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September '20

Well, I do not know about anybody else but I certainly can’t wait for the end of 2020. These last few months have been mind-blowing!


The SPCA Uitenhage stopped a donkey cart with young kids driving it, beating and overloaded.  They wanted to open a case against them and have sent us pictures, we agreed. What a way to start the new month? Was it a portent of what was to come?


We were surrendered two donkey jennies, who turned out to be two that we had treated for Strangles some years ago and had now been handed over to someone new. A recheck on a horse was also done at the same time. 


Our LIGHT AS A FEATHER, having been surrendered back to us was vaccinated for AHS. Available for Adoption. 


…Followed by a rash of AHS vaccinations (non-competitive horses).


A wonderful donation of tack all the way from Stilbaai on the west coast was received. Thank you, Nicole.


A surrendered mare presented with colic symptoms and was treated.  


Our SHOCKING RED returned from East London. 


A request to get their donkey with chopped ears back with a request for two new harnesses. Somebody had chopped the tips of the donkey's ears so he was admitted on the understanding that he would only be returned when the owner had returned from Grahamstown. This is done for identification purposes, but because we know what we know, it is extremely painful for the donkey and actively strive to prevent it from happening in the first place.


A generous offer of fostering received for Zorro, the youngster now weaned and his mommy adopted out already. He has settled down well. 


All the donkey boys dewormed, which is a hectic job to do, but they all got done. 


We collected an entire stallion surrendered with a mare and arranged for him to be gelded the following week. 


But then the thieves paid us a night time visit again! Damaged the gate and got away with the kettle and a vacuum cleaner and cellphone charger!


We have been offered 11 donkeys from down the coast. Decision pending.


Two geldings done, all went well. 


And then, Stanley found a second-hand bakkie for the Unit. YaaaaY! Now that we are on Lockdown Level 1, Stanley will have to resume his Transkei visits, preferably in a hardy vehicle.  All that remained was to pay for it, but thanks to the most generous donations of cash received in response to a cry for help from us, plus the money we received for the sale of the Mazda, this was easily done.


Thank you all for letting us buy the new Isuzu!!


A request for a donkey gelding received, but rather than spend money to bring him in from Humansdorp, we will send to Dr van Vuuren at Humvet to be done.


A magnificent painting received from Kathy for the Auction Room. Coming up soon!!


Our WINTER PASSING, having waited 5 months over Lockdown, was delivered to his new home.


A slew of hooves done by Stanley.

Then it was that woeful day, the 17th of September. Having been alerted to the chaos at Fairview Racecourse, Carla and Stanley headed off with the horsebox, to be faced with the horror of a riot involving horses. The horses had all scattered in all directions in their fear and flight mode. Assisted by the South African Police Service Mounted Unit they managed to catch them all and load them into the SAPS Mounted Unit giant horsebox and return them to veterinary care at Fairview. Stan and Carla were gobsmacked to find wounds that we would ordinarily find in the townships! Poor children, wide eyed and very excited, but treated by Dr Parker. Quite a shock for all concerned. Having done their bit and offered more, Carla and Stan returned back to base. Yes, the phone went mad the whole morning and afternoon, but all calls responded to. Such a shame that two horses were killed in the event. A Thank You phonecall received from one of the owners.


We were all very sad to hear that ROOKIE REBEL had been humanely euthanased on Vet instruction as he had fractured two bones in his leg when he fell. It was a little sop to us that his last few months after being rescued from dire circumstances he had been loved well and cared for. RIP.


Our SHOCKING RED starting colicking. Dr Hilda did the normal and in a few days there was plastic bag in her manure! Once it had been evacuated, the colic settled down.


And then there were horses out on a busy road. Carla managed to find the owner and herded them back inside with assistance of other road users. Thank you!


A Complaint received of horses invading a nearby property and causing damaged to said property. 


A recent receipt from the Collection Tin at Grass Roof meant banking R510. We thank all contributors!



Volunteers – Josh and two girls, Philippa,

Donation of cubes AWS

Mary Reeks – Donated 5 bales Grass bales

9th Av bread collect

Tait – Donation two kettles (NOW hidden away!!)

Steph - Donated two Lucerne and organised Twenty bales donation from Bolivia

The Catbox - 7 bags cubes

Bolivia donation 24 bales oat hay


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