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October '20

What have we all been doing during this lockdown that 2020 has slipped past without us realizing it??? A month and a half to Christmas!

Lucky Boy Josh the donkey was adopted out to a family in George after checking with SPCA for a property check which was good. He was duly collected by Choice Carriers and taken to his new home. So far, so good. He arrived safely and is now getting used to new routines and friends.

Stan, Carla and Tom delivered ROSCOE to his new home in Addo. Go well, boykie.


Afterwards they delivered MAY to her new home in Patterson. The new second hand bakkie did the business without complaint. Both horses settled immediately.


A Complaint down the coast will take a bit more work to complete over the next month or so.


A very kind donation received from the Sardinia Bay Horse Riders Association for which they received a Tax Receipt.


One of four donkeys adopted out recently was lame, so Stan, Tom and Carla visited and sorted the problem out.


Tom (the donkey) was adopted out but due to circumstances was moved to another farm by Carla and Alfred. Took out in the early morning to escape the heat of the day.


Harry, although he had laminitis, but would not allow himself to be caught by the farrier, so Tom and Carla went to assist and hold him while the job was done. Silly boy.


Stan went out and did 10 donkey hooves and 1 pony.


AHS vaccinations done by Carla at the Street Childrens Home. Cash donation received.


And then MAY decided to be difficult. So having ditched her rider, she would not allow herself to be caught. They made arrangements to catch her over the next few days and did. Naughty girl!


A Complaint received of children in a donkey cart hitting the donkeys but they disappeared very quickly.


A Complaint of horses breaking through to next door received. The owner was asked to collect her horse. Done.


Our precious WHITEY was delivered to her new home. Everybody, including Whitey, very happy.


4 donkeys and 1 horse had their hooves trimmed by Stan.


A bulk deworming led to a colt being brought in to wean off his mama and geld.


AHS done for 6 horses.


A foster of two jennies found. Yaaay. With lots of grass for grazing.

The Transkei horse that was brought in at the beginning of the month, returned home with the excess food that had been supplied.


We delivered our MARTHA and THELMA to their new foster home with acres of good grass. Trip uneventful.


An urgent call from SPCA Uitenhage about a man with a donkey that had eaten plastic. So, the owner had introduced a hosepipe into the rectum of the jenny and switched the tap on. NEVER EVER HEARD OF THIS BEING DONE BEFORE. But the owner having admitted to his attempt then disappeared!! Although they have searched they have been unable to find the jenny.


Way back in 2010, a Friend adopted two aged jennies and took them to live on a mountain in Krakeel. The two girls thrived on the new farm and gave their adoptor much joy. Until this past week when one died. Much weeping followed. And then because the other jenny felt the loss more than the adoptor, she also went down and was sent on her way humanely. So sad. But when you know that the girls had the best 9 years of their lives in the mountains with all the other animals. And were loved mightily. Condolences to all.

And then we were advised that our MOJO had managed to escape his camp and been hit by a car that broke his leg so he had to be euthanased humanely . So sad that 3 of our adopteds have come to the end of the line, all at the same time. Condolences to all concerned.


Then Timmy the donkey came in for gelding and has returned home after the job was done.


Then Moses’ donkey, while fighting with another jack, had sliced his fact open.


Treloar very kindly made a donation to the Unit out of her Estate. Although you can’t hear us, Treloar, we thank you very much for your many years of service to us that included welding the gate that had been destroyed by the nighttime visitors, and putting up our burglar bars. And now, you give us money. Thank you and RIP.


A man driving down Kragga Kamma Road, happened to spy a donkey standing with the cows. Stan was despatched to find it and bring it in. And later the owner put her hand up as the owner. Returned home and paid us for the days’ keep. Thank you!


Our LIGHT AS A FEATHER has been delivered to her new home and Adoptor. Another place with acres of grazing plus a donation of lucerne.

As with everybody else doing their best to not be infected with Covid 19, our Stan resumed his visits to Transkei this past weekend and so happy were the people to see him. Unfortunately he had to arrange the euthanasia of a horse whose hoof wall had literally fallen off. Three villages visited and 566 horses inspected.

A lady who loves all her donks asked for our help with a donkey ‘full’ of mange. So Carla and a groom went out to wash his full body with Vetguard and also deworm everybody else!

Carla was horrified by the state of our only horsebox floor – rusted!! She has however managed to find someone willing to refit a new floor. Labour free, just have to pay for the steel floor. Yippeee.


Natalie – donated Miracle Foam

Volunteers – Josh and girls / Phillippa     

Volunteer – Angie

Charmaine Fitzgerald – Donated lots of carrots

Anne - 9th Ave bread collected

Volunteer – Philippa

Mary Reeks – Donation of Jods and boots

Volunteers – Julie and Janine brought lots of carrots and fed

Volunteers – Josh and Girls and Philippa

Volunteer - Makayla

Mary - bales lucerne donation

AWS – Box of Zeropar wound /tick spray

TRICOR – Donated passanger Mirror for Colt , all organized by Phillippa !! Wow! Thank you Thank you! Eugene fitted the mirror for us!

Volunteers – Philippa and Eugene,

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