmur from a vet, we made the difficult decision that the kindest thing to do would be to send him to God. Hard decision and tears as usual, but that is what we as owners are responsible for, to make that call before they start to suffer and lose their dignity.

Another stubborn complaint , want to be ‘breeder’ was followed up on and plans being made how exactly to go forward legally , AACL and ECHCU working together on this one…

Then came the day of Megan’s Memorial.. A small memorial was Held at the Unit, attended by those who were closest to her, a heartfelt afternoon, with donkeys braying in the background and flowers under her White Stinkwood..I think she would have approved.. Shohh an exhausting week..

Dante finally found a home with one of our directors..

All our horses at the unit are now up to date with their AHS vaccinations but now for the Rabies! Oh my.. never ends..

A Lady complaining of tick problem collected a tub of tick grease from us.

Rich decided to park himself in someone’s garden in walmer where Stan and Tom went to collect, not after him receiving his due treats from home owner..

Stan administered 5 more horses with AHS.

Then we received a complaint of another regular not treating his horse after it had an injury on the face but after doing a bit of investigating and communication with the vet in that area, it was established that a vet had been notified and the right medication and treatment was being administered.

Our Little Buks, whom we collected in a mangy mess two months ago has been washed and treated on a regular basis with the help of Volunteers Brett and Kate and is finally starting to look better and hopefully will be up for adoption in next month or two..

Stan went out to do 5 donkeys and one pony’s hooves, rechecks also done..

So the Livery we had with us for a month or two managed to find a new premises/arrangement, Stan dually delivered them safe and sound, happy for them, they were struggling a bit at the unit shame…

On one of Stan’s Weekends on, he was alerted to stray horses in Humansdorp, a regular occurrence and problem. He went to move them off the road but as per usual by the time he got there the horses had moved. We are appealing to the community/public on that side to please try and move or keep the strays horses in an enclosed area if you come across them, this is the only way we are able to collect them successfully as we are at least an hour away..

16 more AHS vaccinations done and horses inspected.

Then I received a call at 11 pm that there were two ponies running on old cape road near St Albans prison. Trucks had almost hit them prior to the call.. So there I go with my faithful partner in tow to collect the two.. Where one was to wild to be caught or loaded, so it was decided to walk them to their supposed  property as they had been out before.. However, after a long, dark walk it was established it was not the right location! , so we put them behind the next enclosed area we could find and reestablish in the morning where they actually belonged. Long story short, owners were contacted in the morning and went to fetch. A written warning was given! Bloody hell!

Stan then again off to do 11 donkeys feet and one pony, all dewormed too..

Another 3 AHS done and two property checks for potential adoptions.

We then got a call from a concerned adopter that there was a donkey lying flat in Alicedale that couldn’t stand up, after discussion the lady decided to take the donkey back to her farm and put him in her stable. Relaying to her that the longer he is down the less likely he is to stand up and that the vet would most likely recommend euthanasia if we came to collect it. She took him in the back of her bakki and kept him warm in her stable with a blanket. She tried everything but unfortunately the donkey died next day, sometimes we just can’t save them all, but thank you to the Lady who gave it her all in his last hours..

Recheck on 3 ponies one being our Zorro, so happy to see all so good!

Then Whilst Stan went on an adventure to fetch one of our donkeys who was being returned , we got a call of a sick donkey in uitenhage. So Stan collected that one after and administered to the unit. A bottle of Epsom salts given as sounded like colicky symptoms from owner. If the animals are not down and visibly in pain ,we try and treat them first with Epsom salts which helps get rid of the plastic that is usually caught up in the colons, now we wait for pooh..

Moses requested new harnessing from Stan, still needs to finish making them..

Then , yes we also have the odd case of cynancum poisoning. After a girly was seen nibbling at what looked like the creeper and developed the symptomatic, shaky hindquarters, she was treated under the vets instruction and good as new in two to 3 days. The problem is the Cynancum gets more toxic in winter. Creeeper found and removed asap! An ongoing battle, best to check as often as you can for the creeper, especially in winter, and remove!!

Directors meeting on how to go forward, confirmed that I would be the new manager for now..

The colicky donkey from Uitenhage still had no signs of poo day later , so loaded her up and took to 9th avenue , Dr gave rectal and Meds, relieved to still hear gut sounds now we wait..

Stan went off to do 5 rabies injections in high alert area.

Some of the remaining walmer donkeys admitted themselves to the unit for a bit of R and R.

Sunshine, our Jenny donkey was adopted and delivered to her new home whereby she was already joining them for Breakfast a day later..

Stan went to tend to another 5 donkeys hooves.

Then the colicky donkey took two days but it happen, She finally poohed! Always so happy to see pooh in a case like that..

Then our Sweetheart, Muffin, was selected to go to a new home as a companion only two days after coming in.. She became a little depressed on admission, as so many of them often do.. So we were very happy that she could make not only another lonely girl very happy but herself too.. Success stories are the best!

Then lastly some advice to a livery owner regarding a customer that won’t pay, advised that they could surrender the horses to us as abandoned, but please note as livery owners, best to have a black and white contract in place , this makes any ‘iffy’ situations  a lot easier to handle..

So if you have made it to the bottom of this newsletter and you think you have what it takes to do this job, we are looking for a new Trainee inspector. Must obviously have some knowledge of Equine and good problem solving Skills! Please send you CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call on 072 3572505.


Our long time donor from Johannesburg, Cassi, deposited another R1000 into our bank account

Alison Williams – Donated painting to auction off, collected from AWS

Enid Lovemore – Donation of R200 and Helmets in memory of M

Donation - Tracy Miller 3 teff bags

Sam – Bottle of Mange shampoo

Anon – donate 1 bale lucerne

Sebina – Donated Fly fringes

Julie – Donation carrots and apples

Jan brought two truckloads of soil Yay , boys side

Donation 87 bags of carrots from Ralston- c collected

Donation – Brand new cooler box from Janine

Donation – Stanley (Deer Park) old Harnesses and tack, dropped off

Hidegardt – Donation tp , soaps , wetwipes , tissues and black bags and collected crop Complaint also Chante , no grazing moved her horse

Cindy - Gave two halters as donation.

Volunteers – Angie and Kate

Volunteers -  Philippa and Brett

Volunteers - Lee ann and Amy

Well this is still a little weird and will take some getting used to but I hope you approve Megan, I will try to keep the future newsletters up to your standards.


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