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April '21

I think it is time for an update. We keep a Baiters Book for recording what we do on a daily basis. So once it is ‘captured’ on the computer, we use it to produce our once a month Newsletter. It is our way of keeping you up to date with most of our activities, and how we spend your money that you have donated. Now onto April’s News.

Sometimes you have to wonder just what is happening in these complicated, rough times!!

We were devastated to hear last month that our HASHIMOTO had been euthanased after complications after a sinus op in Natal. Floods of tears. So sad that we did not even add it to the Diary from which the Newsletters are drawn up which is why we are reporting it to you now. We feel for Kate and Ian on their loss.

When he arrived at the Unit, he was in such a state that we were not sure where to turn. He appeared to be a ‘basket case’, flipping over backwards, dumping jockeys, and a euthanasia instruction had been given. His owner was beside himself and asked us to assist. But he was a magnificent chestnut. That is until Liza happened to visit with her jockey and said she would like to see if she could help him. We delivered him to her farm in the horsebox that he did not want to load into, and she started working her magic on him with Kate. Who asked after the miraculous work done by both Liza and Kate if she could adopt him. We were not sure about it all, until we saw how well he had come .…. and the rest was history. He went from being a bad troubled horse to a horse with a very bright future with Kate in the saddle, touring the country and bringing home the booty by winning his way around cross country courses, dressage and showjumping. So, we were totally devastated when we heard the sad news and sent our condolences to Kate on her shocking unexpected loss. RIP boytjie you at least came to know the kindness and caring you received. Thank you, Kate!

Arrangements had to be made to have a 30 year old horse euthanised as he had gone down never to get up and after Carla had suggested euthanasia already but that had not been done. RIP

We try so hard to place our animals in good homes, so although he had a good home, and due to unfortunate circumstances, KIMMER FARM was returned from adoption.

A complaint was received about two ponies being chased and bitten by dogs. Carla went to check it out and found no one home, so a note was left on the gate. One pony she could see had a wound on his neck but it appeared that it had been sprayed with Terramycin. So clearly the owner had found the wound and treated it. Will be monitored.

WHISKEY who had been surrendered to the unit was not doing that well, but luckily for us and the horse, Donovan the Dentist paid us a visit and did what he could although there was a lot of damage to his mouth that was irrepairable, but he did the best he could and gave recommended ‘treatment’ and now, thanks to Coolstance he is improving daily. SO glad you are back, Donovan!!

Our Vet reported to us that he had found children on four wheelers with their dogs that had been found chasing the resident horses. He had cautioned the children and we did the same.

Then the two donkeys from Uitenhage who had come in with dog bites last month for treatment were well enough to return to their owner.

And again, a grey horse was knocked over and killed outside Wedgewood. A Case will be opened by the driver /owner of the vehicle that hit the poor horse as the Law says your animals MUST be behind your fence so you are responsible for any damage caused. It is going to be a long one but a FINAL WARNING has been given to the owner of the horse. Good fences make for good neighbours!!

Stanley did 8 donkeys hooves at 3 different locations.

Our attention was drawn to the paintings of donkeys at Chickys Yard in the Baakens Valley. At least they don’t need water and fodder!!

A Complaint about a Transkei dealer who is suspected of stealing and selling horses for Stanley to address when next he goes that way.

A donkey called CHARLIE, adopted out in 2010, was admitted for gelding (Paid for thank you) and possible rehoming.

A pony out on Foster was returned as the landowner needed space.

Stan was sent off to Uitenhage SPCA to do the hooves of one donkey and to deworm him. Dewormer paid for, Thank You.

A recheck on 5 horses was conducted.

Stanley went off to collect STANLEY in the northern PE township donkey for gelding.

Two donkeys were gelded with much hilarity by Dr Hayward. It was funny because the one donkey was called Stanley and the other Charlie!!! Lol.

Another rescue centre reported a mare and foal had come to visit them and they were shocked at the mare’s underweight. Another FINAL WARNING delivered to the owner. We were however relieved to see the mare had improved in condition ten days later.

An adoptor of a number of our donkeys asked that Stanley visit to give his recommendation for treatment for one donkey.

Our JAZZ has been adopted out again and we wish him and his new papa all the best.

A Complaint received led to the owner being contacted only to find that they had been grazing them over the road but had managed to escape but that they would be brought in.

Then a Property Check was done and all was deemed to be satisfactory. Thereafter three donkeys were delivered to their new home having been dewormed. Donkeys last seen with grass up to their knees. Yaaaay!

A St Francis Bay motorist reported that she had seen a thin grey tied to the fence and with no water at the Fairview Township. On her way to work in the morning, Carla did not see any horses at all. Stan also visited but was unable to find the horse.

A surrendered horse was brought in.

A school doing community service young lady came in and set to sorting out the Tack Shop. Great job, Emma! …and yes, we do have a tack shop at the Unit for your needs in addition to the Auction Room.

A concerned adoptor of a pony advised that she had called our Vet to check her pony. But that was after Carla had visited to put a halter on the pony. The Vet had visited and gave his recommendations.

Another of our adopted out ponys had asked for assistance with a wound on her tummy caused by ticks. Carla took Cydectin and injected the pony and dewormed two donkeys at the same time. All good.

Stan went out and did 5 donkeys hooves. Followed by another two donks.

It is very good to know that Moses’s donkeys remember where we are and bring themselves in all the way from the Airport to the AWS gate.

A Complaint registered with us at 7pm of a donkey being transported lying on the back of a bakkie. But before we got there, the bakkie had moved off.

Then, Moses came and collected his 7 donkeys.

All the donkeys and horses at the Unit were dewormed – quite a job! Well done, Carla and Alfred.

A horse owned by a Transkei owner who, after purchasing the horse, found him to be lame. The arrangement by Stanley was once admitted would be x-rayed. Shocked to find the suspensory was broken.

Not to be shortchanged, Stan on a public holiday visit to New Brighton in his own vehicle, saw a crowd of people egging on 2 Pitbulls to fight. He just could not help himself and got stuck in and removed both dogs and admitted them to AWS. We are so proud of you, Stan! Well done!! The watching people were not happy but that is what happens when Stanley finds you doing ugly stuff.


Ralston – Donated 25 bags of baby carrots

9th Ave – Donation Hoof balm

Louise – bags of food

Isabella – Donated old washing bath to

Port Elizabeth Rifle and pistol club – Donated 40 + bales of teff/grass Thank you

Western Shop donation – C collected Corn oil, Tendon and bone supplement and shampoos expired stock

Anita – bags of cubes

Volunteers – Brett , Christine and kids – Hannah also school hours..

9th Avenue – Collect bread

Volunteer – Kayla Community Service, Christine and kids volunteered, Eugene Lee Ann and Amy

And so, here endeth April!

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