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March '21

Oh dear! After a month of no electricity on Mondays ALL DAY because the Municipality is doing maintenance on the lines, it is very difficult to do office work as the Wi-Fi and computer need juice to work. We have however done a few other things instead.


First Dr Hayward left the Unit after having done a gelding and did not take his glasses with him! We dropped them off with him on our rounds!


Carla organized a recheck that needed doing and was asked to inject Cydectin at the same time.


Arrangements made to collect 2 horses from faraway.


One of our horses at the Unit had bad diarrhea and was miz. Was put on Protexin straightaway.


Stanley was dispatched to Langa in Uitenhage to collect a donkey as the donkey had been attacked by dogs on his nether region. Assessed by 9th Avenue and an appointment made for emergency gelding. Just so you know, this is a typical hunting pack behavior, except in this case no nose injuries. But his nuts were a mess with teeth marks.


Then a Complaint about Moses’ donkeys being without water. Phone calls were made to his wife. He came to fetch Rusty but brought 2 dogs, one of which was intact and which he ‘gave’ to our Groom, Alfred because they were chasing his chickens. Carla immediately took the dog to Animal Welfare with a request for immediate neutering. Thank you Animal Welfare for getting it done! Moses again! Collected all 4 and admitted them.

We had two Unisa students coming in to get some horse practice like, grooming, handling of horses and hoof care as well as wound cleaning.

Then Dr Hilda checked in and did the emergency gelding of the dog bite donkey. Was quite mucky but all fine and well by the end of the op. Thank you, Dr Hilda!


Then Stan went to Kirkwood to do some hooves for a horse that was judged to be a little wild. Stan agreed with the wild statement but got the horse done anyway. Well done Stan and Tom. Diesel paid for.


We do try to rehome donkeys successfully but sometimes 1 of them needs to come back in due to fighting another resident donkey.


A recheck of some horses and found that Carla’s recommendations had been adhered to and all the pooh picked up.


Then Stan took off to Butterworth on a Transkei Mission. He found much to his surprise that a local non horsey businessman had built a proper spectator stand. Bravo!! The jockeys made a wonderful picture in their new silks from the late George Uren. It was also very green there.

Our adopted-out Kiki was reassessed by Dr Hayward and he reported back to us that she was putting on weight and had become more amenable to handling.

HARVEY the donkey was delivered to his new home.

And then Woe are we!! Carla found that all our fencing poles in the top camp, our exercise arena, and lungeing ring had been stolen overnight!!  Dammit!!  Temporary fencing has been erected by our grooms. ‘They have been cutting the AWS boundary fence many nights and thought they could do with some poles as well.


Moses was given a second Warning with the comment that he could not get his donkeys back if he did not accept it. Happy days!


We received a phone call telling us to collect some liquor from the late George Uren’s home with the suggestion that it be auctioned. So we collected it in the bakkie, all 5 crates of it, and took it to Tracey for auction.


Then for the patrons of The Grass Roof, a collection tin was brought in and counted out. All R270.80 which was banked.  Thank you to all the patrons who have added to the Tin!


Outside of working hours, Stan took in a donation of bales of lucerne. Well done, Stan!


A Complaint received of a stray pony on Rocklands Road. Not a good road to be stray on. Stan and the grooms were able to catch and load up and brought into the Unit. A picture put up on the Facebook page. Luckily, a friend of the owner saw the upload and alerted the owner as to where he was. Of course, there are always people who make comments one of which was why give the horseback.


Depending on many factors, we do return the horse to its owner. They had checked all the fences which were not broken and Stan, when he took the horseback, also checked and could not find the ‘Soft’ point. The lady was very agitated but happy to have found the horse and get it back. Pound fee paid. And a Recheck will be done.


Blue Steel returned a very full Collection Tin. A stunning R511.85 was banked in the Bank Account the same day.


Stan checked a Complaint in Motherwell. Condition of donkeys good.


Stan did the hoof work required for 6 donkeys and 2 horses.


Our Sugar and Sherbet delivered to their new adoptive home.  


A Transkei owner popped in for dewormer. Goodman!


We were alerted to the fact that there were two horses stray on Seaview Road. A quick phone call to a worker who advised his owners of the strays.  Also not a good road to find yourself stray!!


Carla, Stanley, and Tom took two horses to East London. Luckily for them, it was a cool day. Very good trip. Paid for.


Carla delivered HALLE and APPLE, 2 donkeys to their new home. These two donkeys are the ones from Hankey who were abandoned on the road.

A Complaint about horsemanship in Transkei, giving a phone number. Stan phoned and chatted to the youngster and hopefully, all will be well and he will be checked on during the next trip.


Carla, Tom, and Alfred moved 5 donkeys to their new home. Adopter moved farms. All dewormed and paid for.


It never fails to surprise that donkeys have very good memories, so 6 of Moses’ donkey had come in on their own was no surprise and then Moses came and collected them.


And then a Complaint about lots of donkeys playing around Victoria Drive before 8 am (Belonging to Moses once again), the morning rush hour on the racetrack. Carla was able to collect and maneuver all 6 donks into the Unit before 8 am. Well done, Carla!


A Student doing equine studies at UNISA came in to do practical work with Stanley and Carla.


The Colt was sounding more and more like a tractor so was admitted for treatment at Best Drive.




Helen – Tack donation

Volunteers – Brett, Lee Ann and Amy, Christine and two kids

BAY FEED AND SEED - 100 bales teff. Yay!!

Nicky – Carrots

Lee – donated tack

Megan – donated multiplug.

Gina – Met Stan at the office at 6.30 to donate 3 bales of lucerne.

Bonita – donated 24 bales teff and bags of sweepings.  

Collected bag of reins from dorrie at Duncan Mckenzie for Transkei riders

Lakato – two bottles of Metacam

Roz and Hannah – 4 bags of horses food

Anne - bread from 9th ave

Donation – Moya donation of tack at Equifeed

Isabella – collect stuff for unit staff plus Easter eggs

Sally – Two big boxes of tack

Julie – Carrots and Apples


Thankfully, March is over. And already the weather is starting to cool down.


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