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July '20

This Lockdown has been a bit of a ‘mare. We have had to retrench two members of staff!! Which will in time come back to bite us when we need extra pairs of hands. Just because we do not have the wherewithal to pay them their salaries. So Sad!

A pony admitted for treatment to a fetlock wound that would not heal at home. So we began a number of daily wound care actions to rectify the situation. All paid for by owner. Pony gone home!

Six of our Available for Adoption horses received their second AHS vaccinations. So they are ready to go! Well done, Carla and Jessie.

One of our township residents surrendered his pregnant donkey to the Unit for rehoming.

Then we found out via the grapevine that our WHITEY had been left on a farm leaving other folk to look after her and leaving her with laminitis. So she was brought in so Stanley could do what he could for her hooves. The nice thing is is that somebody has put their hand up to adopt her.

Our office cat, BISCUIT, suddenly went MIA. She was not much of a wanderer, so it has been a bit puzzling as to what could have occurred to her. Perhaps she hopped into a car with the door open and was unwittingly kidnapped? If so, sorry! And please return asap!

One of Moses’ donkeys came across from Airport Valley for some of our company. 

A Raffle with a prize of a sponsored getaway 2 night stay by the Kibbles’ was drawn by Tracy’s domestic and the winner was Janet Blankinsop. Well done, Janet, enjoy!

A pony received his AHS vaccination and his 3 donkey companions were dewormed. Paid for.

Our BEN and his friend Mr Fudge also received their AHS vaccinations. Paid for. 

(We are so grateful when these AHS vaccinations are paid for by the owners!)

And then, horror of horrors, one of our grooms’ girlfriends tested positive for the dreaded COVID 19. We did the only sensible thing, not that we have had many visitors to the Unit of late, and ‘shut down’. Face masks, sanitizing, you know the drill by now. Turns out everybody was negative!! Whew!! We are sure you will understand.

Stan and Jess went down the coast to collect two of our Thbs, KIMMER FARM and SILVER as there were problems in the area which made for difficulties with feeding and keeping them safe. Available for Adoption.


A very upset township owner phoned pleading for help with his donkey that had been attacked by dogs (above), leaving a huge wound to the spine just above the tail – right down to the bone! And his muzzle. Quite a shocker! The bites were too old for stitching and besides the flesh around the wound would be very bruised so basically pointless to stitch. The daily procedure then commenced. Our normal standby of Epson Salts was instituted with daily washing and the application of Epson Salts, Dermovet and a painkiller. He is healing well and now his regular trying to kick the person washing his wounds has ceased. The question of two folk on the fb page was: Is he going to be returned to the owner. Yes, he is, when he is healed and when he is ready. His owner has our number and has no hesitation in surrendering any of his donkeys to us for treatment. Yes, we will try and get him handed over permanently to the Unit for adoption as a Companion animal.

He started off in Pen 2 with shavings to keep his wounds clean, but it is a cold place, but later when he was moved to the Foaling Down camp into the sunshine, he really blossomed although he stands with difficulty after lying down and not too sure that he can ‘wag’ his tail so question remains – is this donkey capable of being a ‘working donkey’. We will see.

A phone call from Correctional Services had us wide eyed! The bloke that assaulted me in the office in 2012, was due for parole, and what did I think about that. Not much but gave the go ahead for his release. Must have been pretty grim for him all these years but he did the crime and has done the time.

A complaint received about a picture on Gumtree for a saddlebred with hobbles on that was for sale the owner was contacted and after discussion she did get a Vet Report that she sent to us indicating that the horse was fine. 

A complaint received about a ‘thin’ horse was done, with the answer being that the horse was old but they were doing all they could to rectify the problem. 

Due to our Bank Account having a parlous balance, we sold the green horsebox. Sad, but it had to be done.

And, then, a happy outcome. Our Titch (fellabella) and Micaela (her donkey companion) were rehomed to a caring home with four of our other adopted donkeys. Everybody has settled in well, including the new ‘parents’. whew!

Four horses vaccinated against AHS on Carla’s way home. Payment received.

And then another Complaint about a horse sold on and now looking shabby. Various phonecalls made to establish exactly what was going on and in the end, all sorted. To be monitored.

A Complaint about goats in Motherwell received, but the call was diverted to the NMMM Cowboys.

A Complaint with all the yelling and shouting on a road leading out of Kwanobuhle of a donkey cart with the donkey need ‘emergency’ help. Stanley’s house was on fire so he was tied up with this but shortly thereafter he did attend the complaint only to find a small area of graze on a hindquarter. Definitely NOT an emergency call. To solve the problem that had everybody kicking and screaming, he brought two of the four donkeys into the Unit, having established who the owner was. They have settled in but will return home soon.

We were stunned to see that the fb post about the pony and two donkeys was seen 69,419 times. Wowzer!!


Michelle – Donated 4 bags cubes

Feed n Seed – Donated 2 bags cubes

Catbox – Donated 11 bags cubes

Mary Reeks – Donated 5 bales grass

Theuns – Bringing us a donation of barley grass shoots as donation for horses

Ann - Donated all old water buckets, fly masks , 3 bales grass mix to unit.

Mary reeks – Donation of 5 grass bales

Rose – Donation one grass mix and one teff.

Juanita – Donated duvet blanket


Ann - 3 bags of shavings

Western shop - Halter and lead

Jess donated some tack for auction

Hildergardt/Bonsai Primary – Donated carrots , and Kitkats and apples for Madiba day

Ralph from Fresh produce has bakkie load carrots for us to collect as donation.

…and some lovely lolly into the Bank Account for which we thank the donors.

Volunteers – Staci , Holly and Jenna, Josh – Ride

Well, that’s it. But having written all the above, we have at this moment in time come to the end of our Bank Balance.   Unfortunately, we will have to curtail some of our activities although we will be on hand to handle urgent matters. Thankfully we have sufficient fodder to feed the equines!

Contact Details: Cellphone 072 357 2505  


Bank Account: 

Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit,

Standard Bank

Current Account 080733875