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November '19

Whew! 2019 is nearly been and gone and done it.  And what a year it has been, one way and t’other. Next newsletter for those that like reading them will be 1st January 2020, the New Year. SO, we wish you all the best for the Festive season and New Year. 

A horse surrendered for gelding from way down the coast, was done and after a couple of days, returned home. Paid for, thank you!

PE Express wanted to do an interview with us for their newspaper, and then returned with a video camera to do another interview for their website. Thank you!

One of our bonuses has been the rehabilitation and relaunch of our website,, that we have been working on with Maxeen and Justin of  It has gone live and you are invited to take a peek. Comments are acceptable! Thank you Maxeen and Justin for your time and expertise in setting up the site. We are happy and hope our Friends will be too!!

As is normal, we were informed about three horses on the Patensie Road, but we unfortunately had to request that the horses be contained and then we would come and fetch them. As you know, (maybe) that horses and donkeys that are stray or escaped, do NOT want to be caught! For the Unit, time and diesel are an issue on an ongoing basis, so we really can’t go and camp out on the roadside on the off chance that we can get them caught and loaded. 

Mosaic Walmer Kids popped across for a talk by Jessie and carrot feeding. Although the children have short attention spans, the children appeared to be learning something new. Well done, Jess!

And who can forget the Rugby World Cup in Japan. We are the Champeens!

And then, 2 donkey jacks pitched up at the residences of the Fairview RaceCourse grooms and it looked strange to the reporter.  This entailed getting all the owners around to find out who the donks belonged to. Owners still have not claimed! So at this stage, they are Available for Adoption.

As many of you are aware, the stable equipment gets hammered to the point where it falls apart. Carla went off and bought two new wheelbarrows, nice bright orange, tuff plastic ones. The grooms were well pleased when she threw in rakes and new overalls and boots. All smiles!

Another Complaint of horses straying onto neighbouring properties, with a dire threat about the intended action of the landowner after many visitations by the horses. The owner of the horses was contacted and warned. Talk about good fences making for good neighbours! 

Carla and Thando went and collected a donkey with a sarcoid on her hind leg at the request of the township owner. Work ongoing to remove the sarcoid.

The Burn jenny from last month is coming along nicely. The owner has requested that we keep her three donkeys over the so-called Festive Season and not give them to anybody else. OK!

Two stray ponies stray near Fairview Racecourse, were collected for their own safety, but it was not long before they were claimed.  A day later they were collected by the owner who paid the Pound Fee for them. The normal notification of the local SAPS was done.   It is part of the law that these strays are reported to the local SAPS, so if the owner enquires from SAPS, they are able to point the claimer in the right direction. 

A Complaint registered with the Unit about a horse who was not looking well at all. In due course, the horse was surrendered to the Unit. On collecting the horse, the first Port of Call was 9thAvenue Vets for an assessment. The Vet Report, a legal document, put into black and white what problems the Vet had found. Due to the heavy burden of ticks, the Vet administered a dose of Cydectin. A few days later, due to the tape worms found, the horse was dewormed with a tape worm specific dewormer. Our Volunteer Kelly on her day of duty, gave the horse a bath and what a difference it made. He was sent off to a three month Foster home where he will have ample grass rounds to graze on. We also scanned the horse for a microchip and, it always shocks us, when the scanner reads a microchip. In this particular case, a poorly treated Thoroughbred! Wow!

A further Complaint received had Jessie doing the honours and on return to the office, a well written report horse by horse assessment. Our written recommendation on remedies delivered a few days later.

Another Complaint about one of our horses meant having the horse X-rayed.

A request received for 3 donkeys to be moved by us with the horsebox from JBay back to PE.  Done and paid for.  Thank You!

Our Jacksonville owner phoned asking for assistance with his horse that had colic. The horse was collected and taken to our Vets for treatment. After being admitted to the Unit, it took another Vet visit and another tubing to unblock the mare. She has gone home to her thankful owner with a supply of Epson Salts for a monthly dose in a bucket of water.

This is Tom holding the fat bottomed girl before being loaded.

A cry for help received from Kwanobuhle (Uitenhage) for a dead donkey who had died and left a foal behind. Carla and Alfred collected the foal and the owner wanted tick dip too for his donkeys and ponies. We had another mommy with foal at foot and so an introduction was made and it was not long before both foals were drinking from the jenny. Sheer fluke!

