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August '20

WHAT a month!! Staring defeat in the face with an empty bank balance! But with a facebook rant by Carla, and the positive reaction of so many concerned horse people, we have made it to the end of August and probably for another year. SO firstly we need to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who responded:  Geoff, Anne, Minky, Principle, Pitt, Vriend, Charmain, Samantha, Van Eyck, Eileen, Briggs, Abby, Binning, Janet, Elaine, Kathy, For the Animals, Colleen, Amy, Thoroughbred Breeders Association, McLagan, Floyd, Misty, Jenny, Gavin, Williams, Jordan, Janine, Jenette and Val.  Or at least these are the ones who identified themselves. Sorry if you contributed and are not mentioned, but please know that a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and that we will be eternally thankful to you all. The thought of having to euthanase our horses and donkeys really did our heads in.


At the same time, word got around and so Carla was invited to Man Made Radio for an interview with the one and only Daron Mann, which she handled well and no doubt added to the amount raised for the Unit. Because of everything that has happened since January to all of us, many Animal welfare organisations are now in the same situation. And yes, the donation of a bakkie load of carrots which started the whole shebang off was also much appreciated  by the horses and donkeys (lol).

Our LENTE, NESQUICK AND NESTLE were adopted and delivered out to their new home.

As some of you are aware, the Mazda was giving us problems, but with the help of Michael and Charmane, Algoa Bay Mechanical Repair fixed the clutch at no cost to us.  


The donkey with the dog bites to his hindquarter was sponsored by Pauline, which means the ex owner got paid for his donk and now, when healed, he can be adopted out.


We got a nasty shock when we saw one of our horses up for sale on facebook. A few phonecalls later it turned out to be that someone had taken a picture and put him up for sale WITHOUT THE ADOPTOR KNOWING! Shocking!! 

A fund raising initiative on our behalf was arranged by Helena. Carla popped across on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed her time there.  It involves two of our horses being used to introduce the younger generation to horses. A sterling amount of money has been banked.  Thank you so much, Helena.

We admitted a lame horse delivered from Transkei for treatment, food included for the horse.

Two Complaints received and handled by Carla. 

The owners of Norm Hudlin on Kragga Kamma Road, very kindly fostered Missy and Spirit to eat their grass. Thank you so much!

Another Complaint for Lockdown was handled and already the difference can be seen. 

A young, very thin little boy donk admitted and the first thing we did to him was a necessary dewormer.

A Uitenhage Langa donkey in somebody’s yard and she had possibly aborted a fetus. She was collected and admitted for observation and subsequently returned to her owner. 

Another Complaint received, but once a decision as to how to proceed, the horses have improved.

Our AYITA was adopted out and delivered at last.  Our CORKER has entered her first Show and did very well. Go well, girlie! Our OCCULUS has also found her new owner and been returned to Port Elizabeth. So happy!

Pictured: CORKER

Carla attended to two very ‘ticklish’ i.e. difficult Complaints and managed to sort the problems out. 

A horse admitted from Jacksonville because owner felt she was ‘not right’. Under Observation and Veterinary care. He has however decided to sell the mare and her son. We can only show the mare, but will make a plan for the son to bring him in. 

It is always interesting when people take on horses to ‘improve’ them because sometimes it just does not turn out that way. One horse in this type of situation had dramatically improved, so much so that Carla had her breath taken way. Well done to the persevering owner.

Our mare and foal who were fostered by Mrs Fenix were collected and the mare taken to her new home. Thank you so much Val for their improved condition and stay. 

A horse at one of the Complaints was euthanased having gone down and being unable to get up. 

The Collection Tins at Grass Roof were collected and we banked R541.10 which we banked. Thanks to all customers of Grass Roof for their contributions.

A beautiful donation from Havilah Jewellers for the Auction page was collected for drop offs as auction already done. Thank you, Havilah!

An offer of Adoption was received for our Whitey for the end of September, and maybe even another donkey too!

Somebody has also put their hand up to adopt Zani and her companion animal.

Our LIGHT AS A FEATHER has returned to us due to very sad circumstances. So sad. 

We were sad to hear that our BLOSSOM who we had been discussing a day before, had gone down and was unable to get to her hooves.  Vet advised that it appeared she had had a heart attack or stroke as she was blind in both eyes. The necessary arrangements made. Shame girly but at least your final years have been much better than they would have been when you were working in the townships. RIP

Then the electrical cable above the camp exploded and fell into the Big Girls camp.  The Municipality will have to rectify at some stage but for the moment we have a supply of electricity. In the meantime, Carla did the necessary by removing the cable from the camp.

Boesman, the dog bite donkey jack, has healed so well with simple treatment, he is now Available for Adoption.


Clare  – Donated 5 bales Grassmix

William and Penny – Delivered 2 rolls of plain grass as donation

Waikaito – Donated 10 bales lucerne

Claire Petrie – Donated old blankets

Rose – donated two bales grass for Whitey

Thomas – halters

Tracy Ruddy – Donated 3 bags of shandy cubes

Sue – 30 small teff bags

Donation of lucerne 10 bales and 4 teff from Charne, Patricia and Lindy.

Pam and Kathy – donated 3 Teff rounds

Claire – Donated old blanket

Havilah Jewellers donated auction items.

VOLUNTEERS - Annrie and Staci


Well, although we are still in Lockdown the level has dropped so hopefully people will be able to get on with their lives in a more normal state.



Contact Details: Cellphone 072 357 2505    Bank Account:  Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit, Standard Bank 080733875.