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January '21

Well, there you go. Already one month of 2021 down! While doing the December newsletter giving you our statistics for 2020, I omitted to mention that our database of patients has grown by 77 new case files. Sjoe! Anything from 1 donkey to 20+ horses and donkeys each!! Anyway, here we go with January 2021.

The pony brought in from harassment in Bethelsdorp in December was given a follow up Penicillin injection on instruction of the Vet. But, in the end event, she has been adopted out to a new home where she will hopefully live out the rest of her life in comfort and love as a companion animal. Carla did the necessary with regard to washing and anointing but got a kick on the jaw for her trouble. Close shave!

And then….. Carla had a very stressed and angry donkey owner phoning to sort out his bovines. His two calves had been attacked by dogs and he needed help. Yes, I know we do horses and not cows, but you can’t just tell him to go away. Carla took the bakkie to assess the situation and found that one calf had died and the other one had a few minor bites. She took both calves to our Vet at 9th Avenue who found bad trauma to the front knee, unable to stand and the PTS order was given. Shame man. Poor bloke losing both in one fell swoop. The inability to escape the dogs must have been so terrorizing to the youngsters.

Two donkeys left to a foster home for a couple of months to eat the grass. 

Black Jack also moved out on adoption and we are pleased with his new home.

Rusty and Arthur were settled in a foster home, but then Moses laid claim to them and bought them from the new owner. Signed and sealed in front of Stanley. The fosterers were sad to see them go but with their replacements delivered, all was well.

And then there was the issue with a Thoroughbred horse being bought and transported to Transkei and the ex-owner being very unhappy about it and wanting the horse back. But as usual, no paperwork done so there is very little we can do about this as it is a civil case under the law. Please ensure that when you sell your horse, it does not matter to whom, you REALLY need to do paperwork to prevent this type of situation with two or three ‘sides’ yelling and shouting. 

A Complaint about horses and their bad condition led to a bit of a confrontation between Carla and the owner. However the rest of the horses were in excellent condition. 

An owner with a problem called for assistance and after a visit by Carla and instructions issued by Carla and acted on, all is finished and sorted out.

The adoptor of Gordo sent pictures showing how well he had settled in his new home.

A Langa donkey Cart owner indicated that he needed bits and harnessing which Stanley delivered in due course.

And it had to happen. The calf owner who has left his two jennies with us for safety , his second one  had a foal at 4.30 on a Friday afternoon. The staff were able to get them into a small camp with a divider fence to keep both mommies and their babies apart.  They, the jennies, don’t like other jennies ‘playing with their toys’!

Then the Langa donkey owner phoned to say his donkey was unable to stand. Stanley went and collected him and took him to 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic. The treatment of a drip and a shot of Penicillin did not work any miracles and after observation he was humanely euthanised.

And then our AUDREY foaled down with a baby jack. 

Such a little cutie!

Carla then did the regular deworming of the Girls Camp followed the next day by the boys camp.

A Recheck done where all the horses were acceptable. 

Jack, the donkey, was delivered to his new home to be a companion to Silver. 

Harvey, the donkey, was surrendered to us. Available for adoption.  

A Complaint received about a horse that the owner could not feed anymore. The owner was told she was welcome to surrender the horse to the Unit. I think this is a ‘sign of the times’.

And then our COCO and MILO were collected by their adoptor. The two plus a third who had passed on, were adopted some years ago but then sadly for us, the Adoptor herself went over the Rainbow Bridge, and the donkey girls were ‘taken over’ by her son who is a Permaculture specialist. Now living in a ‘Room with a View’.

Not something we make a habit of doing, but Carla, Tom and Stan went to collect a gelding and deliver him straight to his new home.

A Complaint received about a Thoroughbred in bad condition was investigated by Carla who was told that the dentist had visited last week and reported that the horse had no teeth and recommended euthanasia (or a radical adjustment to feed) but the deed was done in the next day or two.

A request for assistance was received about a lame donkey. Carla attended and found that it looked like he had been kicked on the hip. Various recommendations and advice given. We will keep a watch on it.

And, just by way of a change, we were broken into again!! Its called Corona or Post Christmas shopping!! But thanks to Divan, the gate has been rehinged. We are looking at various ways to try and prevent this happening again. They took the Bar fridge we use for meds and vaccines and the cellphone charger this time!!  Various recommendations by Friends on the Facebook page were noted.

Stanley attended to a complaint and found two donkeys hooves abscessed and sorted the problem out.

Then to finish off the month, we collected 2 horses!


Maryna - Donation of Tack

Francis - 4 bags of reject carrots

Anne  – bag of tack at 9th Av.

Tertia donated 5 bales teff

Alison – Donated 7 bags of teff sweeping mix

Glen Hurd Shopping Centre – R500 cash

Donation – Hildegardt pony books

Ascendis – 2 boxes of CalmEze

Connor - 6 bales Grass mix

Keith – one black bag of nice tack

Janine – donated two teff

AWS - Donation of Tack from anonymous

Donation – Francis 4 bags of reject carrots

Anon – Donation 5 bags cubes , 5 bags meal.

Volunteers – Josh and girls; Philippa

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