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April '20

Well done, ALL of you, for getting through the LOCKDOWN, for some of us, almost!!  Thank goodness I got a travel permit for all staff as at least three of us have been pulled over and questioned!!  The Unit has been quiet for the past month, but yes, there have been problems!  What a question!!

An adoptor having difficulty in cleaning her horses hooves, so Carla visited, assisted and showed her how to do it.

The donkey from last month with the damaged testes inflicted by another jack, was brought in at the same time as fodder to be collected had a dual purpose.  The gelding was done and yes, it was not pleasant, but handled with dexterity by Dr Hayward.   But prevented from going home by the Lockdown.

One of our Transkei owners horses eye had a discharge so he was instructed how to clean it. 

One of our northern township donkey owners phoned requesting harnessing.  He will just have to wait at this stage, as we are not doing township calls during LOCKDOWN unless it is an emergency, like bleeding to death or broken legs. 

Another Uitenhage donkey owner phoned wanting tick dip and harnessing.  He too will have to wait a bit.

Two adoption possibilities, 1 for a horse and 1 for a donk.  And a request about sarcoids.

A very sad adoptor brought his horse in for help as there were times of lameness that he could not sort out.  The horse, one of ours, was taken to our Vets at 9th Avenue where an X-ray revealed a knee chip and arthritis.  Euthanased as instructed by the Vet.  Owner devastated.

Carla took a chance by collecting a horse from one farm to another.  Horse welcomed back to his old home.  Just prior to the final LOCKDOWN. 

Another rescuer of two horses  was having difficulty in getting weight on.  It was agreed that she would surrender the horse to the Unit at the end of Lockdown (that was then extended by two weeks!)

Stan returned the burned jenny back to her Mission Road owner, just in time.

Then for a little ‘light relief’:  Staff arriving for work found that the boy donks had escaped their camp by breaking a fence pole and proceeded to have a whale of a time jolling around the Animal Welfare Society’s grounds leaving a trail of ‘muffins’ in their wakes.  Lol.  Maybe they had seen some of the animals on Facebook, mainly wild animals, coming into various towns around the planet!!

A Complaint received, visited and found to not be as bad as predicted.

 And then, it had to happen at some stage! - Carla has one of her own donkeys fostering a pony near her farm. She decided to go ‘walkabout’.  Carla was frantic to find her, and as it was the Lockdown she spent some time roaming around the area on foot with her partner, Grant, all to no avail.  Facebook, normally so helpful in this type of drama, was useless!!   Not one phonecall, making the stress even worse.  Thank goodness, Mama had found herself a farm nearby that Carla had not been into and on asking if they had an extra donkey, was told, um…. Yes.   Problem solved!  Naughty girl!  Now safely back at home.

The two horses brought in from Uitenhage, having recovered a little bit were adopted out to their original relieved owners and delivered safe and sound.

We understand that sometimes you need to get ‘rid of’ your horse.  Having said that and hopefully not upset anybody by it, you are welcome to surrender your horse to the Unit and we shall take it under our wing and make sure that all the ‘right’ things happen so that we don’t have the debacle of the two Uitenhage thoroughbreds. And, PLEASE, get a proper legal document for the sale signed and sealed.

A  yell for help received about a donkey fetlock.  Advised accordingly.

A Complaint about three donkeys tied up with no water in a field with one rope very short.  Carla  knows the owner and phoned him and told him to remedy the situation.  Done

Another call received about a rescued horse being unable to get to his feet.  We requested our Vet to attend, which he did but subsequently horse was humanely euthanased.  It was found after cutting her up that her derms had holes in them and that the pooh had leaked out to where it was found under her skin.

Another query for a donkey adoption.

A request for assistance to get eye ointment into her horses eye.  Carla assisted.

A Complaint received about a horse with a bad wound on its hind leg.  Carla visited the next day and on seeing the wound, told the owner she would have to bring it in as there was nobody around to assist with the treatment.  Wound rotten with fly larvae.  Admitted to unit for treatment and gelding.

Our own precious LOURIE, foaled down with a big beautiful little girl. 

And then, you always have one, just one, unhappy customer launching forth on Facebook.  Matters are in hand to settle the dust.

Stanley, armed with his permit to travel returned a donkey back to Kwanobuhle and at the same time collected a donkey with a broken leg which he took straight for euthanasia.

A Complaint received but will only be dealt with hopefully after Stage 4 Lockdown (whenever that is!).


Feed n Seed – Donation 8 bales grassmix, 2 chaff

Ashley – 1 roll Eragrostis

Trevor and Juanita – Lucerne and chaff

Antoinette – 2 rounds grass

As Winston once said Keep On Carrying On.

Tally Ho,  M

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