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November '20

OMW!! Its almost Christmas! What a year we have all had since last years Christmas.

We spent some time trying to locate the owner for the Humansdorp Strays, with no luck, so they are now ours according to law and are available for adoption. Eugene has ridden both of them and finds that they will need some ground work. We did go to Humansdorp SAPS to report that we had them and got our OB number, just in case somebody wants to charge us with Stock Theft – quite a problem in the rural areas at the moment. We started the whole process off with treatment for mange and a deworm for both the strays.

At the same time, Jessie from JBay Animal Rescue had phoned and asked for harnessing for donkeys in that area, so Stan sewed them up and we delivered the harnesses to Jessie, who was busy moving her one charity shop to the new one.

A Complaint from a motorist about a donkey on the N2, meant that Carla on her way home went the long way around without success. 

Five Crossbreeds and 1 Thoroughbred were administered their second AHS shots and the 4 ponies at Marinatha also got their second shots – donation received.

Stanley did the hooves of 5 donkeys.

Four donkeys fostered out took exception to 2 baby goats and killed them. They really are good at predator control. Sorry boys but you really mucked up!

Our Wilbur and Junior were moved to Grass Roof after a change in their living arrangements.

Newly adopted out Roscoe had a colic although the parent tried without success to get a Vet to attend, and a couple of hours later, he simply died. RIP

Moses asked for dip for his donkeys and was given a bottle.


We were given an offer we could not resist and that was to buy two ponies from Kwanobuhle because the owner was worried that somebody would come and steal them. After discussion and in order to assure a proper handover we paid the money and brought them both in. Available for Adoption. 

A callout for Stanley to attend to a preggie donkey jenny. He found an abscess and left the necessary instructions.

The two Crossbreed ponies from Kwanobuhle now at the Unit were ridden by Eugene who found that they needed ground work as they did not know our normal aides.

A Complaint received about an elderly horse and his condition. It was easy enough to entangle as the owner was forthcoming about the horse’s condition and a follow up call to the attending vet revealed all.

A query for donkey harnessing was received from way down the coast. She was sent pictures of our harnessing and prices for bits as well.

Followed by distressed Call for Help for a stray stallion that was trying to get her mares. Stan and Alfred were dispatched to go and collect him. Again, an OB NUMBER received for him but to date, nobody has claimed him. In due course, if not claimed he will be vetted, gelded and made available for adoption maybe. It appears that nobody is looking for him either!!

We were sent a photograph of our WOODY, jumping a jump.  It brought back memories of the Saturday that Alfred and I were called to collect a STRAY. It was as hot as the proverbial and the pony did not want to know us. Suffice it to say, we eventually with the help of bystanders to load him and bring him home to the Unit. His coat was shocking and there was mange on his face and body. It was not long before he was spied by Marie who adopted him and introduced him to better manners and now, he is moving on under her tender care. Well done, Marie!

Stan did the hooves of 8 donkeys and 2 ponies.

One of the people who pop in to get manure for their veggie patch, brought in new fresh veg for the staff. Thank you!!

Our ROCKING THE BLUES was collected by Choice Carriers and delivered safely to his new home.


Kathy Lombaard – Donated 15 bales teff to be collected from Sam Leeanarts

De Andrade Jaunita – Move Fainess to Golden Circle

Philippa donated fly spray and aqueus cream

Barbera Connell – Donated flycream 6 tubs to unit

Natalie donated miracle foam

Donation – 9th Ave, left over horse feed

Collect Bread 9th Ave

Cindy Young – Gave donation of 8 bales teff

Volunteer – Philippa

Bug out SA donated 6 bales of teff

Brett Volunteer – put fly cream on donkeys and groomed

Kathy  – 15 bales teff

Well that’s it for the year and the next newsletter will be available on the 2nd day of January 2021.

We ask you to have a good Christmas and New Year, wearing your masks and washing your hands!  We do so not want lose you just Now. We thank you for your support and interest during 2020.


Contact Details:

Cellphone 072 357 2505   

Bank Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit 

Standard Bank 080733875.