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July '21

And so we go or flow or whatever. July has been a bit of a tearful one, one way or t’other.

We admitted our Licorice to the AWS hospital for observation as he was feeling poorly.

Stan set off for a lame donkey.

Volunteer Kate washed the two new horses with Carla and then went out with Stan and grooms to collect some donkeys. So, Trompie, Quagga and Afrika are back with the boy herd.

Arranged a euthanasia for a  poorly horse.Carla met  the Game Park for the euthanasia. Not the nicest job to have to do, but we do it willingly to speed them on their way.

Our Lente, Nestle and Nesquick returned to home base and the girl herd. Welcome home, girls.

Advice given on sale of horse contract. 

Moses came and collected Rich as he was better now.

Two horses given their AHS vaccine by Carla and Alfred.

And at home, 4 AHS 2 given.


3 separate Complaints received about a herd of horses. Under investigation. Not an easy one.

Bear and Kushka admitted to the Unit as liveries.


Stan did 1 pony and 5 donkey hooves.

Our Vet came to assess two horses that had been surrendered, and suggested euthanasia for the one, and the other to be treated for mange.

While at the Unit, Dr Hayward also checked two ponies who had been very slow to produce their testes and found that they could be done and booked them for the following week for gelding.

Another 5 horses vaccinated for AHS.

It is always sad and definitely not easy when a person has to make that final decision but we are happy to discuss and assist with making the decision.

Nelson the donkey brought himself in from Federation. Kleva boy!!

A panicky phonecall about a donkey with what appeared to be string halt, or as though he had a rope or back boots on. But he was fine the next morning. But the owner was quite shaken.

Stan did two ponies hooves at the Unit.

A check on a herd of 52 horses carried out by Carla. Various recommendations made to the owner. Being monitored and getting some assistance from the owner.

Kimmer Farm collected by Stan and the grooms and admitted to the Unit. 

A whole bunch of AHS vaccinations done. Mostly for noncompetitive horses that should be done by a vet. If you are a competitive rider, your horse must be done by a Vet.

Humble Addict and Basil were collected and admitted to the Unit and both were dewormed on arrival.

A question of mange on a horse discussed with the owner as to what to use. 

A Complaint received some time ago, after visiting and making recommendations about handling, reappeared. Asking for a sales document.

A property check done for 6 donkeys approved. Nice and safe. 

Another property check done, also approved.

A potential sponsor for the horsebox shelter roof for us, came to visit and see what needs doing as their Mandela Day gift. Yaaaay!

Volunteer Kate assisted with deworming all the horses and donkeys at the Unit.

Our Langa, Uitenhage resident requested new harnessing.

2 more AHS vaccinations done.

Stan did 1 pony and 5 donkey hooves.


Carla and Alfred delivered Soldier to his new home, with the possibility of friends in a few months.

Stan visited a lame donkey and landed up doing 3 others as well. Followed by a further 6 donkeys the next day.

Two geldings done with few problems except for the Vet who sustained a kick to the thigh. Sorry Doc! 

A Complaint of a donkey tied to a gravestone in South End Cemetery received. Carla and Alfred visited but by the time they got there, the donkey was gone but they did find him on the other side of the road.

We were dreading going to the Post Office for the Colt Licence but we needn’t have worried. It was quick and easy. 

Then we got news that the day before, our FELIX had been euthanased. He was such a brave boy since his confiscation and having found himself a good home, lived a further 10 years in peace and comfort, NEVER wondering where his next meal was coming from.   Being given special care by his new ‘carer’. Thank you so much for your care and the responsibility you gave him. You deserved each other. Rest in peace, my beautiful boy.

The rest of the donkey boys were dewormed. All done!!

Our LOURIE developed a bit of foot rot, so Carla went and did a poultice.


A Pre Home Check done for our Zorro.

And then, Animal Welfare Society Manager, Hannes Stander passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We are devastated as we have known him and his acts of charity since 2006. Always ready to discuss managerial matters on the property we all call home from home.  Our condolences go to his wife, Yvonne and family. A Memorial Service was held in the Boma at AWS and hopefully brought some peace to all the staff that attended. Very Sad.

And then our LICORICE also left us for good the very next day. We will miss him, every morning when he is not waiting for us to open up, or when he wants a warm lap to sit on, or all the other crazy antics he got up to in the office. But he did give us a good 15 years of service. RIP, boy. (Bladdy dog!!)

A horse, not one of ours, died of a suspected AHS death. Carla collected a sample and submitted it for testing with our vet. Results have come back negative to AHS testing. A further testing was taken by the Vet, more detailed samples of spleen and liver. BUT NEGATIVE! 

The thing about AHS is that it is the LAW OF THE LAND TO HAVE YOUR HORSES VACCINATED AGAINST THE DISEASE, which is a horrible way to die. And like the COVID-19 vaccine, although not a law as yet, it is highly recommended to prevent another horrible way to die. PLEASE VACCINATE AGAINST AHS and COVID!! Now is the time! Do it!!

Stan delivered Wanda’s donkey back to him and at the same time delivered cart harnessing to another beneficiary.


Donation of Raincoat blanket from Fernandos Chicken House (Tania and Brendan)

Tack Donation – Taryn

Lee Ann Donation – Bit

Dennis delivered fresh grass to unit..

Donation – Fitted Saddle from AWS , Don’t know who from?

Donation Leslie/Natasha Horse creams ointment

Collect bags of Sweeping at Bay feed n seed

Saddle delivered for us.  (Unfortunately Stan was in Uitenhage delivering a donkey so we have no idea who the donor is/was but thank you nonetheless.)

Volunteers Kate, Philippa, Brett and Eugene

Volunteers – Josh and two girls

Well that was a bit of a tearful month. Sometime it does not need much to open the tear taps. But hopefully August will not be so tearful.

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