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May '21

We started off with a generous donation of bags of cubes and carrots for the equines and McDonald’s burgers and chips for the humans from AFRICA POWER MACHINERY. Nom, Nom, Nom. Thank you so much!!

REMINDER: African Horse Sickness Vaccinations due from 1st June. We have ordered ours!

Sadly a day later our RUSTY was knocked down by a car on Victoria Drive, killed one shot. He was born with us and now has gone right outside the AWS gate. Quite the lad he will be missed by us. 3 other donkeys came in and are safe and sound.

Our AYITA did her first practice show at the PERC. No problems!!

A Complaint received about a horse with a bad wound. 

We delivered GORDO to his new home with WINTER PASSING very excited to have a new friend.

A Recheck on 1 Crossbreed and 3 donkeys was conducted and all found to be present and correct.

A Complaint for two horses, one with a bad wound, was received. The horse with the wound had been bitten by a snake but a Vet had been called to attend.


Another Recheck on 1 donkey and 1 Crossbreed and found fat and looking great.

Another Recheck on a Thoroughbred and 1 Crossbreed. Both improved.

Then a report of a cow in Algoa Park that had been hit by a vehicle but was not dead yet. Our  Michael was recommended to visit and gave his number. 

Another call received about a dog issue and case. 

Stan went out to do the hooves of 5 donkeys followed by 6 Crossbreeds.

Stan also popped into our Mangaliso of the botched Humansdorp gelding, did his hooves and found all well. Lucky boy!

Carla and Alfred delivered KIMMER FARM to their new home.

A Cow was found knocked down on Victoria Drive BUT STILL ALIVE. Cow shot and carcass removed.

Our WHISKEY delivered to Tracy and another horse uplifted from her and taken to new home. All good.

Then a donkey belonging to a local cartie was bought from him, newly gelded so should be rehomed soon. One of the Carties donkeys was also found to have an abscess under her ear. Cleaned.

A Complaint in Cape Town was received from Highbveld Horse Care Unit and after discussing with the Carthorse Protection Ass, it was AGREED to send the complaint to the Cape Town SPCA.

A Pre Home Check done but was found to be not suitable. 

Some blankets that were required by a Transkei owner were collected by another man for delivery.  Paid.

A Complaint about horses in Addo received from SPCA Uitenhage.


A huge burst Municipal water pipe outside AWS that flooded our camps leading to a tree falling onto our boundary fence. Luckily Carla was able to find a generous donor to come and cut the tree up and fix the fence, thank you AHEAD TREE FELLING.

Our HARVEY in his new home managed to cut his face open. The necessary instructions given – Phone the Vet.


On getting the Bank Statement we were excited to see that we had received money from BACK A BUDDY R950! Thank you to whoever put their money in this project!!!

Carla and Alfred delivered JACKSON the donkey to his new home. Transport paid, Thank You!!

A repeat Complaint received.  Carla visited and found a bloody sarcoid. Arrangement made for Stan to visit and do hooves.

In April we were sent happy photographs of our COCO and MILO settled in their new home. Clearly the grazing is good!

A Complaint received about a horse that had been bought but had died prior to delivery. However, sorted out later that day between the new owner and seller.

A further Complaint received but we need an exact address in order to go and check. 

A Complaint received from SPCA Uitenhage that a donkey had been stabbed by Municipal workers.  Admitted to Unit and treated. SPCA requested a Report on damage. Done!

Assistance requested for a lame donkey and when Carla arrived and cleaned the hoof, the culprit was an abscess that had burst. Stanley visited and sorted it out.


Another UNISA volunteer came in and did a few hours of practical by cleaning a stab wound in a donkey.

A Veterinary Second Opinion was facilitated by Dr Parker. Followed by a good fostering position.


Our BLAZE cut himself during the previous night’s noisy storm!! Treated.

Yet another Complaint about a stray ungelded stallion ending up in somebody else’s yard. Stan was delegated to collect but the owner had fetched him already. 

Another Complaint from SPCA Uitenhage about neglected horses they had found.

A trip to Addo to assess horses about which a complaint had been received. Found very few problems except for an aged swayback Mare. 

A Complaint received about 2 abandoned ponies and 3 donkeys outside Uitenhage. To be surrendered.

A Recheck on 5 horses with a deworming done at the same time.’ Being monitored closely.

A Langa Cartie asked SPCA Uitenhage for their opinion on his donkeys’ leg, which they found to be broken. Euthanized for humane purposes.


Donation – Tate – old dressage saddle

Marlies waterproof blanket , C collected from Pat Scott for Auction

Volunteers – Lee ann and Amy

Donation from Dorrie of Corn oil Supplement and conditioners.

Enid Lovemore – Donation 2 bales Lucerne , grooming kits , meds and Tick grease..

Volunteer – Brett

Volunteers – Tracy and Kids..

Volunteers – Amy and Leeann

C collect Bread 9th Avenue

A generous donation of R950 via Feed and Seed received. Thank You.

Sjoe!  The Complaints keep coming in.


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