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June '20

So, June has gone… Level 4 Lockdown has passed and now we are in Level 3… and what a month it has been.

Unfortunately, the funds raised at the last Raceday in 2019 have been depleted to a bad point. So anybody out there with millions to spare, please give us a thought for some of it. We do not run the Unit with great expense but rather on the ‘smell of an oil rag’. We have sufficient fodder and cubes for the moment, however we do need the ‘green stuff’ to keep our wheels turning. Please help!

Of course, we celebrated our 14th Birthday on the 1st of June.  This gorgeous photograph of 4 of our donkeys in their new home. Safe and Sound! Thank you for sending Jenine. 

And thank you to all the well-wishers!

A horse with an irregular gait was assisted at home for an X-ray for which the owner will pay. Due to concern by our own Dr Hilda, the X Rays were sent to a specialist who also found the anomaly and made his recommendations which have been instituted forthwith. The horse has already improved - YaaaY!

We began by collecting and bringing two of our donkeys in, due to level of grazing being down.

 And then Paul put his hand up to foster 4 donkeys, yes 4!!!. We duly delivered them and they were overwhelmed with the acres of grazing that met their eyes. Thank you so much, Paul! Indeed a generous gesture to these much maligned animals. 

And then the second truck arrived with more 72 more rolls of eragrostis! Staff got stuck in and unloaded and packed away.

It does not matter that Moses has taken his donkeys back to Walmer township, because, they still manage to find their way back to us. So two of his donkeys missed the AWS gate and found themselves outside Arlington Tip. All moved back to the Unit. SO clever are donkeys. Moses collected them the next day.

A pony with a nasty cut on her leg has been receiving regular visits to tend and heal the wound.

A recheck on 11 donkeys undertaken by Stanley. All good.

An observation I have made over the years has been that township donkey owners start off wanting jennies so they can breed more donkeys for their own use or to sell. However, there inevitably comes a time when they want their donkeys gelded, the jacks that is.  Then they find all the neighbouring jacks want to impregnate their jennies and fights between donkeys and humans often occur. So often we are asked to buy a jenny because it is not so stressful and less fighting. We take the chance to buy them at the going rate of R200 per jenny with or without a foal. So Ryno got his wish and so we have a lone jenny waiting for a home.

After treatment, one pony and her companion returned to the owner and we were paid for the meds and transport. Thank you, Heidi.

 A recheck on an initial complaint, suggesting underweight horses, proved to have improved slightly but will be monitored.

I do not know what we did without cell phones!! A report received on the cell about a donkey on the airport road with a tether.  Could only be one owner so he was phoned and he collected the donkey posthaste.

In compliance with the South African Law, all our horses available for adoption and one hospital case were vaccinated for AHS. Well done, girls!

A regular request for Flu Vaccines needing to be done and AHS the next week. Cash donation received. Recheck of 3 horses done at the same time. 

Phumelela asked us to vaccinate two horses near Fairview.  After owner initially resisting, Stanley handled the Case and got it done!

A donation received for a colic case in a pony. 

While we did a home visit, the pony did not want to be looked at and ran around like a mad thing… and then he had a ‘movement’! and all was well. 

Moses’ two donkeys found the AWS gate and waited for Jessica to come and let them in on a weekend. Kleva kids!

And sometimes, we do what we gotta. Jackson brought his donkey in to the Unit. And because Jackson owes our Stanley money but Stanley does not want a donkey at home (wise man), Stanley donated the donkey to the Unit. Thank You, Stanley, he will be safe with us. 

A possible surrender of a colt and donkey from East London was received but to date they have not arrived at the Unit.

And then Carla and Jessica hived off to Kareedouw to conduct and inspection on 50 horses. A bit of a conundrum but various recommendations made.

Two grass rolls were delivered to their new owner. All paid for.

A dead donkey was found by a Langa resident who phoned to ask for removal. The Complaint was forward to SPCA Uitenhage and they willingly said they would take care of it. Thank You, SPCA!

A difficult case requiring a Search and Seize Warrant from a property was requested from the Magistrates. About 25 horses were finally visited and certainly the visit was a bit of a fiasco. Ongoing. 

4 horses vaccinated for ‘Flu by Carla on her way home and for which we were paid. Thank you!

A Complaint received about a horse in an old photograph was handled by sending a new updated photograph.

…and then Moses’ donkeys found the AWS gate again.

A Complaint about stray horses in Plett was received. The complainant was told to get an IB or OB number from the closest Police Station to register their whereabouts to the owner. 

Sjoe! It was amazing to find that our Database has reached over 2000 cases. Everything from a man with one donkey to one man with 30 or more horses! Wowzer!

2 Stanley rechecks for 1 Crossbreed and 1 donkey and 3 Crossbreeds. All OK.

Afrika, Quagga and Trompie were adopted out and we wish them all the best for their future. 

I do not believe that people realize the reach of Facebook. Carla was advised via cell phone that there were two ponies on a busy Charlo road early one morning. When she was able and after having rounded them up off the road, she put up a post of the two on the Unit FB page. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Over 13,000 views, 167 shares! And that was before 9.30am!  Thankfully the owners arrived and took them home. SO, Carla was late to work that day! Lol. Facebook definitely has some ‘benefits’.  Unfortunately the same thing happened the next night. But as we now know who the owners are, we are able to phone them and tell them what could occur should the horses be involved in any accident.

And while we are at it, we have 4 Directors for the Unit and while they are not involved with the daily activities, at the three monthly Directors meetings, the last meeting being held at the Unit this past week, where any issues of policy are brought to their attention, discussed and acted upon. 


Sheila – gave donation of two blankets and tick grease

Donation of tack from AWS

AWS – Donation two packs of Hand Sanitiser.

Helen - Tack donation

AWS – Donation tack         

Donation carrots from AWS

Johnathan donated 1 bag of Epsom salts (25kg)

Lee ann and Amy Contel – Donate carrots

Glennifer – Bales of lucerne 25

Volunteer – Staci rode and groomed horses.

Volunteer – Hollly came to ride, very capable.. Great!!

Volunteers – Holly, Staci and Jenna ride horses and groomed.

Volunteers – Staci, Holly rode and groomed

Volunteers – Staci and Holly

OK, that’s it. So much for Lockdown!! And now for July. Oh boy!

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