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June '21

What a month!! Starting out with the two Seaview Road horses out again!! Sjoe, this is becoming a problem!

Followed by the collection of a donkey for gelding and admitted.

Then Stan did the hooves of 2 horses and 2 donkeys.

A query about a lame horse and possible skeletal issues. A suggestion was made that Dr Hayward be asked to X Ray.

One of our Fosters was returned on finding that the horse was well and truly sour. But there again he was old and very set in his ways, especially around food, and if only he could talk we could maybe turn him around.

A donkey was gelded by Dr Hilda and it was ‘good’.

And although we recommend the destruction of Cynanchum creeper in our camps , there will always be one that escapes uprooting, so one of our horses managed to get poisoned!! Treated.

Following on a Complaint from SPCA Uitenhage, all the staff went off to collect two abandoned but surrendered ponies in that area. Lots of ticks and mange with tick damage. All the necessary done to improve the damage.

Schools out! Fun in the car park!

Stan did the hooves of 7 donkeys.

A foster for three ponies found.

A complaint received of horses without water. Reported to owner who obviously disagreed!

The Uitenhage donkey that was stabbed was returned to his owner.

It would appear that we all have the same problem, with the theft of fencing poles. So, three donkeys were out in the early morning on KK Road, but retrieved before we could report it to the owner.

Carla vaccinated 4 non competitive horses for Equine Influenza and Tetanus.

Treatment for ulcers given to an owner to improve the condition of the horse.

A further 3 donkeys surrendered.

The horses waiting for adoption at the Unit received their AHS jabs. (New catchword!).

1 Thoroughbred and two Crossbreeds delivered to their Foster home and once there, they decided to go walkabout, scaring the hell out of the wildlife and residents. LoL

AACL initiated a donkey collection from Kleinschool.  

One of the surrendered donkeys from Uitenhage had a spontaneous abortion in the camp.

A regular from Uitenhage to say his baby donkey had been attacked by dogs. He was collected and taken for assessment by Dr Hayward who after assessing, recommended as the damage to the rear part of his anatomy was too severe and recommended euthanasia. Done RIP

A regular generous donor had bought a mare with foal at foot in Grahamstown. Stan and Tom did the honours of collecting them and delivering them safely.

A request for a quote for gelding that involves a long trip down the coast to bring him in.

Another Uitenhage dog bite victim requiring collection and treatment for the bites, collected.

An owner was devastated to find that his own dog had bitten his baby donkey on the hindquarter. Carla went to assess and said it was good for stitches. So they put the baby in his vehicle and proceeded to the Vet where Dr Hilda attended. A fabulous donation was received for services rendered. Thank You!

A question about camp rotation was received and assisted. (It’s our job!)

Another UNISA Student checked in for lessons on grooming, hooves and handling.

A complaint received about trail riding horses. When Carla gets over her cold, an inspection will be made.

And then housekeeping to be done. Chicken wire bought to ‘fill in’ a gate in the camp.

And then, would you believe it, another dog bite victim in Uitenhage??!!! Clearly dog fighting happening in the area, which is when the pin location was sent to the SPCA Inspectorate. Once animals become habituated to killing and fighting, a foal is not insurmountable!! A Pin Location was obtained and sent to the Inspectorate for further investigation.

A Complaint had been received that the grey in the township was looking a little thin, so Carla went off to deworm but it was a ‘No Find’.

A Recheck on the Warnings given last month, but it was found the horses remained the same. Being monitored.

Another Warning from last month also found the improvement was still not good enough and a recommendation was made to euthanase.

And then a pony surrendered and taken directly to a foster home and collecting a colt to take back to the Unit as showing stallion tendencies to the mares.

A pony gelded. All good.  

And then Carla started snotting and not feeling well. She found a place to do the Covid test. Trying times. But thankfully the result came back as negative. Yaaaay!!

A fractious issue of two horses looking for a new home descended into chaos with unknown people coming to collect the animals and take them away to who knew where, had sick Carla in a spin which I understood.

An adoptive parent found her pony had Choke and was advised to get the Vet to treat.

Well this past month has been sporadic, but all done.


Anne - Bread collected from 9th Avenue vet

Ralston - Donation bakkie load of carrots

Ascendis - Donated Ulcer muti

Carolin - Tack Donation

Val – Beautiful Donation of Wooden horse for Auction

Lizell - Donation bales of grassmix

Anne - Bread at 9th Ave

BAY FEED n SEED doated 30 bales Lucerne

Eugene/Brett Volunteer help clean two geldings

Taryn new volunteer

Volunteer - Brett

Volunteers – Lee ann and Amy donated biscuits and coffee donation

Eugene and Philippa

Volunteer - Brett

Eugene helped wash ponies with f10

Volunteer – Eugene

Volunteers Brett and Eugene rinsed abscess

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