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December '20

Everything is OK! You made it to the end of 2020 and you are still here! Amazing, hey?  Can’t help but wonder how 2021 is going to work out.

Before we leave 2020 here’s some figurework for you.

Over the last year, 91 Complaints have been attended to with various degrees of success, but all solved on visiting and most accepting of assistance. This means that 81 Thoroughbreds, 125 Crossbreeds and 55 donkeys have been inspected and assisted where necessary in 265 areas. There again 22 donkeys 5 Thoroughbreds 9 Crossbreeds have been handed over to the Unit in various states of disrepair. 13 donkeys, 7 Crossbreeds and 2 Thoroughbreds have been admitted for Medical treatment and returned to their owners where possible.

Our Adoptions have been 12 Thoroughbreds, 7 Crossbreeds and 14 donkeys. Fosterings were 7 Crossbreeds, 12 Thoroughbreds, 14 donkeys. While 3 Crossbreeds and 56 donkeys and 1 Thoroughbred were Returned to owner.

At the end of every month, a schedule of Complaints/Investigations are submitted to the 4 Directors and then added up for the year in December for you!

Over the past year we have spent some time getting grooms to pull weeds and also seeding the back camp with teff seed – to fill in any bare patches. Its working!!

Stan did 5 donkeys hooves.

Stan went off to some of our Adopted out donkeys and a pony to do their hooves at three different properties. 

SILVER the donkey was adopted out as a companion animal. 

Carla dewormed 2 donkeys and 1 Crossbreed which earned us a very generous monetary gift to the Unit for Christmas. 

An owner with a landowner problem was given some salient advice by Carla. 

And then Wilbur and Junior found some fund raisers for us. They were moved to their new home at Grass Roof and settled in well, especially for the farm owner and their many customers. Our ladies arranged for T shirts of Wilbur who has become very well known after his story was published and attached to each T shirt. Bless you Helena, Lizelle, Janine, and Nicky for a well thought out plan. Enjoy, Wilbur!!

And then just as you think everything is peachy, the silencer on the bakkie started roaring like a tractor. We had this occurrence on the way home after delivering GORDO to his new home. Now sorted.

A very kind donation of office furniture from ELSEN ACADEMY. Thank you! 

Carla then found herself sprouting Ringworm from washing the Humansdorp strays! All sorted now.

Thanks to yet another night time visitor, we no longer have Treloar so a Facebook post was put up to which Divan Archer reacted. Thank you, Divan, Great Job!! And so, knowing that there was nothing in the building to steal, they tried Animal Welfare Society!! Also no luck there, we are all well trained!

A morning at HOLLYWOOD BETS to have the Isuzu branded with their name. All thanks to The National Horse Trust and Suzanne! Towards the middle of the month, we were recipients of overalls and boots for the grooms. Thank You SO much!

Stan did the hooves of one donkey, 2 Thoroughbreds and 2 Crossbreeds. 

We then had another night visitor visit and to make it easier than calling Divan who is from Uitenhage, so Chris presented himself at the Unit to repair the damage. Thank you, Chris!

Thank you enormously to Grass Roof to the awesome Breakfast they sponsored for all the Unit Staff. Good food, good company, good weather so we could sit outside. Thank You, Nicky!!!

Our Jan delivered 4 truckloads of soil for the boys camp and hospital camp. Thank You, Jan!!

Thanks to Isabella who treated us to chocolates and biscuits. Thank You, Isabella.

Thanks to Rhoda for her donation too.  

Carla visited Ben and Fudge to deworm them. Paid for plus a generous donation. 

I took the staff out for their Christmas Lunch and they had such fun on the tractor, the swings, and a jolly good lunch. I paid as it is my way to say thank you for a hard year of lockdown with nobody taking time off or being sick. 

And then surprise, surprise. Jacksons jenny dropped her new foal. A beautiful black donkey.

Carla and her partner were called out in the middle of the night to collect a stray horse in Bethelsdorp. The horse had been chased and harassed by youngsters for days and is undernourished. She loaded no problem but Carla took her home for the night and then brought her in the following morning and the deticking started.

Stan went off to Uitenhage’s Langa to collect a donkey for observation. 

Donation – Ellie – 10 bales Lucerne delivered to unit from Feed n Seed
Pam - Two teff rolls to collect from Pam
Waikato SA donated - 10 bales of Lucerne donated
Kathy – Donated 15 grass bales 
John – Donation I bale lucerne
Anne - Bread via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic 
Lee – donated bales of lucerne
Heather – Donated old horse/dressage books
Volunteers – Philippa and Eugene. 
Brett Volunteer Groom Donks
Staci and Holly – Volunteered
Kelly and Christo – Hours for vet studies – Washed Blondie and Bambi with F10 Shampoo and ointment. 
Julie – Donated lots of cut carrots and apples
Ellie – 10 bales Lucerne
Jess lovely fancy set of trucking boots
Volunteer – Philippa Helped wash Blondie and Bambi

Well that about wraps up December and the year that wasn’t 2020.

We, the Unit, can only say a huge THANK YOU to all supporters and donors, without you we would be bust. It has been a very interesting year, one way and another for everyone of us and I can only say Stay Safe in 2021 and hopefully soon we will revert back to ‘normal’ – whatever ‘normal’ means.

Please enjoy your ‘downtime’ and see you in 2021!

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