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May '20

Good day!  After a month or two of incarceration and packed with April Fools Days, we have made it to June, our ‘birthday’ from 2006!   I know it has been very trying for us all, but we are going to Level 3 now, and things being what they are, our horse riders should be able to ride more. Happy Days!

We started May off with that Facebook rant and complaint from a couple of folks, only two of which were determined to make their point, so a meeting was held at the office on the Sunday morning where we, Carla and I, disabused their thoughts by presenting the entire case.  At the end of the meeting, Carla was apologized to, not only once but twice although we have not seen a public apology on Facebook!!   In the end it is important to remember that if you see something you are not happy with, you MUST phone and record you complaint with the Unit 072 3572505.   There is absolutely no point in ranting on Facebook or chatting to friends or people who cannot do what we do, which is investigate and get the matter sorted legally.

Followed by a Complaint sent to another organization who tried to sort the matter out without visiting the problem and doing an honest inspection or investigation.  Facebook again!   However, Carla was able to establish who and where this problem was happening and then visited the so called problem children to establish exactly what was going on, only to find that things were a lot better than they had been portrayed as.  Sorted!

 Three other Complaints received that were handled with dexterity by Carla. 

Reports of a horse stray on a road, leading to Carla phoning the owner who disabused herself of being the problem.   On visiting Carla recognized the horse and phoned the owner again who then admitted it was her horse and that somebody was on their way to get the horse back into its paddock again.  At least this did not appear on Facebook!

We admitted a pony for gelding and set up a visitation with the vet for a Veterinary Certificate on another Complaint.

A request for help from a Nobuhle owner for his donkey that could not find the cause of not eating and lying down a lot.  Collected by Carla and Tom and brought back to the Unit.  Not showing signs of colic just breathing heavily.  A day later, he simply laid down and died at the feet of staff who were waiting for the vet to arrive.   Apparently hit by a vehicle which damaged his one eye and caused major damage to his abdomen.   Shame boy, RIP.

A welfare donkey gelding done by Dr H.  All OK and now returned to his home.

The pony admitted for gelding was not done as he only had one testes the other one being in the Iguinal canal.  We will have to wait and see if it descends.


His heels however have healed.

And then, catastrophe at home for me.  Burst geyser in the roof flooding my entire homeat 3 am and being offered a kind and generous offer of a place to stay by Mrs Fenix.  Thank you so much, Val!  Which enabled me to get myself together and get over my PTSD!

Our EASTER was surrendered back to us along with a blanket and a generous donation.

An owner with a Welshy who was coughing phoned asking for assistance.  In the end event, she and her donkey companion were admitted to the Unit for further observation.

Further on with the Uitenhage case, Dr Hilda accompanied Carla to do a Veterinary Certificate of Health assessment on the palomino.   We have the report but no recommendation of euthanasia.

The Pony with the vrot heels with daily bandaging with Miracle Foam has healed well, but will have to wait for his gelding to be done.

Our Percy, aka Percy from Perseverance, who was brought in  in 2012 with a combined SAPS, SPCA Uitenhage, SAPS Mounted Unit and ECHCU staff after finding himself stray on the very busy road from PE to Uitenhage and adopted out after a while to a gentle lady who took him under her wing, sent his picture. 

A Complaint in Kareedouw where 3 ponies were inspected.  Various recommendations were made to the owners. While Carla was there she visited one of our adoptors and made recommendations to deworm again. 

And then lucky boy HARRY was adopted out and delivered.  However, the resident horse took exception to the donkey and managed to knock the adoptor over and left her with concussion! Now all well and the horse has decided that the donk is not a threat! Whew!

At the request of the Nobuhle owner, Stan delivered 2 full harnesses and a small tube of Dermovet. 

At the same time he delivered Dip to a Nobuhle owner who had requested it.  Best practice. 

A bit of a runaround when a Complaint was received about a malnourished horse in Humansdorp.  He was kept for us by the SPCA and Stanley was sent off with the horsebox to collect the horse.  By the time Stanley arrived, his owner found him.  Stanley discussed the matter with Inspector Desmond and the owner and Stanley recommended a deworming and more feed.  The horse turned out to be ‘just’ a pet.  All his details were taken and with the owners permission the conversation was recorded on a cellphone.  We will do a recheck when we go to do the AHS shots.

And then on a Sunday, we received 72 rounds of teff/grass via the Shams.  Staff were happy to roll them off the truck and stack them.  We will pay for this fodder as THE NATIONAL HORSE TRUST popped some money into our Bank Account for fodder for which we THANK  them.

And then it was back to blasting for the water pipe next to AWS. 

We were lucky enough to get some good rain this past week, it did however, dam up in the Donkey Boy Camp.  Lucky for us Scribante Construction who are doing the water pipe construction helped out with a water pump to get rid of some of the dammed up water.

Our EASTER and WALL OF SOUND were adopted out, after a Property Check.

A donkey knocked over in Addo was reported to the Unit, and although the finder was instructed to get a SAPS member to shoot it, this was not done.  The donkey was dragging itself around with his hind legs paralysed.  So, off went Carla and Stanley armed with a copy of the Animal Protection Act to Addo where the APA was thoroughly discussed and soon a Sergeant shot the donkey and was loaded into the horsebox.  Well done, Vicky, for not closing your eyes to the problem and actually doing something about it!


Linda Edwards – Donation of ten bales lucerne, c collected .

Floyds – Donation 4 x grass mix and 1 chaff.

Well, that is it for May,  wonder what is coming our way in June, aside from our Birthday on 1 June!

Contact Details: Cellphone 072 357 2505    Bank Account:  Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit, Standard Bank 080733875.


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