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October '19

Goodness! WHAT a month??

We were saddened to hear that our SCOOBY had been euthanased due to a broken hip. But at the same time, we know that he had only the best since he was adopted out with his mama and auntie. RIP

Our newly arrived from Cape Town BELIEVER and Zephyr from down the coast, were gelded which helped get them adopted out forthwith. Both to good homes and we wish them well.

Followed by a whole bunch of AHS and ‘Flu vaccinations.

A visit to Hankey was visited by the regulars, replacing two bits and 3 harnesses plus bottles of ready mixed Epson Salts for any wounds that may occur.

A donkey owner phoned asking us to fetch her donkey that had just had hot water poured on her back. Because it was ‘new’ burn the skin had not even yet lifted. But after a few days, it did and from then on it was a case of keeping it clean and removing the dead skin. She is healing well.

A township Cartie had a donkey hoof problem and asked for Stan to visit and rectify as well as a request for a new harness, please.

A donkey birth means when you get to the office in the morning, there is a new ‘face’ to greet. And so, that is what we did, greeted it..

Our Jacksonville horse owner with two horses got their AHS vaccinations followed up by the second shot at the end of the month.
With all the clearing alongside our home, it required to be blasted as well. We were a bit concerned about the equines and how it would affect them. We were sent a letter setting out times and dates of the blasting, but the noise was not too great and barely raised any equine ears or eyebrows!!

HUMBLE ADDICT had a try out ride and some days later, he and his companion donkey left for their new home. Go well, boys!

Two horses surrendered and brought in by staff.

A middle of the night call from the local SAPS about a ‘bleeding’ horse on the Motherwell road was taken by Stanley. A man driving on that road had seen the horse being struck on the shoulder by a vehicle, before the car left the road. A paramedic followed the car, caught the horse and bandaged it up before the owner came and claimed it and took it home. Our Vet, Dr Charles also got a call that he forwarded to Stanley. In the end, the next day we found out who the owner was and asked how the horse was feeling. Fine at that stage. Lucky boy!

And then catastrophe! On arriving at work in the morning, Carla found one of the two baby donks, lying strangely and way too quiet. Because it was still alive, she was taken to the Vet in case, but it was found that it had been attacked by dogs and had a broken neck and potential brain injuries, so she was euthanized. Of course, Carla was severely stressed. She did however check the other foal and found that it too had been bitten on the leg and also with dog saliva on his neck, but at least he was alive and kicking. He too has recovered from his shock.

And then, Friend Treloar, passed away. The ONLY woman I knew who had her own welding kit and who was always willing to come and fix our burglar bars and the stable gate. Our condolences go to her Mother and Brother who have supported her over the years with their love and care. We will miss you, Treloar.

Then, our BELIEVER left to go to his new home. Well done, boytjie! go well in your new home.

ZEPHYR and ZET recently surrendered from down the coast, were snapped up very quickly and adopted out and delivered to their new home and caring, knowledgeable parent. Both crossbreeds.

…and more AHS vaccinations done…

And then our main Fundraiser of the year happened! Always a busy time trying to slot things in their correct places. As usual Dorrie and Mark Sham came to the party and assisted with the arrangements. Thank heavens for them and their continued support. The Gold Coin Raffle ‘hit’ the right spot and all were sold on Sunday, Thank you to Len Sham and Alan Demby. We make use of the Raceday to ‘treat’ our regular and hard working Volunteers to lunch. We hope you all enjoyed the afternoon of downtime!

Some gremlin got into the ‘works’ and so our Computaform Thank You to Sponsors was omitted from the Racecard. So, just in case you would like to know what the letter said, please see below:

The Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit would like to thank most sincerely the sponsors of our races today, 25th October 2019.
In these ever increasingly negative times in the economy, they have put their shoulders to our wheels to enable us to continue with all sorts of Thoroughbreds, Crossbreeds and donkeys. We are ever so grateful to you all.

We are never sure who will find us, but they do, from all types of situations from which they want or need to be removed or owners educated.

Our thanks go to Wilgerbosdrif Stud, Ascot Stud, 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic, Mrs Val Fenix, Bloodstock SA, Mauritzfontein Stud, Cape Breeders Club and SA Gold Coin Exchange.

It does not matter how parlous our bank account is, we have a job of work to do and so our heartfelt thanks to you all. It helps us sleep at night!

Thank you for joining with us this Raceday and we wish you a wonderful day at the Races. Bless you all.

Yours sincerely

Without Race Sponsors we would not be able to function for the next few months. We are so grateful for their sponsorship we just have to spread it judiciously over the next year on fodder, fuel and the Vet!

Treloar’s FLAMING ACE delivered to his new home and new rider who is absolutely besotted with her new ride. Go well, child!

Followed in the new week by Carla taking TORTOLA and SHUMI (Crossbreed) were safely delivered to their new homes, despite a gale force wind and rain. Well done, Carla!

On the way home, she picked up a stallion that needed to lose some of his testosterone. As it was on the way home, she visited and the horse loaded well and was admitted to the Unit safe and sound and ready for his gelding.

Meantime, back at the ranch/Unit, we received a facebook message from Andrew who said that two donkeys had decided to visit the grooms accommodation at Fairview Race Course and could we please come and check. He did and had them walked to a safe property (Thank you, Elaine!) while he fetched the other horsebox to bring them in. No hands up yet to claim them, and they are definitely NOT working donkeys, somebody must be missing them.


Linton Grange Animal Hospital – Lucerne
Volunteer – Kerry can sew, so we gave her one nose bag to try and sew and R180 to buy materials. Clark Butler donkeys groom and clean rocks out of camp
Carina – donated Auction items
Deena - carrots and apples
Sam Schewitz – donated two nosebags
Lucy – donated 3 bags fodder
Volunteeers – Angie, Eugene and Calista, Lee Ann and Amy, Kerry
Wilmien fixed, moved fence at the jack camp

A month of ‘all over the place’, we are hoping that November will settle down a bit, but we would love to have adoptors come and adopt one of our 7 remaining horses and maybe a donkey or two.

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