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February '21

So happy after a little rain overnight for two nights. Yippeee. Everything nice and clean and cool. SO, onto February!

Carla started off injecting Cydectin for ticks to a horse that had not looked wonderful when he had a Complaint registered with us, but the owner had done a great job of feeding and grooming, so condition much better.

A complaint received but communication proved to be difficult. However after a visit things have improved a little.

ADT came and gave a quote to upgrade the alarm of the stables. Now installed.

A recheck by Stan on a ‘sore’ donkey was not very positive and in the end event he was euthanised.

On one of those hot days we have had, a Complaint was received of no water for donkeys that were tied up. The owner was eventually contacted, only after the office worker who had alerted us to the problem had assisted us with giving the donks water.  Moses (The Owner) was given a written ‘warning’!!!

New volunteer, Brett, was pressed into service and landed up washing Blondie and Bambi and he was helped by Volunteer Philippa. Thank you both!!

Stan did hoofwork on 5 donks and 1 pony followed by 4 donks hoofwork done and dewormed, followed by 4 donkey hooves. Long day.

A long distance request for doing hooves with an offer to pay for petrol as well received.

Another complaint received for a donkey with no water but by the time Carla got there, the owner himself had arrived and moved the donkey to a water hole.

An official Warning was given to Moses when he came a retrieve his 3 donkey from us that had come in on their own.

Another Complaint about a ‘lame’ donkey received in Patensie. Because it would take time to get there, a request was made that the donkey be moved into a safe area to await Unit arrival. However, the donkey would NOT be caught by anybody and ran everybody ragged trying to catch him. Typical!!

Our Daisy was lame and Stan advised that she must not be kept in the ‘wet’. But a few days later she was recumbent and unable to get to her feet/hooves. This time a hoof abscess was found and opened up.

Then the recent surrendered Energy of Red was lame, and after inspection Stan said it looks like the tendon was strained and made his recommendations.

Then a Complaint about two donkeys at the Italian Club. Stan and two grooms went and brought them in. Owner is aware that we have them safe off the roads.

Another Complaint of horses with no water on those hot days. Carla visited to find some water, but advised to leave more on the hotter days.

A donkey and pony owner asked for Stan to visit and do the Donkeys hooves and the farriers had let her down many times.

An arranged gelding collected and was admitted for the procedure. A surrendered donkey was gelded at the same time.

At the same time two donkeys had their hooves trimmed by Stanley (followed by a donation also) and Carla suggested an adjustment to their feed as they were both obese. 

A very kind donation of a tank full of diesel for the collection of a surrendered horse, Whiskey. It was believed by the owner that there might be a tooth problem, but floating teeth is not done by some Vets in his area. A delivery of 3 bags of feed for Whiskey followed the next week. Thank you SO much!! It was a long trip but Stanley and Carla shared the driving duties and as the owner had checked his weather forecast, gave the ‘right’ day for the trip. A nice cool one and they returned safely.

Our BLONDIE aka FAY delivered and a recheck done on our FELIX. All fine and dandy.

It was found by Carla that Whiskey, the surrendered pony, was quidding badly so an appointment with Dentist/Doctor was made and softer teff was bought for him. 

And then, tara tara. Carol Ann Kellaher and our Friend Gino, arranged a ‘do’ at Gino’s Spot on Gino’s Saturday night radio programme, for The Animal Welfare Society, Catcare, Save a Pet and the Animal Anti Cruelty League, as well as the Unit. It was very light hearted but gave each one time to express what their Charities do on a daily basis, especially now with Covid 19 and unemployment running rampant and how this all affects each Charity. Thank you Gino and Carol Ann for your idea and time. We really enjoyed it.

Stan went off to do 3 donks hooves, plus another 3 plus another 4.

A late afternoon call to Langa in Uitenhage for a donkey that had been in a fight with a dog and had some wounds. While Stan was busy with the collection, he received a call about an orphan donkey foal with the request as to what to feed. Two options given.  Thankfully the next day on enquiring, was learned that the mommy had been found and that the foal was drinking well. Some parents just letting their kids run free and then not being able to find them!!

Our Dr Charles popped in for the quidder, Whiskey, and floated his teeth and already he is eating better.

Our MINX safely adopted out and taken into a herd situation.

Carla and her partner took a long drive to Hankey on the evening of the 25th for two donkeys attached to a cart that was being driven hard (with whips and sticks) by youngsters. When the Complainant stopped his bakkie, the kids dropped everything and ran away. Carla admitted them to the Unit only to find that the mare had an udder which made her think that there was a foal somewhere. Luckily for us, Barry had already seen the foal and sent his wife to bring it in the following morning. Oh joy!! The foal was brought in by Heidi this morning in the back of a bakkie and mom and foal saw each other and there was an immediate connection. Foal now happily drinking from mom.

Stan and the grooms went off to collect 5 donkeys surrendered to us. In good condition and ready for adoption. Admitted to Unit.


Chantal – teff donation

Bottle Store in Willow drive – teff donated

Juanita  –  carrots

Nina Volunteer/school project – Hours

Volunteer – Calista

Anne - 9th Ave Bread Collected

Nicky – 3 bakkie loads of old ready mix fodder

Kerry - lots of tack

Volunteers – Leeann and Amy

9th Ave – Donation of dewormer and ulcer muti

Alison - 2 bales teff and 5 bags teff

Volunteers – Lee ann And Amy, Philippa, Angie and Lee ann /Amy and Brett

Checkers 6th Ave – 6 bales of fodder (from a display)

Feed n Seed – Halters for auction

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