2 donkeys and 1 pony surrendered to the Unit. AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

And then our attention was drawn to a horse problem in East London.  As the SPCA is already on the scene and conducting their own investigation which we learned when phoning the Senior Inspector. It is important to remember to remain calm and not be emotional. It is also VERY important that when laying a Complaint against somebody, that you write an Affidavit/Statement , and get the local SAPS to stamp and sign and issue a Case number, so that in the incidence of a Court Case, you and your Statement are part of the Case. Your Statement needs to have dated pictures and what you saw/found and on what date and, if a Vet has attended on your behalf (for which you pay) his written assessment is also required. Otherwise the Case will not go forward. It is important to not use ‘gossip’ but what actually occurred. That is how the Law works. And the general rule of thumb is if another organization is already working with the problem, it is VERY bad manners to go in, unless invited to do so. We have, of course, offered our help if needed to the SPCA.

A stray horse on Draaifontein Road is currently being fostered by a knowledgeable horse person, giving it time for grazing before we bring him in. We took a companion horse to join her.

Will become Available for Adoption some time, just not yet!

Transkei – A total of 68 horses, both Thoroughbreds and Crossbreeds from 4 different areas were inspected, scanned, hooves trimmed, dewormed. Numnahs were also given out by Stan to cover and keep soft those that had saddle sores in the process in healing. Well done, Stan!

A video received from Humansdorp of a horse with a rider on his back, beating the horse up. The SPCA had euthanased the horse.

Our beautiful Light as a Feather, due to her owner leaving for her new job, was surrendered back to us. She was collected and is now at the Unit and Available for Adoption.

A Kwanobuhle owner called for help with his donkey, but unfortunately it was found that the donkey was tetanic, i.e. has got Tetanus. It is that obvious. The owner after a discussion of the symptoms, agreed to euthanasia. He also willingly handed over a mangy dog to deliver to Animal Welfare. 

Who says ‘they’ don’t care?

A generous offer of cut grass was handled by Stanley and the grooms. The donkeys were very happy! Thank you so much.

Then, on a weekend, Stanley was asked to do some hooves and spent a fair amount of time giving instruction on grooming and tick disposal. Well done, Stanley!

Then, a request to assist in collecting a suspected stolen horse that was found in Kwanobuhle. Stanley, Tom and Thando did what was required and now the original owner is very thankful.

A generous offer of grazing meant that two of our gelded donks went on sabbatical as companions to 3 lady donks. HaHaHA. Thank you, Jeanine and Franz.

And another generous donation of hand drawn (of horses heads) and copied blank cards (for your own message). Available at 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic, Feed and Seed and Equifeeds. R50 for 5. I have one friend who has been asking me to get something like this for years! Now she can buy hers!

And, then, Corker and Roxy went to their Foster Home for a while for fattening up and backing. Sjoe!

Shannon suddenly found she had a donkey on the other side of her fence, loering  at her mares, so she asked us to collect him and keep him away from her sweeties. Done!

Goodness!! Everything is happening all together!! What a month, I say!

GENEROUS DONATIONS OF TIME AND TACK AND FODDER FOR WHICH WE ARE EVER SO GRATEFUL! Obviously everybody is having a clear out of their stuff!! We are not complaining!!

Janet – Donated tack for auction, a nice Saddle

Di – Donated Saddle

Bountiful Babes Charity Group (Natalie) – one round of Oat hay from ANTOINETTE

Ashleigh – Donated two bales of lucerne from FEED AND SEED.

Nashua - 3 bales lucerne.

Melissa Jbay - Epol bag cubes for her.

Rhoda brought Carrots , apples and cold drinks for staff and biscuits and watermelon.  Bless you, Rhoda!

Sally B – Donation of Equiwash

Eugene - Bag of tack for auction.

Tracy – Donation 4 bales teff and 1 bag Coolstance

Donation – 1 bag Epol from EPOL

St Dominics Priory – Donated nativity scene bales of lucerne

Kirsten – Donated big box of tack and numnahs for auction

Rachel – Donated 2 bales of Lucerne

Ashleigh – Donated 4 bales of teff and one round of grass from ANTOINETTE

Ashleigh – A round of grass from ANTOINETTE

SAFINTRA – Donation of truckload of pallets,

Jessie – Electric fencing poles, towels, tack, boots, bootjacks

Kathleen -25 bales teff.

Susan - Donation of harnessing/ tack.

Tracy – Donation 4 bales teff and 1 bag coolstance collected.

Kirsten – Donated big box of tack and numnahs for auction and a roll of oat hay from Antoinette

PE Riding Club – Lovely big donation of tack for Auction.

Volunteers – Angie, Calista and Eugene, Amy, Lee Anne and Amy, and Kelly.

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